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The time has come for me and my brother to settle our score. The oldest score. He will watch as I burn down his precious Creation until nothing of it remains. Not. A. Single. Piece of it.
Ayin about God.

Ayin is the Primordial 'Goddess' of darkness, evil, impurity, chaos while also being the literal opposite of God. She is also the older sister of The Darkness, aunt of The Beast from the Sea and Earth and the creator of most non-fallen demons and the realm Hell.


Ayin's True Form (Art by Erica Anderson)

According to speculations, she is the sister of the being known as Yesh, Ayin is one of the two most powerful primordials alongside her brother, God. She is the complete antithesis of her brother. Whereas her brother embodies Light and Existence, Ayin embodies Darkness and Non-Existence.

Ayin is the Anti-God, in every sense of the word, she is darkness to light, evil to good, from chaos to order, everything that God is and represents, she Is Not. While God says, "I Am That I Am", Ayin says, "I Am That I Am Not". She may look like the Devil, but make no mistake, such an entity is far worse than Satan. While Satan is only a ruler of Hell and son of Ayin, Ayin is the creator of Hell, in contrast to God, the creator of Heaven. It is correct to say that she is basically "the other side of the coin" of God, being the "evil side" of God.

Whether Ayin really exists or existed is a matter of debate among the angels, many considered it just a bedtime story for the angels to not want to rebel against God. However, Gabriel believes she exists in some form, as he stated in his notes that "The Great Evil Beast appeared to him in a dream". According to prophecies, at the End Times Ayin will be released from his Prison and will declare war on the God of the Heavens.

Although it is difficult to represent or describe Ayin, it can be represented by the number 0, which is nothing, for that is what Ayin is, the zero of non-thing, the lack of infinity, the dimensionless epicenter from which all other numbers arise, positive or negative. While your co-being, Yesh, can be represented by the , which is the Ein Sof (Endless). For God is infinitude and completeness, being measureless in glory and boundless in majesty. The duality between Yesh and Ayin is the duality between Infinite and zero.

Some have theorized that God came out of Ayin the same way as "Yesh comes into being out of Ayin" or that something comes into being out if nothing. This would imply a sort of role reversal, instead of Ayin being the Anti-God, God could be considered the "Anti-Ayin."


Her form is said to be incomprehensible. It is normally perceived by others as a mass of absolute darkness that extends infinitely in all directions. When she finally showed herself, Ayin took on the form of an expanding field of a blood-like substance.

Any human form she takes physically melts as soon as she gains one. It requires tremendous energy to not have the entire body collapse into a heap of red hot liquid; making it so that her eye sockets and mouth have no organs but instead pour boiling crimson liquid with the consistency of blood.

Ayin can also manifest as a beautiful woman with dark hair and blood red eyes, having an average height, just over five feet. In this form, she appears as a woman, with the difference that she wears an overcoat, with a scarf covering her mouth. Ayin when in this form approaches a person, usually religious, is seduced to some place, where she reveals her true nature.

When the Great Evil Beast lowers her scarf, she reveals her mouth, which is cut across her cheeks, making a macabre smile with several sharp teeth sticking out of her jaw. When Ayin opens her mouth, she reveals her true nature, showing that within her body, she carries Hell itself, while her mouth opens like a tunnel of flesh and blood with an uncountable amount of teeth, while a bright light (the fire of hell) comes out of her mouth, before she devours her victim.


Come on little one, come into the arms of your Creator. Yes, I Am (Anti) God. Come to me, I will ease your pain... As my beloved son and your savior would say, in the darkness in the depths of the abyss I know a paradise of light and fire... Where souls go to cry. That paradise was created by me, as a gift to you. And there we all wept and suffered, far from the dark grace of that devil of light.
Ayin before devouring a human soul.

