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I am fully aware that Cain and I share similar names. Cain was but a silly fool who was unaware he was but part of a cycle that is currently in its longest loop yet. The cycle will finish its loop and loop all over again. It is inevitable.

Caim is a Great President of Hell, ruling over thirty legions of demons. Much detail is offered: he is a good disputer, gives men the understanding of the voices of birds, bullocks, dogs, and other creatures, and of the noise of the waters too, and gives true answers concerning things to come.


The title 'President' of Hell would suggest a parallel with the presiding officer of a college or convocation, which are the only pre-modern uses of the term. It is said that demon encountered Martin Luther at some point.


He is depicted in 19th and 20th century occultist illustrations as appearing in the form of the black bird called a thrush, but soon he changes his shape into a man that has a sharp sword in his hand. When answering questions he seems to stand on burning ashes or coals.


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