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Long before the almighty created the archangels, he created the Arcuthas, ancient primordial beings, they are even said to be the early angels, their leader, Calur, oh boy, that's the nastiest son of a bitch they got, if you dare to touch his family, say bye bye to your wings.

The Arcuthas are the first creations of God, older than the Angels and any thing he created.


The biggest difference between the Arcuthas and Angels is that the Arcuthas do not lose their holy appearance after falling and that they can reproduce. They harbor an immense hatred towards the Dragon Therion for corrupting them and seek to destroy him, not knowing he was already killed by God.

They were created by God to be used as soldiers in His battle against both the Primordial Void Khaos, and his Primordial army, and the Grand Old One Azathoth, and his Outer Gods. Afterwards, they were corrupted by Therion and had to be sealed away by their creator to stop them from destroying all of Creation in their endless mayhem.

Unlike their counterparts, not many are even aware of their existence, due to only due to ones who do know rarely speaking about the Arcuthas or even trying to hide their existence and so only a small amount of lesser supernatural entities are even aware of their existence. Barak states that God is trying to hide their existence from the world because he believes God feels ashamed of them.


While originally acting like mindless soldiers to deal with the Darkness, they wereWaited the power of free thinking afterwards as God couldn't help it and didn't like having mindless soldiers.


The Arcuthas were seen to be extremely majestic and divine entities that they brought light and life everywhere they went even after being corrupted, but the light and appearance was said to feel oppressive and cruel.

While the Arcuthas' appearances are completely known, they are said to look like angels towards a greater degree, ranging from the winged humanoids to the eldritch entities that their lesser brethren can be. Satan himself revealed that God created the angels to look like the Arcuthas, and that some of them are almost exact duplicates of them, more specifically Barak and Tarica than any of the others.

Powers and Abilities

Beings the first creations of God, the Arcuthas possess enormous power that rival the Primordials and Outer Gods. Their leader Calur was even said to surpass Satan and Nyarlathotep and far surpass the Archangel Michael.

The Arcuthas are extremely powerful entities that possess unimaginable amounts of power that are trillions of times stronger than even the strongest of their angelic brethren allowing them to possess infinite power beyond imagination. The Arcuthas possess an extremely unique and highly unknown source of power that not even ancient beings are aware of where it comes from. However, it has been stated that if a human was to wield this unique source they would simply be erased from existence completely as the source only accepts an Arcutha. In fact, they're so powerful that even Satan himself has shown an immeasurable amount of caution and wariness to their existence. While powerful in their own right, they are nothing in comparison with God and thus unable to break the lock that God created, that separates them from the Universe.

  • Arcutha Physiology: The Arcuthas possess their own physiology to angels to a greater degree that grants them infinite and unimaginable power that allows them to do almost absolutely anything they desire existing on the same level to the Primordials and Outer Gods.
  • Divine Form: The Arcuthas possess a divine form that radiates intense light and warmth that can completely obliterate demons right on the spot.
  • Absolute Condition: The Arcuthas possess a physical and mental condition beyond that of the angels and demons allowing them to hold entire universes and the dimensions and timelines that exist within them.
  • Unique Origin Embodiment: The Arcuthas each possess a unique embodiment that they can manipulate freely with zero restrictions, with this power is beyond all comprehension and by any being one can ever know. By manipulating the origin, they can achieve absolutely anything, thus nothing is out of reach. The Arcuthas are the root of all roots, the absolute zero of all things, holding the ability to create anything they want (0 + anything = anything). On the other hand, the Arcuthas can also erase everything without the least effort (0 x anything = 0). The Arcuthas are the origin of everything they embody, they have control over absolutely everything and transcend everything. If Omnipotence is a circle that expanded more and more to infinity, then origin manipulation is the center point of that circle, the most primitive stage of omnipotence. The Arcuthas transcend the very title of God, with the Arcuthas being able to easily overcome it by becoming the essence of omnipotence itself.
  • Advanced Illumination: The Arcuthas can produce and then unleash a powerful, overwhelming, magnificent, divine white light glow from their hand or finger, that will burn anyone within its range and can obliterate entire universal structures with ease, and destroy an infinite number of demons in one place. The Arcuthas can blast basically anything into oblivion with light . The Arcuthas have direct control over this light power that can also be controlled and concentrated from completely obliterating something to only severely damaging it, deciding how much it burns and whether or not it will kill its victims.
  • Absolute Disintegration: The Arcuthas can disintegrate/incinerate/pulverize absolute any type of being that is weaker than them to the point that many demons and archdemons have shown immense wariness while in their presence. The Arcuthas can pulverize or turn anything to dust using only physical strength. The Arcuthas can turn any physical object into dust with only one strike. The Arcuthas can cause other beings, atoms separate and lose cohesion, "evaporating" into the surrounding environment. They can either fuse target back together or sublimate target by fatally dispersing the atoms/molecules into nothingness. The Arcuthas can utilize high temperatures to instantly incinerate almost anything, reducing it to ashes. Due to being on par with the Primordials and Outer Gods, the Arcuthas can control what part of the target they want to incinerate, and destroy the target so completely that absolutely no by product is left, not even ashes.


Billions of years ago, before even the creation of the Archangels, God created the Arcuthas to assist Him during the Primeval Wars. The Arcuthas first began by reproducing between themselves in order to gain a much more superior force in order to counter the oppossing armies. The Second Generation Arcuthas were than born, and thus the battle between the three great titans, began. During the war, the Arcuthas were able to terminate many Primordials and Outer Gods, but also lost many of their kind as well. These beings were once pure and didn't know evil, that was until Therion came and corrupted them, turning them into evil beings. They were then sent out to battle Therion which would end in their failure. Being outmatched by a clearly greater foe with its temptations and pure malice, the Arcuthas soon became corrupted. After the Therion was defeated by God, He watched as the Arcuthas started to lose their sanity and morality and begain attacking everything in sight. God then locked them away in the Abyss. With their hatred and anger, they had turned a sector of the Abyss into a hellish dimension where they ruled. When Angra Mainyu was sent to the Abyss for trying to destroy Creation, he met the Arcuthas and started to corrupted them himself and manipulate the beings to be his own soldiers, but Calur would not allow him to corrupt his people and tried to kill Angra, it at first seemed to have been a success, but instead Angra Mainyu pretended to be one of them and continue to manipulate them.

Currently, their leader, Calur, has escaped the realm with the help of Pazuzu and now tries to capture one of the Primordials to open a gateway to the Abyss. Not all of the Arcuthas were corrupted by the dragon as some ran away and hid themselves in the newly formed Creation. After their release, the Arcuthas settled somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, they have amassed a lot of wealth.

Myths and Legends

List of Arcutha


Aaannd of course, the only myths and fairy-tales the demons conjured up that turned out to be real. How nice. What next is true? Aliens? God's evil twin? My ex-wife's nonexisted heart?
An Unnamed Hunter.



  • Unlike angels, when they became corrupted, they still keep their divine appearance.
  • Due to his contact with many of them, Carl Black is one of the only entities to know lots about them, even above being such as Dantalion and Belphegor.