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Thunderer, we call him, Stormbringer. My older brother has this strange power that allows him to infuse his ohr into divine lightning, allowing him to strike down demons with what can only be described as dozens of angelic nukes at a time.

Barachiel is one of the Seven Archangels and the "Lightning of God".


Archangel Barachiel is the Archangel of Lightning, Thunder and Blessings. He is also the chief of the guardian angels and it is written that Barachiel may be prayed to for all of the benefits which the guardian angel is thought to confer if one is not praying to the guardian angel directly, but as an intercession. He is also seen as the angel assigned by God to watch over converts (also called "adopted children of God") to assist them in their lives.

Barachiel is also seen to visit Earth on many occasions along with Sandalphon with or without God's express permission.


Barachiel's main appearance is very similar to and almost identical to that of Michael just with longer hair.

Barachiel appears as a older teenager of an average height with long dark brown hair, blue and gold eyes (Un-heterochromia), and a fair complexion. He is usually seen wearing a white hoodie covering a black shirt and an orange stripe along navy blue pants. He also is seen wearing a blue vest over a white shirt and brown pants. Unlike in the paintings and photos of Barachiel, his is not as muscular as he is thought to be however, he still possesses unimaginable strength. When Barachiel is in Heaven, he is seen wearing a silver armour like outfit, with his sword of lightning and staff, with the sword beings able to turn into a pen whenever he wants when on earth. Barachiel can even turn the pupils of his eyes a white blue in color and is mainly seen doing so when he is angered. Some other ways is something like thunderstorms world-wide with bolts of lightning striking down on people that are blowing the entire city to entire continent in the processes.


Barachiel is seen as an immensely friendly but cold angel who grudgingly follows Michael's, Metatron's, and God's orders. He is also seen to bear some respect towards Jesus Christ while it is only slightly. He is seen to deeply care and be extremely overprotective towards Uriel and Jophiel, as he loves them both deeply. Barachiel is seen to be very friendly and respectful towards Ophis, and has a similar way of describing people. They describe people in a sometimes rude and honest way. He is even more brutally honest to people that have been complete assholes towards him and/or someone he cares about. He also can’t stand when people enrage him just for the fun of it and when they talk bad about his siblings and God.

The only part of Barachiel that is remotely similar to that of the Michael and Raphael is that Barachiel's anger is as swift as Michael's and he doesn't tolerate insubordination and people who don't show him respect. He keeps his promises that he makes with humans, as he doesn't outright hate them but sees them as prideful, arrogant, and greedy beings created by his father God. He protects the humans that he does care for and if anyone was to ever attack, rape, insult, bully, etc they would face his wrath and be done for, as they would be completely obliterated with no trace of them left.

Barachiel's anger is extremely merciless towards evil, wicked, filthy, scum, and unhonorable people, as shown when Barachiel outright stated that he will show no mercy to anyone who shows disturbing, inappropriate, lewd, sexual or blasphemous acts just to obtained their selfish and worthless needs. His anger is also quick, yet fierce and frightening, while maintaining his calm and level-headed composure. He visibly shows a strong disdain and hate towards malevolent people, especially those who tend to manipulates others for their own selfish gains. He also hates when people falsely use "justice" to carry out hypocritical unjustified acts themselves.

Powers and Abilities

As the Archangel of Lightning, Thunder and Blessings, Barachiel is seen to be slightly less powerful then Metatron, almost like Khaos and God difference. Barachiel as an Archangel is seen to make even the deadliest and blood-thirstiest demons and monsters, to shiver in fear, terror, and uneasiness with just his presence alone. Barachiel is also seen to be the second fastest archangel, being equal to Michael and second only to Gabriel as he uses lightning level speed to move around. Barachiel has also been seen to be able to wield the sword of Michael on rare occasions, however, he is only seen doing so if Michael allows him to.

Barachiel's power is so great that he can completely obliterate a Great Old One in the blink of an eye. Gabriel himself stated that Barachiel power is roughly equal to that of Michael himself, or even stronger than that of Michael. It is stated by Lucifer that Barachiel anger is so terrifying that most if not all of Heaven do their absolute best to keep Jophiel with Barachiel than keeping him alone.