As a being that came into existence by concepts of negativity, Ayin is the anti-thesis of everything her Brother exists by, being cold, heartless, scheming, immoral, and most importantly, ruthless. She is truly megalomaniac, evil, chaotic, homicidal, and malevolent. She loathes all of Creation, and wants to see it all be reduced to little more than smoldering rubble. She doesn't even hold any love for her older brother, though she had enjoyed having Him around, though ultimately because of their conflicting concepts, she is against Him, especially after God sealed and/or killed their "siblings"/creations so he could 'selfishly' start Creation.

In regards to humans, she sees them as nothing but mere playthings, calling them misguided, naive toys for their personal amusement, as she uses them against God by often tempting them with various taboos. She also has no qualms about using her own creations if it will make things interesting for her. The only thing she holds in disdain is God and the only being that truly terrifies her is Khaos himself, especially when angry or upset.

If there is truly anything she actually loves, or enjoys, it is Demons, which is a living manifestation of all of her desires and power. Back during their "infancy," she often cuddled with the first demons in Hell, even teaching it how to write and speak, despite them being, at the time, only a weapons of utter destruction. She holds great pride in it, calling Demons her "masterpieces," and is vastly amused by the destruction they can bring, saying that it is the perfect, obedient little children.

Powers & Abilities

Now, don't think badly of me: I can't help wishing for the end of all things. It is in my nature, my own identity, because my name ... for some, at least - is Oblivion. Before creation it was ... I was. Where creation ends ... I hope. I am the void. The breath between life and death. Between death and rebirth. The nothingness - from which everything springs.
Ayin to God.

Ayin is one of the strongest beings in existence, Her power is equal to God's, with God surpassing her "by a bit," but the power difference between them is as insignificant as a rounding error. She is able to easily dethrone any of the primordials, like Asherah, with a mere snap of her fingers. She's just as powerful as her little sister, Barbelo, barely surpassing her. In contrast to her brother, Ayin embodies the concepts of Impurity, Non-Existence and Darkness. After her liberation, all of Creation was shaking and, even in her weakened form, she was easily able to defeat Lucifer and Michael, destroying their physical forms and sending them throughout Creation. Lucifer declared that her power was so vast that it had no end. She was able to erase several realities in the distant past before the present. Her first defeat demanded that God need the assistance of the Archangels and the Primordials to distract her to be sealed. It is so powerful that her release has been felt throughout existence.

