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Infernal Red Blaze, once again you hinder me. But I will have the last laugh!
Don't fight me brother, for I have done all of this for you!
To Rushifell
My original motivation is at this point null, all it has led to is generations and generations of cartoonish evil, I am glad to say that this is the end of our "relationship", Red Blaze.

Breager, also known as The King of Destruction or The Undead King, is a powerful demon lord from unknown origins, he arrived from said unknown realm to the Ghoul Realm each generation to wreck havoc with his army. This giant demon with four arms controls a large army with his psychic power. He comes every generation to conquer it.

He is the eternal rival to the Red Blaze.


No one knows what put the Red Blaze and Breager into conflict, but the ones who were around during then were Hecate, Lethe, and Majorita. Ever since then he had two goals, take over the Ghoul Realm by killing off King Darkoan, and kill the current inheritor of the Red Blaze to end the cycle. Although he is constantly stopped by said Red Blaze before he is even in reach of his goal.



He is shown to be deceptive as once Breager had made an offer to the current Red Blaze, Firebrand, before the battle. However, thanks to Firebrand's determination to stop him, he was able to regain his powers and kill the demon.

Powers and Abilities


After Hades was defeated by Arthur, Breager was revived once again, he took his chance and took over the Ghoul Realm, however it turns out that this wasn't his true goal, it just gave him some benefits. His one true goal was to kill the Red Blaze, and since the current Red Blaze was supposedly killed by Arthur, he had nothing to do aside from wait another generation to finally take down the Red Blaze. This was taken advantage of by an incredibly powerful supernatural demon known as Belial, under the orders of Lucifer, who assassinated him so he didn't get in their way. His soul was later gifted to Jedah Dohma to be used to power up the Majigen.

During modern day, Breager was brought back, and so he put together a plan to stop this cycle of revival. He executes his plan almost flawlessly, and he returns to his unknown realm, now satisfied that he escaped his own curse.

Myths and Legends