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An Americana (Art from American Vampire)

An Americana, more commonly known as an American Vampire, is an extremely rare but powerful species of vampire. The most recently formed sapient strain, the “American” vampire is the latest apex predator amongst the common homo abominum. Not only are they faster and stronger than common vampires, but their necrology seems to be geared toward dominance over the day making them a difficult challenge for even Werewolves.

They first appeared in Colorado, 1880 making them a relatively new amongst the vampire race. Much like regular vampires, Americanas resemble any ordinary human but unlike the others, their skin does not have a deathly pale coloration. When transformed, however, they are shown to possess yellow eyes, elongated clawed fingers, rattlesnake-like fangs, and distorted reflections.

Americanas can also swim in large bodies of water. On top of all of that, Americanas seem to have heightened senses beyond those of other members of homo abominus, to the point that they are especially sensitive to others, able to hear heartbeats or otherwise exercise sensitivity to other “vampires” as a whole. In terms of their necrology, an American vampire’s heart does beat, but at a rate of, at most, once per minute.

Rather than be burned by sunlight, the Americana strain seems to grow stronger from it, and are weaker in the absence of ultraviolet radiation. In times of a new moon, where not even the light reflected by the moon reaches that area of the world, American vampires’ skin softens, enabling them to be more easily wounded by any means, from close combat to bullets. Furthermore, American vampires are much more tired during the new moon, and are unable to fully transform into their monstrous appearances (with claws and fangs) except on days with even a sliver of moonlight. In effect, their power waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon itself. Also, whereas normal vampire are vulnerable to silver, Americanas are vulnerable to gold.

The venom of an Americana contains a paralytic that allows for easier feeding on humans, though its effect on other homo abominum remains unclear due to their reluctance to deal with the threat of other strains non-lethally (and not without reason). More than any other known strains, the homo abominum americana are very solitary and reluctant to spread. As such, they are very rare, to the point that only three full vampires and two partial vampires are known, with one more having been killed in the 1954 purge of the Los Angeles Carpathian coven, and another having been cured with no known possibility of re-infection.