  • Questionable Omnipotence: Ayin has an infinite power coming close to that of her brother God, Khaos and Azathoth, and is more powerful than her younger sibling The Darkness. Even ancient cosmic Deities began to fear it after learning of her existence. She was able to easily defeat her sibling Ouroboros, fatally wounding her in the process. The only reason Ayin is listed as almost omnipotent is that she is unable to destroy her brother, God, making her only almost near omnipotent to the highest degree possible, and the only one is capable of truly or can definitely defeating her, is Vitriol the primordial cosmic dragon. Despite very close, she is also not completely all-powerful compared to her elder siblings: God, Khaos, and Azathoth.
  • Immeasurable Strength: As the second pre-existential to be born, Ayin is an immensely powerful entity with powers beyond the comprehension of mortals, angels and even gods. She is a the supreme deity, with almost absolute control over all entities within Abrahamic mythology that are corrupted by evil. She is comparable to the Three Great Titans, which means she is almost as powerful as the three greatest creation deities that exist, excluding the Abrahamic God (her younger brother), responsible for creating the entire Multiverse, including the Abrahamic Heaven, and the Human Realm. Ayin is one of the strongest beings that ever lived, with only a few entities that are capable of fighting her. She is able to fight Khaos and God single handily individually , though she admits that beating her brother is something of an "arm wrestling match".
  • Anti-God: As a true anti-god, Ayin is more than just nothingness representing the state of nonexistence in the Primeval void when nothing existed and is the true antithesis to the supreme creator.
  • Dark Telekinesis: Ayin has immense dark telekinetic powers. Her powers far exceed those of the Archangels, the Dragon Gods Including Tiamat, the Levians and the Cosmic Deities of Creation, the Primordials. She was able to pin down the Ouroboros in place on the floor with just an empty look. Her telekinetic power, however, is not near to Vitriol's level, where he can easily immobilize and swat her from her imprison cell, that Khaos had no choice but to send away Vitriol from an another dimension.
  • Omni-Umbrakinesis: Ayin has absolute and infinite power over the darkness. She is the personified darkness and can adapt to anything she wishes. For example, Ayin can create dark spears, similar to tendrils, capable of fatally injuring Ouroboros. Her aura is capable of covering an entire planet in a state of True Night, above even The Darkness, Erebus and Nyx. Ayin can also fire bursts of dark energy that can destroy planets and galaxies.
  • Inexistence: Ayin is able to erase entire beings and universes from existence.
  • Resurrection: With a second flick of her finger, Ayin can raise billions from the dead.
  • Reality Warping: Ayin can warp and alter reality to an extent as great as her brothers. Her mere presence tends to distort reality.
  • Spatio-Chronokinesis: Like her fellow primordial powers, she can control time and space without restriction.
    • Portal creation: Ayin can open inter-dimensional portals.
  • Creation: Being one of the oldest beings in existence, Ayin has the ability to create beings like demons. Ayin also had created Hell, the greatest Underworld out of all Creation.
  • Omnifarious: Ayin can take any shape she desires.
  • Absolute Tempestakinesis: Ayin was able to easily create a dry storm that killed a group of worshipers who preached outside a chapel.
  • Corruption: Ayin can easily corrupt inferior beings just by being in her presence.
  • Possession: Ayin had temporary possessed the body of the demon noble Phenex.
  • Exorcism: Ayin was able to banish Lucifer with a wave of her hand.
  • Soul Consumption: Ayin is able to consume souls. This grants her the knowledge of being, in addition to recharging her power.
  • Advanced Supernatural Concealment: Ayin can easily hide her presence from beings as powerful as her brother.
  • Flight: Ayin can fly using her cosmic power.
  • Chaotic Form: The true form of Ayin is so vast and incomprehensible that it causes something less than an extremely sick primordial effect and can be fatal.
    • Extinguishing Existence: The true form of Ayin is declared by Death to be able to eliminate anyone from existence, if put on.
    • Fatal Visage: The true form of Ayin is extremely fatal and can kill even angel, demons and gods.
  • Deflection: Ayin was able to deflect all the power of a combined spell from all the magical forces in the world.
  • Absorption: Ayin was able to absorb energy.
  • Nigh-Absolute Invulnerability: Ayin is almost completely invulnerable. The number of things that can harm her is very small and can be counted on the one hand. So far, the only beings who can harm (or possibly kill) her are God, Life, Death, Khaos, Vitriol and Azathoth. The ones mentioned above are beings that can inflict permanent and lasting damage to her. Ayin is extremely durable and can withstand attacks from all Archangels unfazed.
  • Amortality: Like the Primordials that existed alongside god, Ayin is amortized. It is completely free from existence and any effort to kill it by conventional means is useless.
  • Immunity: Ayin is immune to all magic and weapons even a divine ones. She is also immune to poisons and disease.
  • Absolute Regeneration: Ayin can heal any wound caused to her. When John Constantine was able to separate the head from the body only to recover the head in an instant.
  • Nigh-Omniscience: Despite being in Hell, Ayin was aware of all the things that happened throughout Creation.
  • Location: Ayin was able to easily locate Hecate, despite being under large amounts of camouflage spells.
  • Nigh-Omnipresence: As a personification of chaos and darkness, Ayin exists everywhere in Creation.
  • Fusionism: It is said that God and Ayin are able to merge and unite into a single entity embodying the two sides of the coin of good and evil, embodying existence and nonexistence, the IS and the IS-Not, everything and nothing. It is said that such a merger would be more powerful than that of God and Khaos. However, it is considered that such a merger is impossible, in every sense of the word, because it could lead to the destruction of both, forcing the universe to find a new balance to maintain creation.


