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Even if I fight a million battles, I shall remain victorious!
Sir Arthur.
You've become more important than you think Silver Knight, even as important as the original.
Valkyr to Arthur.

Sir Arthur, also known as the Silver Knight or simply Arthur, is a brave and noble knight who had constantly venture into the depths of the Demon Realm and Ghoul Realm to rescue his beloved Princess Prin Prin, who gets captured by Malgor (who call himself Satan) and other Demons and Ghouls.


Known as ancient demon hunter, he had fought the forces of Satan, Astaroth, Sardius, LuciferNebiroth, and Hades for the sake of the innocents.

Even after his death he still helps heroes like Momotaru against threats from the Ghoul Realm as an archangel, although it seems he can't help with the problem directly.

Sir Arthur was named after the king of the ancient kingdom of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon.



Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends


By the knight's oath, I shall fight to my last breath!
We must carry out our duties as both knight and prince.
To Thor
I warn you, my partner should not be trifled with.
With the Red Blaze
We shall see if thy legend is true, master archer.
To Artemis
If I were to go easy, I would be breaking my oath as a knight.
The princess would think me mad for such a partnership.
With the Red Blaze
I have fought many mystical foes, I grow weary of it.
To Johnny Blaze
Am I cursed to fight you in all worlds!?
To Astaroth
I used to have much more trouble with the likes of you... Have the Red Arremers grown feeble? Nay, I dare say my practice has made me stronger!
To "Firebrand"
Your enemy today could be your friend.... actually how long has it been?
To the Red Blaze