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Dante1134 Dante1134 15 days ago

True God

Durga, Also Known As True God And SRAG (Ronounced Sarada Or Chang), Or Simply Almighty Existence, Among Thousands Of Other Names Scattered Throughout Creation Is The All Religion God Of The Three Great Abrahamic Religions Known As Christianity, Judaism And Islam She/He Is Both The True Creator And The Ruler Of The Godverse, Omniverse, Outerverse, Multiverse, Universe, Megaverse, Heaven, Hell And Humanity Along With Being The 'Mother' Of God And The Angels.

True God Is The Almighty All-Powerful Deity Of All Creation, Being A Pre-Existentital Entity And Existing One With Almighty All Existence Remaining Immersed In Her/His Creation Being Known By Infinitely Different Names And Titles, With All The Other Gods And Deities Of Other Religions Spread Across…

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