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Angels are spiritual beings who dwell in the ineffability realms of inaccessible light. They are not just another one of God's creations, they are the agents of God. Each represents an aspect of the Creator. The most famous are Saint Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and of course the one who brought the root of sin, Lucifer.
Carl Black.

An Angel is a supernatural being in various Abrahamic Religions often depict them as benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity.


Other roles include protectors and guides for humans, and servants of God. Abrahamic religions describe angelic hierarchies, which vary by sect and religion. Some angels have specific names (such as Gabriel or Michael) or titles (such as seraph or archangel). Those expelled from Heaven are called fallen angels, distinct from the heavenly host.

Angels appear in many parts of the Bible and other scriptures. Both in the form of holy white light as well as considerable power. Angels can also be classed as warriors, and as such they are usually depicted as having celestial armour. Their true form is nothing less of holy righteous beings which are beautiful as well as hazardous, overwhelming, and terrifying all at the same time; ranging from two to six (maybe more) large feathered wings on their backs, four animalistic heads with halos of light around them, eldritch bodies, several eyes that can be found on their either their bodies or wings, and heights as tall as skyscrapers, Zadkiel's true form's visage killed an Asian God.


The number of wings on an angel depicts their rank in power within the Celestial Circles of Heaven. A normal angel has three sets of wings. While in battle, the wings not only serve as a power of flight, but also seals for their power. When an angel releases its first pair wings, their speed increases. When the second pair of wings are released, their agility and reflexes are increased. When the third and final pair of wings are released, their strength also increased.

While they are seemingly immortal, they are not eternal. For at the end of the universe, when the stars, suns, and galaxies are extinguished, the angels shall fade away as well. Furthermore, because angels were all created at the same time, their numbers are always the same. God does not create angels continuously. The quantity of angels that exist today are the same that existed at the moment of creation itself. It is revealed by Metatron that even though many angels perished during the War in Heaven, other angels were created to replace their numbers, however, these numbers did not exceed that of their former ranks. However, with the threat of the Outer Gods escaping their prisons, God had to create a system that creates angels (with or without a mind) without his interference.

With how powerful and useful angels can be, other creation deities and king of gods had and are able to create their own angels even if these angels are not as powerful as God's creations.

Angelic Hierarchy

Notable angels


D̷̬̪͉͔̹̙̭̐̊̓̆͒͜ͅO̶̦̞͂̔̐͝ ̶̩̞̐͐̒̌ͅN̴̫̭͛̈́̎͝Ò̵̳̻̮̞̌͂́T̴̛͉̻͇͇̳̦̻̀̈̂͆̽͜ ̸̗͆̃͌́̈́̄͛̎̚B̵͚̫̦͔͚̞̖̑̋͑̆̇́͛̾͐E̸͎͔̖̪͈̬̦̳͉̒̐̀̒̿̾͜͠ ̸̩̖͆̊̓̔̄̾͠A̸̡̱̣͗̓̓͒̀͝F̵̛̲͖̄̾͋͒̇̚͜͠R̵̢͚̪̟̪̤̮̥̹͙͐̊̓̓͊̕Ḁ̸̧̢̧̲̲̹̉̅̄̕͘Ì̴̯̦̈́͑̅̿D̴̹̗̪̂͌͌̋͌̃̈́͑͂̆
The phrase that angels usually say.
Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?
Hebrews 1:14
Angels. They can be many things. Most people tend to think of them as messengers of the Almighty. Others tend to see them as warriors of Heaven. They can be both, and more than that as well. They are glorious as they are terrifying. Pray that you do not cross them. There's a reason why the demons fear them so greatly.
We're not feathered little people that dance around the clouds in their birthday suits. We're warriors of God and our duty is to protect humanity and fulfill His will, even if it means shedding blood.



  • Although angels are usually depicted as having wings, they actually use their wings very little on Earth, as they often get in the way in battle on the earthly plane.
    • The reason that humanoid-looking angels are depicted with wings is because of the influence of other mythological figure arts, such as Thanatos.
  • Angels are able to speak all languages ​​except Aramaic. This helps a person to find out when they are an angel pretending to be a human or a human or demon pretending to be an angel.
    • This is due to ancient history: when sacred texts were not translated and it was possible to pray only in Hebrew, Jews began to study other forms of speech, including Arabic, but prayer through them was prohibited. Theologically, this was justified by the fact that the heavenly messengers did not know other languages.
  • Although it was already explicit because of the existence of the Nephilim, Gabriel confirmed to John Constantine that yes, angels reproduce among themselves.