  • True Archangel Physiology: Being one of God's True Archangels and also one of the greatest of the heavens, Barachiel is considered as an angelic being of godly power along with Sandalphon. His power is considered to be utterly fearsome as it's that which no angel could ever hope to overcome or even equal. The only known exceptions are his first true archangelic siblings, Azrael, Metatron and Merkabah. The only known beings who can rival him are his siblings, specifically Sandalphon.
  • Immense Power: Being a true archangel Barachiel's power is in the highest caliber. He possess incredible and near omnipotent supernatural powers, unchallenged dominion over aspects of their celestial domain and other angels, and tremendous supernatural abilities in both domains. On top of his gargantuan personal power, he usually rule over their own divine plane and its host of holy beings, making them some of the most powerful defense against the unholy legions.
  • Supernatural Condition: As one of God's True Archangels, Barachiel is physically and mentally vastly superior to many beings in the multiverse. He possess a supernatural condition, capabilities/attributes/aspects drastically beyond what is naturally possible. This mainly includes a supernatural physical and mental condition. Barachiel's mental and physical condition is blatantly more powerful than other people of the universe, reaching into the high superhuman territory.
  • Immeasurable Supernatural Strength: Barachiel possesses unfathomable and terrifying raw and physical might, capable of rivalling cosmic entities and surpasses the Deities in themselves. In one strike, Barachiel can easily level an army of Deities and destroy an entire planet with ease. Lucifer himself stated that many Archdemons have all suffered some form of Barachiel's divine wrath, and that many deities fear him for his strength alone. Barachiel possesses the to be able to perform galactic levels feats of strength. Barachiel also possesses strength powerful enough to affect the fabrics of time and space on a small scale and even shake a finite universe with his striking force. Many deities have come to fear Barachiel due to his strength alone.
  • Smiting: Barachiel can strike their targets with a far superior force/blow, usually resulting in a One Hit Kill against almost anything. When used by Barachiel, this ability has a Arch-angelic aspect imbued into it, dealing even more damage to unholy or evil enemies. The amount of power capability Barachiel can use with this ability is absolutely unlimited, merely preparing it can cause fear in his opponents.
  • Heaven Manipulation: As a True Archangel and one of God's favourite children alongside Michael, Jesus, Jophiel, Gabriel, Raphael and formerly Lucifer, Barachiel can control the heavens and everything within, including the divine entities and angelic beings that may reside there.
  • Heaven Lordship: Barachiel has one of the highest authorities and duties in heaven a place where deities and angels come together as well as the souls of heroes, and good people in perfect peace and joy.
  • Afterlife Transport: As a True Archangel of Heaven, Barachiel can transport any people he favors into Heaven, as such Barachiel promises the people that he does favor into Heaven whenever he sees fit. He has even been seen being able to take multiple people to Heaven alive, be it 50 to 3,000, with his authority, Barachiel could even bring 1,568,000 people to heaven by simply snapping his fingers.
  • Nigh-Absolute Invulnerability: Barachiel's durability is so immense to point that it borders in a near invulnerability. He is strong enough to take on full blown attacks from his opponents without taking any damage or minor scratch. Barachiel is one of the very few powerful angels that are immune to almost all kinds of damage, be it physical (internal or external), mental, spiritual, and even conceptual. He can be immune to all damages except for one or more exceptions (mainly his Archangel siblings). And the only beings who is capable of hurting or killing him are his siblings and beings above them.
  • Immortality: As a True Archangel that predates the dawn of Earth, Barachiel is an immortal being. Having been lived before even the creation of Man. He is one of the many entities that are far older than the world. Killing him is nearly impossible and the only ones that are capable of doing so are beings who are equal or perhaps greater than him in power. Barachiel possesses near-complete immortality: as he don't age and can be seen to his mid teens or late teens with a young physique/features, he can rapidly heal from wounds, and will essentially live forever. However, there are exceptions to their immortality, with some factors being able to harm and ultimately kill him.
  • Immeasurable Supernatural Speed & Reflexes: Barachiel can move in a blink of an eye with god-like light speed, and his reflexes are considered superior than any fighter in the heavens with a couple of exceptions. He can so fast that his enemies could barely managed to keep or catch up to him. And when he empowers himself with light elements, he can move in glowing blur of light. It is so fast that even Samael could barely keep up with it during their fight in heaven. Whenever he appears, Barachiel moves in glowing light that could blind even higher ranking demons.
