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Good? Evil? Why should I care about those shitty labels? Call me whatever you want. Evil God? Cruel God? Anti-God? I don't give a shit! All I want to do is to destroy everything I could get my hands on and that's it! End of story!
Angra Mainyu

Angra Mainyu is a Primordial Deity (and personification) of all evils in existence who was a creation within the primordial chaos of existence like all other Primordials.


Unlike many other Primordial Deities, Angra Mainyu had instead vowed allegiance to Therion and helped him in his war against God, having seen the corruption of Arcuthas. In truth, Angra Mainyu is not loyal to the Dragon but instead wishes to use him to literally destroy all of Creation.



Powers and abilities

As Angra Mainyu is a Primordial Deity, he is an extremely powerful entity. He possess immense strength, Durability and Speed, and cannot be harmed by anything that isn't a Primordial, Outer God or Arcutha.


Ahura Mazda, the good god, created the universe and twins called Spenta Mainyu (the God of Good, Light, Truth, and Life) and Angra Mainyu (the God of Evil, Darkness, Deceit and Death). The twins fight for supremacy and their battleground is Earth. Over time, Spenta Mainyu became absorbed into Ahura Mazda, and Angra Mainyu created Ahriman.

The battle between the two forces continues and will last for thousands of years, divided into eras. After the fourth era, three saviors will appear, who will destroy Angra Mainyu and all his forces of evil. In a variation of this legend Ahura Mazda created Angra Mainyu in a moment of doubt when he was making the universe.

After his master was killed, Angra Mainyu started to destroy Creation, hoping that God would notice and send him to The Abyss where Arcuthas were locked, he also, at this time, created an avatar called Ahriman trying to both spread evil and to try to resurrect the Dragon. His hopes were answered as he was locked, he tried to convince the Arcuthas, thinking that they would accept as he thought them totally under Therion's control, he discovered that the Arcuthas weren't obedient to Therion anymore as the Dragon was considered deceased.

As he is not as powerful as Calur, he did not dare to fight him directly but instead, he faked his death as to manipulate him as an Arcutha known as Tsel (although Calur is already aware of it and pretended that he didn't know). He has also once corrupted and presided in the Holy Grail for thousands of years, giving wishes in distorted ways, before being found out by God who punish him for blaspheming one of His Holy Relics.

Myths and Legends


He does not think, nor speak, nor act for the welfare (nadukih) of the creatures of Ohrmazd; and his business is unmercifulness and the destruction of this welfare, so that the creatures which Ohrmazd shall increase he will destroy; and his eyesight (chashm michihsn) does not refrain from doing the creatures harm.
The Dragon will rise again, the Arcuthas at his command and me as his right hand man, you will soon all fall.
Angra Mainyu speaking through Ahriman to the Angels.
It is not that I cannot create anything good, but that I will not.
Angra Mainyu
I have fouled the world with filth and darkness, and made it my stronghold. I have dried up the earth, so that the plants and animals will die, and poisoned Gayomart, so he will die.
Angra Mainyu ranting about his victory.
Primordial who controls the stars. Hostile towards all in the World of the Gods, he exists for the slaughter.
Carl Black