  • Coffin of Eternal Darkness: It is an extremely powerful mystical seal that God attached to his sister Ayin, shortly after imprisoning her in Hell away from Creation.


How foolish of you, dear brother. You believe that, even in your 'death', that your precious humans and angels will defend this world? You still yet to understand the truth of things... No matter how many years pass, I will continue to take this world, bit by bit, piece by piece... I will destroy everything you've built, and I shall watch you BURN.
Ayin to God.

Ayin was supposedly the first of the Pre-existentials to come into existence, although what the term "first" means to an entity who existed before and beyond time is unknown. Back then, she was just as destructive as she is now, except back then she was happy, that all changed when the other Pre-existentials came into being. Of them, most were content to float around in the emptiness of space, doing nothing. However, God was not content to sit around in the emptiness of nothing, and decided to begin Creation.

At some point in time, being came to be marking the beginning of all Creation. God began to create entire worlds and the others were not happy from this. Fearing that these lesser beings would somehow make them disappear, they destroyed them. They destroyed everything he made, and when God created another world they destroyed it again. And again, and again, and again.

From the interplay of Creation and Destruction was birth many other primordial entities. God's patience was not infinite, and eventually he grew wroth and with some help from his creations, the Arcuthas, he was able to defeat along with trapping Khaos and the founded Azathoth in the Outerverse.

During the war, Ayin would use the energy of their conflict to create a new realm. She had stopped after she realized that her sister, The Darkness, was sealed away. In anger, she watched God begin Creation and had used Tathamet to destroy Creation along with the Primordial Deity Angra Mainyu. God, seeing this, had created an Avatar known as Anu to fight Tathamet while he dealt with his sister.

God, of course, won the conflict and had banished her from Creation which she begrudgingly complied though in truth she went hidden in Creation and had created Hell to counter her brother's Heaven. When The Darkness' anger cause an universal shockwave, she was able to be found by Ayin who then tried to unsealed her which took till the modern day to break free (The freeing-process began somewhere in the late 1900's) .

Myths and Legends

Nothingness (ayin) is more existent than all the being of the world. But since it is simple, and all simple things are complex compared with its simplicity, it is called ayin.
David ben Abraham ha-Laban

Ayin symbol

In his Arabic language work Emunoth ve-Deoth ("Beliefs and Opinions"), Saadia Gaon, a prominent 9th-century rabbi and the first great Jewish philosopher, argues that "the world came into existence out of nothingness". This thesis was first translated into Hebrew as "yesh me-Ayin", meaning "something from nothing", in the 11th century.

Jewish philosophers of the 9th and 10th century adopted the concept of "yesh me-Ayin", contradicting Greek philosophers and Aristotelian view that the world was created out of primordial matter and/or was eternal.

Both Maimonides and the centuries earlier author of the kabbalistic related work Sefer Yetzirah "accepted the formulation of Creation, "yesh me-Ayin." Chapter 2, Mishnah 6 of the latter includes the sentence: "He made His Ayin, Yesh". This statement, like most in Jewish religious texts, can be interpreted in different ways: for example, "He made that which wasn't into that which is", or "He turned His nothingness into something." Joseph ben Shalom Ashkenazi, who wrote a commentary on Sefer Yetzirah in the 14th century, and Azriel of Gerona, Azriel ben Menahem, one of the most important kabbalists in the Catalan town of Girona (north of Barcelona) during the 13th century, interpreted the Mishnah's "He made His Ayin, Yesh" as "creation of "yesh me-Ayin."

Maimonides and other Jewish philosophers argued a doctrine of "negative theology", which says there are no words to describe what God is, and we can only describe what "God is not". Kabbalah accepted this in relation to Ayin, becoming one of the philosophical concepts underlying its significance. However, Kabbalah involves itself with the different, more radical proposition that God becomes known through His emanations of Sephirot, and spiritual Realms, Emanator ("Ma'ohr") and emanations ("Ohr") comprising the two aspects of Divinity.

