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Arbeshk is one of the earliest Arcutha created by God, he was imprisoned along with the rest of the Arcuthas for billions of years in The Abyss, a dimension found by God to serve as the prison of the most dangerous beings in Creation.


Once his leader, Calur, opened the gateway to the Abyss, him, along with the other Arcuthas were sealed inside said Abyss, Arbeshk, however, wanted to live alone and as an Arcutha he was able to travel outside the Multiverse, he now made his home on a planet he himself created. He will only return once when the end of all occurs. Whether he will be prevalent or not is up to destiny.



Powers and Abilities

As one of the first Arcuthas created, he has unimaginable amounts of power, though he is weaker than Calur and Ordas. His power is so great, he made a cloaking spell so effective, the Primordials and Outer Gods thought he had completely disappeared. As an Arcuthas, he is one of the very few beings that can pierce the veil separating the Universe and the outside Multiverse, he even made a planet just for him when he was there. He also detected Yog-Sothoth slumbering.


Myths and Legends

Arbeshk is an original character created by Bruh5645242 for The Demonic Paradise before being moved here.