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A great biblical patriarch from ancient time, Abraham is considered to one of the first prophets chosen by God. The three great religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are called the Abrahamic religions after him.
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Abraham, formerly called Abram, is the first of the three patriarchs of Judaism and a prophet of Yahweh and also the father of Isaac and Ishmael. He's also the grandfather of Jacob.


He is widely considered to be one of the very first prophets of the Lord in history. His story features in the holy texts of all the Abrahamic religions and Abraham plays a prominent role as an example of faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Abraham became known as a friend of Yahweh and the father of many, not only for his descendants, but also for his spiritual children, who are Jews, Muslims and Christians.



Powers and Abilities


Abraham is called by Yahweh to leave the house of his father Terah and settle in the land originally given to Canaan, but which Yahweh now promises to Abraham and his progeny. Various candidates are put forward who might inherit the land after Abraham, but all are dismissed except for Isaac, his son by his half-sister Sarah.

Abraham purchases a tomb (the Cave of the Patriarchs) at Hebron to be Sarah's grave, thus establishing his right to the land, and in the second generation his heir Isaac is married to a woman from his own kin, thus ruling the Canaanites out of any inheritance. Abraham later marries Keturah and has six more sons, but on his death, when he is buried beside Sarah, it is Isaac who receives "all Abraham's goods", while the other sons receive only "gifts".

Ishmael was fourteen years old when Abraham's son Isaac was born to a different mother, Sarah. Sarah had finally borne her own child, even though she had passed her child bearing period. When she found Ishmael teasing Isaac, Sarah told Abraham to send both Ishmael and Hagar away. She declared that Ishmael would not share in Isaac's inheritance. Abraham was greatly distressed by his wife's words and sought the advice of his Lord. Yahweh told Abraham not to be distressed but to do as his wife commanded. Yahweh reassured Abraham that "in Isaac shall seed be called to thee." He also said that Ishmael would make a nation, "because he is thy seed".

Early the next morning, Abraham brought Hagar and Ishmael out together. He gave her bread and water and sent them away. The two wandered in the wilderness of Paran until her bottle of water was completely consumed. In a moment of despair, she burst into tears. After Yahweh heard the boy's voice, an angel of the Lord confirmed to Hagar that he would become a great nation. A well of water then appeared so that it saved their lives. As the boy grew, he became a skilled archer living in the wilderness of Paran. Eventually his mother found a wife for Ishmael from her home country, the land of Egypt.

Myths and Legends

Abrahamic religions

In modern times he is seen as a key figure in Christianity, Judaism and Islamic, the three major faiths that follow the one true God. These three faiths are usually also called the "Abrahamic faiths".

  • Judaism - An ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people.
    • Yahwism - Religion of Ancient Israel, which worshiped the God Yahweh alongside other gods such as Asherah, Baal, etc.
  • Christianity - A monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Islam - A monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one God and that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
  • Gnosticism - A collection of religious ideas and systems emphasizing personal spiritual knowledge over the orthodox teachings, traditions, and authority of the church.
  • Manichaeism - A major religion founded by the Persian prophet Mani in the Sasanian Empire.
  • Mormonism - The religious tradition of the Latter Day Saints Movement.
  • Bahá'í Faith - A religion teaching the essential worth of all religions and the unity of all people.
  • Satanism - A group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan.
    • Order of Nine Angles - A satanic group who believe they're "traditional" by worshiping the actual Satan.


Abraham would have sacrificed to Him his son Isaac... His only son, but He decided to spare him this terrible pain. A pain that I and my Son know well...
Sometimes we need to be like Abraham and give everything to God, be like his son Isaac and just lie down on the altar stones and trust in will of Lord, even if it seems crazy.
Mary Magdalene.
And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.
James 2:23.
Choosing between faith and reason was the hardest decision of my life. But, behold, the Lord has provided a lamb for me, and has saved my son from death. That's why I say that Jehovah-Jireh, God will provide, ever.