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Poor bastard constantly prayed to any and all gods who would listen, not for riches, but just to survive. And yet, none of them listened. If I were him, I would become a misotheist too.
Carl Black.

Aciel is an Archdemon that is ranked as one of the Electors of Hell, monitored by the True Archangel Raphael, he is an "ensnarer" and one of the seven planetary demons (Saturn).


He is an "ensnarer" and one of the seven planetary demons, with him being of Saturn. He is former human sinner who became a demon of Hell. Of all the sinners to be demons, he was one of the most tragic. As a God Slayer, he has killed many different gods, many from different planets, including Earth.

Aciel, who dwells in the bowels of the earth, must be invoked three times before he will appear, and will only do so in a magical circle prepared especially for him. He moves and acts as quick as human thought. He is able to give riches to his summoner, Aciel will instantly bring forth items from a great distance. He has the power to affect the economy as well as the ability to cause earthquakes.


His appearance greatly varies, usually he would look like a tall, buff demon with reddish skin, four horns on each side of his head, and multiple yellow eyes. His legs resemble that of a Bigfoot, with not as much hair and has a leathery skin, with a short tail, and four bony protrusions on his back His other known appearance is that of a gigantic bull hound with flaming horns, with demonic runs on his ribs and neck, and at the end was a tail longer than his body.

His third and most powerful form, is a pseudo-lovecraftian entity of colossal size, being as big as the Titans and almost long as The World Serpent, his upper body is much more swole with thicker black armour and scales, and his head is barely noticeable among his giant horns. His hands alone could fully cover the Eiffel Tower with ease. His tails can stretch far and wide, bringing down mountains and flattening towns and cities, and causing shock waves by slamming them.

In his human form, he appears as an attractive man but stands only about three feet tall.

When he was originally fully human, he was an adorable little boy with blonde hair and some typical present clothing, all dirty and torn, when older he had a slightly more muscular appearance than his younger self, though by then he already garnered a few scars thanks to his hardships. Ultimately, he was a poor man whose life was nothing but torture too him, which would later mold him into the monster he is now.


Aciel was ambitious and impatient. He believed strongly in the superiority of the Demons, and that they were beyond ordinary beings. He was cruel and quick to anger. In his youth, he was remembered as kind and compassionate by the locals, but as he grew older, his instances of compassion and tenderness grew few. According to Lilith, Aciel was a kind boy in his youth, but years of crushing disappointment, constant persecution and hard living turned him bitter, angry, cruel and delusional.

He holds a very deep contempt and hatred towards any and all deities. In his view, all Gods are either barbaric or useless and should be purged, tortured or humiliated. He does not bear any particular ill will towards mortals (though he does see them as foolish for depending on gods), though it's made amply clear that his misguided quest to rid the world of gods would make it a much worse place for many mortals, too.At the same time, he is still presented as being partially in the right, as many deities do exist who are exactly as worthless and uncaring as he says they are (Zeus or Set being good examples), and because of this, he was determined to destroy the major deities of their respective pantheon.

He does show great respect and care for Lilith and Lucifer, who had been wronged by the man upstairs himself, a deity in particular, and arguably the most flawed of them all. He felt that all the sinners of hell wouldn’t even be here if the Gods, Monotheistic or not, had helped the poor souls instead of sitting on their thrones watching them from above. He most especially hated the angels who blindly do anything for this True God. Even if the gods are good or not, it doesn’t matter to Aciel, to him there all the same over privileged psychopaths that many Maltheists speak of.

Speaking of demons, he has mixed feelings on those who were worshipped as Gods, like Adramelech or Mammon, because they were more or less the same as the other pagan deities, but they were fakes, and he shouldn't scorn his own kind, however, the same could not be said about Moloch, who had children sacrificed to him like animals. He was the one that gave him nightmares when he was a child, but now face to face, he was nothing but a slob, a fool as ever.

Powers and Abilities

Being a now demonic God Slayer, he can kill many weaker deities with raw power alone. As stated before, Aciel is able to give riches to his summoner, and will instantly bring forth items from a great distance. He has the power to affect the economy as well as the ability to cause earthquakes.

  • god killer: Aciel can create a sword made of dark energy that can cut through anything and divinity.
  • constructs of Darkness: Can create swords, halberd, spears, daggers and tendrils made of pure darkness if a deity were to survive and have cuts inflicted by these blades he can be poisoned by it.
  • Hellfire manipulation: like all demons he can fire explosions of hellfire and infuse them into the swords he creates and the killer god.
  • Absolute Destruction: it can destroy everything, from concepts, borders and causality to even irrational "concepts" such as the fabric of nothingness or even the totality itself.



Aciel was once a human boy born in poverty, almost every day on the brink of starvation. Everyday he prays to the Gods of every kingdom he travels with his parents, hoping he would gain some salvation, but they never answer his prayers. At an early age, his mother and father died, leaving Aciel to fend for himself in the harsh environment, rather it be the harsh streets, or the jungles.

Years later he married and fathered some children. However, most of them died of famine and pestilence, utterly destroying them with grief. Aciel and his wife would later be unfortunate enough to witness the War of the Gods, destroying everything they had left, Aciel on that day grew hateful and envious of their power. When his son was on the brink of death due to starvation, Aciel sought to ease his suffering and told his son they would soon reach a forest where they would never go hungry again, but when traveling his son eventually gave in and died within Aciels arms. Having enough of this pain and suffering, he committed suicide, and under his dying breath, he cursed at the Gods for ruining his life and not answering his prayers.

Demonic Ascension

When he became a demon, he ended up in the 7th circle of hell when while an ordinary demon, he was acknowledged for his immense ambition to bring ruin towards the divine as well as his willpower in having resisted punishment from the divine as well.

It was because of this that he was greeted by Lilith; Queen of the Demons, he asked what she wanted and why she visited him of all people, she answered because she and him have history with the divined which was quite tragic. With a snap of her fingers she released him from the shrubs and vines that bound him, then led him to Pandemonium, the place where all demons seek counsel. There, he was greeted by the Seven Princes of Hell, lead by Satan, and none other than Lucifer himself. Aciel told them about his experiences with the Gods, and how he lost all he loved from them.

Lilith recommended that he should be given a high position seeing that his ambition alone was enough to impress her despite being a lone demon who once a human. The dark lords, who too had a dark relationship with a certain Deity, both impressed as well as sympathizing with his plight, granted Aciel a fraction of their power and electing him as one of the Electors of Hell.

With the power of all seven demons combined, Aciel quickly became one of the most feared demons to ever walk on Hell and Earth, on that day, he pledged Loyalty to Lucifer and Lilith, and swore on his Families' souls he would eliminate all the Gods on this cursed world.

Myths and Legends


These Gods... these so called rulers of man, there nothing but frauds... liars and killers, there but children given too much power and praise, fueling their ego and narcissism, causing chaos and death wherever they go without a care in the world like happy go lucky pigs, yet they demand worship from mortals despite the atrocities committed, their all narcissists. They're worse than monsters, there worse than witches, yet they have the audacity to call themselves Gods.
Aciel to deities.
I shall cook your wings to crisp!!
Aciel to Horus.
No longer you shall smite any more innocents, Thor.
Aciel to Thor.
Because you and I have history with the Divine... a tragic one at that.
Lilith to Aciel.