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My father is a great allfather. He just isn't a great father...

Borr was the son of Búri, the husband of Bestla, the father of Odin and his brothers Vili and Vé, and the grandfather of the Thunder God Thor in Norse mythology.


According to Odin, Borr was born a warrior, as he led his people in a time of power and prosperity and won their loyalty both through his leadership and also through his triumphs on the field. He was one of the Gods who had created the Universe, and along with his other accomplishments was an unquestionable and powerful ruler.

Odin also stated that Borr favored Odin more so than his siblings, and groomed him to one day take his place as ruler of the cosmos. He also admitted that he would constantly enrage his father. One example being when Odin fashioned his first creations, a male and female known as Ask and Embla, Borr was driven into a rage and punished Odin.



Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

Borr is an ancient and powerful god and unlike most of the other Norse deities, he was not extensively worshiped and was mentioned in the Poetic Edda very few times or so. While he does not have a significant impact upon Norse mythology, he is regarded as important nonetheless due to the fact that he is the father of Odin.