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Those stories are wrong. I have never slept with the daughters of Eve. My heart only belonged to a single woman, one fairer than even the fairest of angels. I love her. I love her so much that even after hundreds of thousands of years, just thinking about her alone hurt me more than any weapon ever could. And when I lost her, I vowed to make humanity repent for taking her away from me. But no matter how much I tried, no matter how many civilizations I destroyed, my heart would never stop its mourning...

Asbeel is the fallen angel of ruin as well as being one of the cadres of the Grigori who led humanity astray after leaving their post.


Asbeel is the angel of ruin and one of the fallen angels from the Grigori who devoted itself to leading humanity astray after leaving its angelic post.

Asbeel was listed as the second of five satans who led astray the watchers by falling in love with humans. There was also Yeqon (or Yaqum, "he shall rise"), Gadreel ("wall of God"), Penemue ("the inside"), and Kasdaye ("Chaldean", "covered hand").

While it is common for fallen angels to tarnish the name of God, Asbeel is different from that. True to the meaning of his name, Asbeel has completely abandoned himself from God and His grace. Unlike many of the fallen, Asbeel wishes nothing from God as he lost his faith in Him, as well as his faith in his brethren that remain in Heaven.



During and after his fall, Asbeel pondered on why God would not allow His creations to properly advance themselves and why he would choose destructive solutions rather than completely clean away the evil and malice in their hearts. This had led the angel to become somewhat of a maltheist, believing God to be a tyrant whom would rather have worship and praise given to him in exchange for aiding His creations rather than just outright helping whether or not they worship him.

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Myths and Legends

Asbeel believes God to be little more than another common celestial who has jealously guarded power to themselves at the expense of the rest of creation, and also believes God to be mortal, hoarding power so that he may protect himself from annihilation.


Where did you just go?
You were here with us, and then
We didn't see you leave
On the wind I hear my name
They sing my story
With open arms, they wait
beckoning me to join them.
Oh, to see your face again
Welcome friend
You’ve been away too long
What tales do you bring?
What wisdom?
The love we had
It never fades
These golden hours, call me
They say my name.
His name is literally "God has forsaken". What on Earth makes you think he would willing to do something in the name of God?
Carl Black.
And the second was named Asbeel: he imparted to the holy sons of God evil counsel, and led them astray so that they defiled their bodies with the daughters of men.
Book of the Watchers, chapter 69, verse 5.
What is preserved for all of time is also, in the same moment, destroyed. What is the good of protecting empty shells? We scuttle and harbour and hold things frighteningly close, but what is being kept alive is a memory. That is the heart of ruin. And what of them, then? And what will become of the rest of us?



  • Some depictions make Asbeel one of the many Fallen Angels that fell for Satan.