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I just saw something in the corner of my room, it looked like a giant red snake. By the time I figured out what it was, my room turned red and the snake lunged at me. That was when I woke up, thankful that it was just a dream.

I am what shouldn't be, an evil god who hasn't fallen, demonic yet divine, the gods respect me, the angels fear me, and humans make sacrifices for the horror that is I.

Asa is an enigmatic figure and god of snakes.


Asa appears to people in their dreams to spread fear across the minds of humans, specifically children. Very few people actually know his name, but the few who do fear it. When appearing in dreams he would stay in the corner of the room before devouring his victim. Most of the time the victims just wake up as if it were a terrible nightmare, however there have been documented cases of children either going missing or even becoming full on corpses from his attacks.


There are not many things known about Asa's appearance. His appearance is different from person to person, sort of like the Bogeyman. There are a few things that stay consistent however, he has always appeared as a red serpentine figure, always towering over his victims.


Asa is an incredibly cruel and devilish entity, sometimes being compared to the Devil himself. He takes delight in killing and suffering. However for whatever reason his victims all seem to be children or people of a younger age demographic. Why he does this is unknown, as some of his victims (if not most) aren't deserving of it.

Powers and Abilities

Asa's powerset is very undefined, while we know he is incredibly powerful, that is all we have. He could be a lesser spirit or even a cataclysmic god an we wouldn't know. At one point Asa said that God was "funny", so it's possible he's more powerful than what we think though that is likely him boasting due to his arrogance.

There isn't even a god that can be compared to him because he specifically chooses not to get into fights with other supernatural beings. The crimes he's committed aren't egregious enough to get a deities attention, which is why no one has tried to fight him. He either can't fight them due to being weak, or he chooses not to.


Asa's origin is incredibly shrouded in mystery, even he himself has stated that he doesn't remember how old he is.

However, we do know that he is at least as old as around 1200 BCE, when the Hebrew Bible was first created, as his first documented existence refers to him as "The Devil". Apparently, depending on the story teller, the town was either an avid worshiper of "the Serpent" and forgot to give him his sacrifices, or the town constantly killed snakes as they believed that it would give them good luck from God due to the correlation of snakes and evil in the Bible. Either way a large red Serpent noticed, and swallowed the town whole, leaving only rubble in his wake.

Neither Lucifer nor Satan has claimed to be responsible for this event, so it has been assumed that Asa was the serpent here.

Myths and Legends

Asa is an original character created by Nayerb for the GaD wiki. He is based off a dream the author had where a giant red snake appeared in the corner of his room before launching himself at Nayerb. Asa was named after the biblical figure Asa of Judah, who Nayerb thought was associated with serpents.


The children have become lucky today! Why? Because today I've decided that I'm not going to eat their dreams, I'm going to eat their parents!
You think your god cares? I've existed this long because they specifically couldn't give less of a shit! Be as poetic as you want about that fact, I don't care. Just stop praying and give up already, it'll make it less painful.
I ask to you, then. Why in all the things that came from the Egg should I care about a simple arrogant overgrown snake?
Fuck you, Personification of the Void! For your information, snakes eat eggs!
Asa's retort to Khaos.



  • Asa should not be confused with the similar evil beings Apep and Nachash.