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I hear the voices of those who fell victim to my scourge. It is not the wails and cries that pain me, it's the fact I cannot be sated further!

Alastor is a high-ranking archdemon, and the chief executioner to the monarch of Hell.


Alastor's origins are mostly unknown though it is rumored that he was once a Destroyer Angel that was cast into the pit for his heinous deeds similar to Merihem. Alastor would see torture as an art and a privilege and that sinners should experience pain in the same manner as their own sins are being committed.

One of his epithets is the "Evil Genius of the Household" meaning that Alastor is the demon that conducts the most heinous, depraved, and unbearably cruel tortures in the pits of Hell. Alastor is likened to Nemesis and the destroying angel and is known as The Executioner.

He is exceptionally cruel. Almost all of the demons that roam Hell fear Alastor greatly, almost as much as they fear the Lords of Hell themselves. It is because of this that he was handpicked by Satan himself, due to being impressed by his skills, as the Grand Torturer of Hell. Alastor has even gathered and formed his own group known as the Malebranche; a group of demons comprised of twelve elite fiends that share Alastor's taste in sadistic torment.



Out of all the demons in the infernal Pit, Alastor is arguably the most cruel devil of all, even for a demon, especially in his sadism. His sadism somewhat rivaling the king of Hell himself, Satan. The more pain he could deliver the happier he was, but not just physical pain; he was also effective in mental torture and stress. He viewed torture as an exquisite art and enjoyed being patient and relishing the moments where he tortured his victims.

While torturing his victims, Alastor will sometimes talk to his victims in a calm, polite manner as they scream in pain.

Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

In times, Alastor was associated with both Greek and Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Alastor is associated with the sins that pass down generations from fathers to sons. In the Roman mythology, he is notorious as the evil genius of the household who entices residents to commit sins. He is often associated with family feuds.

In Waite’s presentation of the Grand Grimoire from his 1910 Book of Black Magic and Pacts, Alastor is described as Hell’s Commissioner of Public Works. He is also portrayed as an infernal judge. These attributions tie back to the work of Charles Berbiguier, a self-styled demonologist from the early nineteenth century.


Just look at those pretty little eyes. I just can't wait to pluck them out of your skull.
Alastor is cruel and disgusting even by demons' standards. He is a tyrant over the smallfolk within his territory. He breaks the Stygian Laws on an almost daily basis, going to the human world and drag innocents down to hell so that he could rape and torture and then devour them whole. The only reason that he is still alive is his loyalty to Satan himself and that he does his job as an executioner and torturer very well. Trust me, anyone who's able to slay that bastard permanent will automatically get the support from the lesser demons all across hell.
Matt Wright
Alastor, in Christian demonology, came to be considered a kind of possessing entity. He was likened to Nemesis. The name Alastor was also used as a generic term for a class of evil spirits.
A scholar.
Alastor is known by Zoroaster as the "executioner," and as Azazel to Origin. In the infernal hierarchy, he is the Nemesis. The ancients called evil spirits "alastores." Plutarch says that Cicero hated Augustus so much that he conceived of a plan to kill himself outside Augustus' foyer, in order to become his alastor.
Colin de Plancy.