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O great and sovereign Morning Star, you who are the only one worthy to be called the True God, forgive me for failing to bring you a suitable sacrifice. I, a pathetic servant, don't even deserve to say your name, but I promise to bring you something better.
Berith praying to Lucifer.

Berith Edwards, also known as just Berith, is a serial killer and extremist Satanist who committed several murders of people (mostly children) in the 1990s. After being killed, he was rejected by both Heaven and Hell, forced to roam in his dead body forevermore.


Berith was an extreme Satanist, considering Lucifer and Satan as the greatest forces in the universe, representing the true light and neutrality of the universe, seeing the Devil more than an angel, but as a philosophy, a thought, an inspiration. Berith received this name in homage to the demon Berith, as her father was also a Satanist and was also named after a demon from Hell. Because of this, Berith did the same to her children, naming them after demons.

Berith was responsible for the disappearance and murder of several people in the 90's, known among supernatural hunters as a true monster. Despite having committed several crimes, he was never arrested due to being an expert in black magic and powerful sorcery, always managing to cover his tracks from the police. He is also a former member of the ancient occult order known as the Temple of the Black Light, who have been accused of performing satanic rituals, sacrificing animals (mostly cats), and possibly even murder.

After being killed, Berith was taken to Heaven where he was judged by the angels and the saints, who could not find a way of redemption for so much evil in man. Berith was then cast into Hell, however, he was seen as someone so evil, that not even Satan found adequate punishment for such evil, which made Satan cast Berith out of Hell.

However, the man cannot be held even by death, cunning and evil as he was, he deceived God and the Devil, and managed to get inside his dead body, so as to continue making more victims. However, his plan did not work out, as although his soul was in his body, his human body was still dead, which resulted in the man becoming extremely weak, with difficulty even to move. Now, it is said that Berith roams the world, looking for someone she can kill to try to slake her bloodlust.


I saw the beast of the night. He had long hair and a thin body, looked hungry. And his eyes... They were empty... It was as if his soul wanted to leave his body.
A farmer for Carl Black.

Berith before he died was a handsome man, in his 40s. He had short dark hair and green eyes, which were inherited from his father and passed on to his children. He possessed a body with a strong and well built physique, showing that he took good care of his body. He usually wore a white T-shirt under a dark suit.

After dying and returning to his old body, his body became rotten, his teeth rotted and some fell out of his mouth. His hair has grown strangely, indicating that his body has mutated, being neither human nor undead. Also, his body is all thin due to lack of nutrition, which makes him look frightening. His eyes have gone completely opaque, lifeless, though some say his eyes have a light of their own, that maybe it's Berith's soul trying to escape his body. He also doesn't seem to be able to move easily, as his entire body aches, with his screams of pain sometimes being heard by local farmers who hear him in the woods.


Berith is what some would call a psychopath, however, he admits that he is mentally sane and capable of feeling all the emotions a human being can feel, including love, shown by the love he feels for his mother and children. Despite this, he manages to act like a maniac, attacking people and killing them just to try to free Lucifer. He is known to be a great worshiper and flatterer of Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and Satan, the God of Demons, considering both the greatest and most beautiful and sublime deities of existence, exalting the name of the Morning Star of the same way that the Jews exalt the name of the God of Israel, Yahweh.

He formerly had the same vision as his father, that God was evil and darkness while Lucifer was good and light, but he started not to care about it anymore, believing that good and evil don't matter for figures as divine as Lucifer. His devotion to the Morning Star was so great that he accepted without question the mission given by Mammon to take the lives of several adults and children to try to break the seals that locked Lucifer's prison. He took the lives of several children who hadn't even reached ten years of age without even hesitating, not caring about the suffering it would cause their parents or their brothers and sisters, believing that the pain of others doesn't matter if that pain doesn't affect him.

However, after taking Jeanne Smith's life, his eldest daughter, Naamah, had disappeared, although he didn't know why, he decided to stop the murders believing that perhaps God was trying to punish him. Due to the disappearance of his daughter, his wife decided to separate from him because she believed that Berith was cursed by God, which only worsened Berith's mental state. After being "killed" by Jeanne's brother, the little girl took Berith's body and put him in an endless loop of suffering and torture, to make him pay for his crimes and for the pain he caused his family, which made him go crazy for the suffering that never ended.

