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His name's Beleth, a Great Duke of Hell. After the Great Flood, the sons of Noah summoned him and he taught them the knowledge of mathematics, and thus, damned all students for eternity.
Diana Black

Beleth is a mighty and terrible king of Hell, who has eighty-five legions of demons under his command. He rides a pale horse, and all kinds of music is heard before him.


When appearing, if Beleth does not obey, the conjurer must rehearse all threatens the conjurations said and then Beleth will obey and do all that he is commanded. But the conjurer must be respectful and do homage unto Beleth due to his rank, and hold a silver ring in the middle finger of the left hand against his face, as it is the use of hellish kings and princes before Amaymon.

Beleth gives all the love of men and women he is commanded until the conjurer is satisfied. Because of this, many of his summoners are women waiting for proposal. However, it must be noted that one should not be too greedy when asking for love from a Demon and only ask what the conjurer thinks they deserve.

Beleth, alongside Sitri and Yomyael, formed an evil Trinity of demons, who reigned over parts of Europe and Asia, offering Faustian Bargains to everyone who asked. He also had aided the Asiatic people in battle "for as long as men had placed faith in the dark behind stars".

One of these famous bargains was Peter the Great of Russia, who summoned the three demons in order to defeat the Swedes in Great Northern War. In return Beleth and two other demons demanded three things: his future sons, his heart and his eternal soul.

Beleth is also mentioned in the mystical prophecy "Anung Un Rama, Urush Un Rama". He is one of the many casualties in the civil war of Hell after Lucifer are killed by Hellboy, alongside other demons such as AstarothOrobasSurielMolochShaxUzielRaumSamyazaBelialAmdusiasBeelzebubBehemoth and Leviathan. Beleth's corpse was seen being eaten by lesser demons, who mocked him while and his former glory as a king while they were consuming his flesh.


When appearing he looks very fierce to frighten the conjurer or to see if he is courageous. The conjurer must be brave, and holding a hazel wand in his hand must draw a triangle by striking towards the South, East, and upwards, then commanding Beleth into it by means of some conjurations. Then, Beleth may transform into what many occults believe to be his former angelic form, a beautiful young woman with golden hair and big doe eyes.


Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

According to legend, Noah's son was the first in invoking him and Gaap after the flood, and wrote a book on Mathematics with his help. In a way, Beleth could be said to be the ancestor/guardian demon of all mathematicians and grants students suffering in the form of maths.