For kabbalists, Ayin became the word to describe the most ancient stage of creation and was therefore somewhat paradoxical, as it was not completely compatible with "creation from nothing". Ayin became for kabbalists a symbol of "supreme existence" and "the mystical secret of being and non-being became united in the profound and powerful symbol of the Ayin". There is also a paradoxical relationship between the meaning of Ayin and Yesh from kabbalistic point of view. Rachel Elior, professor of Jewish philosophy and mysticism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, writes that for kabbalists Ayin (nothingness) "clothes itself" in Yesh (everything there is) as "concealed Torah clothes itself in revealed Torah".


AYIN means No-Thing. AYIN is beyond Existence, separate from any-thing. AYIN is Absolute Nothing. AYIN is not above or below. Neither is AYIN still or in motion. There is nowhere where AYIN is, for AYIN is not. AYIN is soundless, but neither is it silence. Nor is AYIN a void – and yet out of the zero of AYIN'S no-thingness comes the one of God.
Carl Black.
Suppose what your faith has said is essentially correct. Suppose there is a universal mind controlling everything, a God willing the behavior of every subatomic particle. Now, every particle has an anti-particle, its mirror image, its negative side. Maybe...this universal mind resides in the mirror image instead of in our universe as we wanted to believe. Maybe he's anti-God, bringing darkness instead of light...
Professor Howard Birack.
Sin, evilness, impurity... Everything that opposed God's powers, Ayin is that, only hundreds of thousand times worse.
Unnamed Cultist.
I don't know anything about her. There's very few pieces of evidence that points to her even existing. But it's strange. After an investigation and knowledge gathered from my younger sibling, I have come to the conclusion that we were meant to forget. We were never meant to know. It's as if someone tried their hardest to make sure that we never knew that she was... and we'll never know.
Morning Star, so long as you stay by my side, I will never be afraid of my Brother's light. For you alone is more magnificent than what your Father's could ever possibly replicate.
Ayin tempting Lucifer to join her side.
Before there was Creation, there was nothing, and before that, there was fire.
Now now, let's not get too hasty. There's no way I would harm your precious little snake, right?
Ayin mockingly consoling a provoked Khaos after saving Ouroboros from her.
I am the One Below All. With these hands I break. With this mouth I howl. I devoured the selves that were here in a time long past. Now there is I. And only I. I am all-powerful. And my weapon is hate. The mystery frightens and disgusts me.
Ayin invading Heaven in the Apocalypse.
You're right, God doesn't play dice with the universe. But me, I play chess with the universe. The my board is the universe, there is only one player who is me and I control both sides. I put the black pieces against the white ones, kill the two queens and make the kings watch the end of their companions and family until they kill themselves in an unfair and tragic battle with no one to blame.



  • Similar to the relationship of God and The Darkness, Ayin's relationship to God is similar to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, or the belief of contradictory forces being complementary and interdependent, balancing each other out (such as light and dark, life and death, good and evil, etc.).
  • Paradoxically, although God and Ayin are totally opposites, both cannot deny each other. If God denies his own existence, he will cease to be God and become Ayin, if Ayin accepts her existence or accepts the good, she will cease to be Ayin and become Yesh. For Ayin is the denial of God and absence of faith - unbelief, while God is acceptance and faith - belief.
  • Apparently Yesh and Ayin are eternally reflections of each other, as good and evil are eternally "twin siblings". Ayin is the Anti-God; her son Satan is the Anti-God the Father; The Man of Sin, believed to be the son of the devil, is the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet is the Anti-Holy Spirit. For the Holy Trinity there is an Unholy Trinity. Ayin is the creator and embodiment of Hell, while God is the creator and embodiment of Heaven.
  • Ayin is a literal Platonic figure, that is, she is the source and origin of evil.
  • As revealed by God, Ayin is behind the events that unleashed the chaos in creation, having planned each event through avatars and puppets. However, even her puppets and avatars are unaware that they are controlled by Ayin.