Finally, after years of torture, Jeanne let Berith die, and he was eventually sent to Heaven, considered too unfair and evil to receive redemption and forgiveness, which caused him to be cast into Hell, where he was tortured and humiliated by demons and, to his surprise, his father is in Hell. Realizing that all his opinions and views of the Devil were wrong, he finally started to go mad, but in Hell madness would ease the burden of punishment, so the demons would not allow such a thing to happen. Satan, however, did not see how he could continue to punish him, due to the fact that he was so evil that there was no specific punishment for Berith, although some believe this was Satan's lie to begin Berith's true punishment.

Satan then cast Berith out of Hell, and the man of sin entered his old body, with some saying that when he entered his body, Berith was no longer a creature of God, but rather a demon of Ayin or something like that, a evil and chaotic creature that personifies evil itself, with Carl Black mentioning that Berith was cursed and suffering divine punishment, biblically speaking.

Although it is hard to believe, Berith was a genius, known for being gifted with great intelligence since he was little, with 9 years old already able to solve mathematical calculations that would be difficult for 12 year olds and by 18 years old he could already speak several different languages, including Japanese and Arabic. He was later able to speak Enochian, the native language of Adam that was passed on to Cain and Seth, the language from which all others originated, being over hundreds of thousands of years old. In addition to being able to speak the oldest language on Earth, he was also able to use Enochian magic, magic so old that it was totally lost after the Great Flood.

Powers and Abilities

Although he is a serial killer and a danger to society, he has no special powers physically. His specialty was magic and heavy sorcery, being able to use even Enochian magic, a powerful magic that was used by ancient civilizations, more specifically by the descendants of Cain's son, Enoch. With this magic he was able to kill adult men stronger than him, such as jade fire, which is a greenish fire that is capable of killing the person but without burning him, making it appear that the person died of a heart attack or something like. He was also known to be a genius, possessing around 150 IQ points.

After being killed and "revived", he became a dangerous creature, however, physically very weak, as his body is already dead, he doesn't have much physical strength, although he is still able to kill small animals like sheep and pigs. His great specialty in this state is his immortality, which practically prevents his soul from leaving his body, whether he wants it or not. This means that, even if his body is burned or destroyed, he can somehow come back to life.

  • Subviridem Ignis (from latin: Greenish Fire): Subviridem Ignis also known as Viridis Ignis is a species of green flame that is summoned by Berith that is capable of killing a person but without burning their body, thus preventing them from being identified as murdered. This fire is also stronger than normal fire, it cannot be put out by water and is not even visible to the naked eye, so it can kill its victim in a completely sneaky way.
  • Genius Intelligence: Berith is a genius, mentioned to have 150 IQ points. He is able to use Enochian magic, an ancient magic from a distant time that can only be used if he can speak Enochian, the oldest language on Earth that was the native language of Adam, Cain, Seth and their descendants, literally being a language of hundreds of thousands of years.


Berith Edwards was born into a financially successful family, which gave her a golden childhood. However, his father was a practicing Satanist, he was a worshiper of Lucifer, the Morning Star, advocating that Lucifer was not an enemy of humanity, but rather his savior, that Lucifer was a warrior of light while God was the ruler of darkness. Such teaching was passed on to Berith, who considered Lucifer to be a glorious and wonderful angel, worshiping her and praying to the Morning Star in the same way that Christians pray to God.

After becoming an adult, he began to follow his own views and thoughts about the Devil, no longer seeing the Devil as a literal person, but rather as a philosophy, an archetype, an idea for the neutrality of good and evil, following his own convictions. But, he still believed in the existence of the Fallen Angel, although not literally as he claims, seeing him as more of an impersonal entity, like the Islamic view of Allah. In the meantime, he got married and had two children, a boy and a girl.

At the age of 24, Berith entered the Temple of the Black Light, an occultist order that sees chaos as an infinite-dimensional, pan-dimensional plane of possibilities, in contrast to the cosmos that has only three spatial dimensions and a linear time dimension. In this organization, he was taught how to use black magic and Enochian sorcery in order to have supernatural powers over other people. After the organization was closed, Berith was left aimless and with nothing to do with his life. So he tried for the first time to summon a demon by himself, and he succeeded. The Demon summoned by Berith was none other than the demon Mammon, the Prince of Greed.