  • Holy Presence: Barachiel possess a very strong divine presence that embodies' God's lightning and thunder. His presence can cause a world wide changing in the surrounding, when he appeared in Hell to confront the invading armies of devils alongside Michael, his presence made even the blood-thirstiest demons and monsters, to shiver in fear, terror, and uneasiness. Lucifer once claimed that there is a reason why Barachiel is one of them most feared angels of Heaven, by many demons of Hell. Once Barachiel showed himself, most will flee in terror, and the only one who can face him are archdemons. Barachiel's very presence is stated by some humans who get along with him to feel like all the lightning and thunder in the world in one place.
  • Unlimited intelligence: Having been living for countless billions of millennia, Barachiel knows many things in existence, being capable of possibly see one timeline or universe, or have just small patches of information that are missing or blocked out. Thus allowing him to keep his sense of free will and uncertainty. He also knows the existence of the younger beings that lived since ancient times, having the knowledge on a cosmic levels. Barachiel is one of the only beings who is seen to possess knowledge and wisdom on par with Michael himself.
  • Cosmic Awareness: As an Angel that watch over the cosmos, he has near absolute knowledge over the running system of all life in the universe. He is capable of sensing danger or something that affects the cosmic balance without being hindered by thoughts of the others. Barachiel has also the awareness, capable of sensing people from far distances of the universe, similar to Heimdallr's eyes. It extends towards the Underworld, where he watch over Samael's and Amaymon's workings in the shadows, along with the Underworld gods of the other pantheons.
  • Master Magic Caster: Barachiel is possess extreme proficiency and mastery over magics and spells, he can performed feats that no angel could do. His superior skills allows him to perform superior and advance type of holy angelic magic spells, and white arts with great ease. He is also proficient enough to do ancient magics, wards, and rune symbols. It is powerful enough to fend off even demon kings and any other higher ranking demons and monsters, and can create powerful barriers than can be use as a protection, damage negation, or healing properties. And being fighting demons and many malevolent being since ancient times, Barachiel is one of the few angels and archangels, more skilled enough to lift and remove a curse, without the caster's awareness. He possesses nearly all forms of magic that exist in the world at a level of mastery that the Magic Gods could only dream of. He could perform various magical rites and rituals, many of which had been lost to even the gods. He is capable of creating new and intricate magic spells, capable of wide-area of mass destruction, within seconds with little efforts. He also showed the power capable of forcefully to a certain degree change the structure of other Pantheons' Magic Systems to his will with little problems, something that greatly shocked the Magic Gods as something like this went directly against the laws of magic themselves.
    • Angel Magic: Being an Archangel, Barachiel possess extreme understanding of the Angel Magic System used by the Angels and Fallen Angels, he possesses immense skills in this specific kind of magic. that could only be rivalled by his former boss. He can effortlessly cast one Angelic spell after another with little-to-no effort.
      • Enoch Magic: The most ancient and powerful form of Angelic Magic, that created by Raziel. He can use his Ohr as a substitute for his life-force, using them to cast magic spells and rituals that could easily destroy entire countries within mere seconds.
      • Enochian Wards: He can create Enochian wards capable of surrounding an area as big as Texas from the detection of his fellow Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons alike, as well as protecting the area from demonic energy-based or angelic/divine energy-based attacks.
        • Magical & Mystic Arts Mastery: Barachiel is one of few Angels, capable of performing and possesses high level of mastery and proficiency over any kinds of existing mystic and magical arts, since time immemorial. He can perform supernatural feats & phenomena, cast severe and deadly curse, chant highly and ancient advance enchantments and incantations, high knowledge over evocation and complex rituals, and even forbidden spells that very few beings are aware of.
  • Divine & Pure Elements Manipulation: Barachiel can create, shape and manipulate holy elements that are highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons, fallen angels and/or even his angelic brethren. He would be able to do all kinds of holy things with their unique type of element, which in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, his divine elements may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane. His pure and divine elemental powers are is that of a beneficial/pure nature; that which strengthens, enhances and causes anything/everything he come across to flourish, representing the sustaining and preserving side of nature, which in turn ignores most of the common limitations and weaknesses of his normal elemental varieties. In essence, his elemental powers is also about solely controlling the positive powers of nature itself.
    • Ohr: Ohr is a type of ancient angelic energy only existed in the Angels.
  • Light Constructs: Unlike lesser Angels, who can only create one light spear at a time, he can generate countless light spears and shoot them like arrows without showing any signs of exhaustion. He could create countless spears of lights in the sky, making them rain down on his opponents and he can also create a gigantic spear of light that can change its form into many arrows of light.
  • Divine/Pure Sanction Lightning Constructs: Also like other Archangels, Barachiel can also construct objects out of his own element, which in his case Lightning. Barachiel can turn electricity into tools, objects, weapons, shields, and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Barachiel has complete mastery over this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything he needs.
  • Healing: His light can be use to heal both allies and opponents alike, due to his angelic status Barachiel can't just heal normal, severe, or critical wounds, but can also restore their lost stamina and life-force. His skills in healing, however are not as strong as his brother Raphael (who is known as the Archangel of Healing).
  • Flight: Barachiel is capable of flying with his 12 white wings, being empowered by God's lightning.
  • Portal creation: Barachiel can open inter-dimensional portals. He is able to open portals to just about anywhere he wants, whether it's Heaven, Hell, the Human Realm, the Fairyland, Asgard, Takamagahara, the Greek-Roman Heavens, the Underworld, Purgatory, or physical places such as Earth, the Silver city, Avalon and the Neverland.
  • Teleportation: Barachiel can instantly teleport himself from one place to another without occupying the space between the two dimensions. Usually he appears as a glowing endless form of light in the sky, that is said to be rival or more brighter than the light of the Lightning itself.
  • Sealing: He is powerful enough to performed a powerful sealing spell (albeit with the assistance of his siblings) that could seal powerful entities like the re-awakened Darkness. He can bind his opponents, just by using silent incantations, with great ease without the victim having aware of it, until it was already too late.
  • Absolute Command: Barachiel can impose irresistible commands upon any kind of lesser existence, natural and supernatural. Though commands are usually spoken, Barachiel's intentions are what truly matters. He can impose complex commands with a single word, through a specific gesture or a sheer act of will, unquestioningly bending anything and everything to his will.
  • Authority Embodiment: To a lesser state, Barachiel with this power can embody authority, the power/right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Barachiel has the ability to manipulate the right and power to rule, of anything and everything in existence.
  • Blessing Manipulation: Barachiel can create/generate, remove and manipulate blessings, that involves blessing people, become stronger with blessings, manipulate blessings to different effects. He can even manifest blessings as energy or powers itself.
  • Boundary Manipulation: Barachiel can create, shape and manipulate boundaries — physical, material, spiritual, existential, pataphysical, logical, conceptual, metaphysical, and so on. Since everything is existentially and conceptually defined by boundaries, the possibilities offered are limitless — for limits themselves are nothing more than the boundary Possible/Impossible, and Barachiel can manipulate even that. Simply put, there is ultimately nothing Barachiel cannot achieve.
  • Angelic Energy Manipulation: As an Archangel, Barachiel is one of few people who control angelic energy, as seen as he can create, shape and manipulate the angelic energy, the energy associated with any angelic beings beside that of the other True Archangels.
  • Electricity Manipulation: As the Archangel of Lightning, Barachiel has absolute control over lightning/electricity. Barachiel can also create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), allowing control over electric fields, all charge carriers (Ions, Electrons, Protons, and Positrons), and electronics. He can even create thunderstorms on a universal scale with minimal effort. Barachiel's lightning is so great that he can completely annihilate both Cthulhu and Cthulhu's army in the blink of an eye. Barachiel can use any and all lightning based powers, (Such as:
  • Bararaq (Lightning): Barachiel summons lightning from his sword to strike the opponent. This attack is capable of destroying Cthulhu's entire army in one strike at 10% power. Barachiel can even create multiple attacks at once, from 50 to 500,000,000,000,000 at once that could easily destroy all of Australia and China in 3 minute's flat. Michael even stated that if Barachiel used this power he could easily make an apocalyptic event go down on the Earth if fully enraged.
  • Bararaq Saiqa (Lightning Sword): Barachiel draws lightning from the sky to his sword, where it is stored and eventually used to blast the enemy with lightning powerful enough to severely injure Cthulhu, lighting up the sky in the process. Barachiel can even shot this attack from his hand and even from his a single finger. Barachiel can easily destroy all of Russia by only using 1% of this technique's power. Barachiel can also destroy planetary meteor's that are as big as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs by using 13% of it's capabilities.
  • Bararaq Inqerad-Saiqa (Lightning Sword of Extinction): When this attack is used, an enormous blade of concentrated lightning in the form of Barachiel's weapon is released from above to impale anything below it. It had enough power to pierce clean through dragons.