Upon seeing Berith's great devotion, Mammon told the man that Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, was imprisoned, and they would need his help to free the Devil through a grand ritual breaking the seals on Lucifer's Cage. Berith accepted without question. After that, a lot of serial murders began, with one of the victims being the little 8 year old girl, Jeanne Smith. However, after Jeanne's death, Berith's daughter, Naamah Edwards, disappeared and, believing it might be some divine punishment from above, decided to stop the murders and try to escape until she could continue with the ritual.

After Naamah's disappearance, Berith's wife separated from him believing that her husband was cursed. More than 20 years after his hiatus from this ritual, the man of sin decided to return to his mission to free the infernal princes. Eventually, Berith was "killed" by Jeanne's older brother, Isaac Smith, or so they believed, as he had managed to survive Isaac's attacks, but that was more than good for Jeanne. The vengeful spirit manifested herself in front of the man, revealing that her Naamah's soul and soul had merged, and the man had been forced to be tortured by his own daughter for years and years, until finally Jeanne was satisfied with her revenge and left to rest in heaven, leaving Berith finally to die.

Berith ended up going to the Heavenly Council, which was considered unpardonable by the Angels and Saints, who sent him to Hell, where Berith was humiliated by the demons for having failed in his mission to free Lucifer from the Cage. However, Mammon, angry at the man, said he was not even worthy to live among the demons of Hell, and Berith was expelled from Hell. The man, perverse that he was, entered his body, which was already rotting, and began to roam the earth, trying to survive. Legends and myths began to emerge about Berith, but he became better known as "the man who was rejected by Heaven and Hell".

Ten years after his "death" and coming out of Hell, Carl Black and John Constantine were called in to solve problems some farmers were having, with some saying that a dry monster was feeding on animals like pigs and sheep, believing themselves to be that could be a Chupacabra. However, the reality was another, it was Berith Edwards himself, who was still "alive" and making more victims, now instead of people, was making victim animals.

Finally, Carl and John managed to trap the creature in a hole in the ground and cover it with dirt. However, to both their surprise, Berith's desire to kill wouldn't be stopped by mere tons of dirt on it, so emerging from the ground, the creature emerges filled with rage to attack them both. Carl Black and Constantine have a plan to end the creature by setting fire to it, not just normal fire, but holy fire, thus burning down to the creature's soul. Finally, Berith would be dead. However, it is believed that after he died Berith ceased to be a person, or rather a creature of God, but the personification of evil itself thanks to his relentless desire to kill and, due to that, he will always come back to life.

There are still reports of him appearing in different parts of the United States, although it is not known if it is really him or some other supernatural entity.


While God creates, I kill.
Berith Edwards.
We're back to the old legend now... Remember my friends, I ALWAYS COME BACK! It doesn't matter what you try. That damn brat and his annoying sister may have destroyed my body, but not my soul! I think my determination to kill, steal and destroy will always bring me back to life... Maybe I am evil incarnate!
Berith Edwards to John and Carl.
He walks through the woods...
Hearing in the Night...
He screams...
He growls...
He desires death...
He desires blood...
He who was rejected by Heaven and Hell...
He who is evil incarnate himself...
Watch out my little adventurer from the supernatural world, he will never die.
You can burn him, cut him, blow him up, he'll never die.
Watch out my little adventurer from the supernatural world, he will never die.
He will never die.
A supposed note talking about Berith Edwards.



  • Although he is known as a psychopath, he admits that he is not crazy and does not suffer from any mental disorder. Every time he killed a person, he was totally sane mentally. He is (or was) even capable of loving.
  • It is said that he is so dangerous that the government itself asked the hunters to search for him and arrest or kill him, worth a reward of $2,000,000.
  • He is apparently aware of Ayin's existence, although it is not known how.
  • Some believe that SCP-096 is Berith after his "resurrection", due to their similar appearance, but this is possibly false.
  • He would probably have been 52 years old, but since he spent an unknown period of time in Hell, his age is unknown.