  • Kirin: Barachiel draws natural lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of his strike and controls it with his Ki. Unlike most techniques, which are based on Barachiel's magical power, this one uses the natural lightning, which — as noted by Michael — reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second. This technique is powerful enough to severely injure Amaymon and completely obliterate many other Archdemons.
  • Thunder Manipulation: As the Archangel of Thunder, Barachiel has absolute control over thunder and can also manipulate the shockwaves caused by lightning during a storm, known as thunder, to deal deadly and possibly concussive results. He can easily release thunder energy to make someone deaf by busting their eardrums, or even make organs burst, killing the opponent with minimal effort.
  • Storm Manipulation: As the Archangel of Lightning and Thunder, Barachiel has absolute control over storms as he can sense, create, shape and manipulate storms, including strong wind, hail, thunder and/or lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or wind transporting substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.
  • Weather Manipulation: As the Archangel of Lightning and Thunder, Barachiel has absolute control over the weather as he can sense, create, shape and manipulate weather, i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog, and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas.
  • Leadership Intuition: Barachiel possesses innate understanding of how to be a great leader allowing them to effectively keep order and morale. Barachiel has an intuitive mastery of the associated leadership skills, speech and body language, expertly sending all the right signals, granting him major leverage in any social situation and allowing to easily forge a fanatical level of trust and devotion in whoever they exert these talents on. Using this ability, Barachiel can obtain authority, raise to the top of any social hierarchy and take leadership positions very quickly and easily, and perform feats such as always making the right choice when it comes to administering, commanding, governing, and leading.
  • Holy Fire Manipulation: As an Archangel, Barachiel can create, shape and manipulate holy flames, which are especially effective against demons and other evil beings and are inextinguishable by normal means. It may also trap and/or immobilize angels or demons, rather than killing them outright. The color of the flames varies, but usually blue, white, or the normal if light shades of fire. Some flames can have different properties and abilities such as summoning spirits of the deceased back to the world of the living.
  • Divine Lightning Manipulation: As the Archangel of Lightning, Barachiel can create, shape and manipulate lightning/electricity that's highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels or, in special cases, a form of control over the element especially used from deities associated with sky/storm/thunder to fulfil various feats. The effectiveness can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats, even powerful enough that it can also be used to harm even a deity. Furthermore, divine lightning may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, Resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane.
  • Cosmic-Electric Manipulation: As the Archangel of lightning, Barachiel can create, shape and manipulate cosmic electrical energy, especially sprites and blue jets.
  • Advanced Combat Skills & Powerful Master Combatant: His level of combat skills & powers are the undisputed masters of all forms of combat, including natural and supernatural fighting skills and infinite strength and stamina. He have immense defensive abilities unsurpassed by any other fighters in the Heavens; he also possess a high level of intellect which he use to plan his attacks with a more cautious, careful, and intelligent ways.
  • Powerful Martial Artist: Barachiel's battle prowess in martial arts is considered unrivalled making him the strongest angel in existence, his fighting skills is consists of divine and tranquil combat. Also Barachiel's great strength and immense durability is a great asset to him when fighting other super powered beings, most of his fights are a brawling contest, but when called for it, he employed his incredible martial abilities and skills to take out opponents quickly and efficiently, while remaining calm and level-headed.
  • Master Tactician & Strategist: Barachiel is an extremely skilled tactical commander, having countless millennia worth of combat experience. He is a very analytical, cautious, observant, calm, and composed angel, of making plans and countermeasures before engaging their enemies.


Myths and Legends


O Powerful Archangel, St. Barachiel, filled with heaven’s glory and splendor, thou art rightly called God’s benediction. We are God’s children placed under thy protection and care. We are in the world filled with confusion and demonic influences. Come to our aid as we do not know our left and right; how to relate to Jesus on daily bases; how to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit - Spirit of truth. Let the joy of the Lord be our strength. Hear our supplications (name them). Grant that, through thy loving intercession, we may reach our heavenly home one day. Sustain us and protect us from all harm that we may possess for all eternity the peace and happiness that Jesus has prepared for us in Heaven. Present to God the Father all of these petitions, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, together with the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.
A Prayer to Archangel Barachiel