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Don't even remind me of that-that-that FILTH! She was both things that I utmost despised: A demon and a child-devourer. Because of that alone, I, Kali, Divine Mother of Death and Time, swore to obliterate this filth and whoever created it from all forms of existence, for now and eternity and whatever beyond it!

Cali was a powerful demon, who is often conflated with the Hindu deity Kali.


She is described as the queen of the demons and sultana of the Indian Hell, to whom human victims were sometimes sacrificed in the olden times.


Cali is completely black and wears a collar of golden skulls. Sometimes she can appear as a blue humanoid being with four arms, similar to a Hindu deity.


Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends

The terrible Cali, also known as Kali, is the vampiric goddess of Change and Destruction in the Hindu religion. She is attended to by the Dakin, collectively known as the asrapas. Cali is described as having an exceptionally long tongue that she uses to drink blood with, eyes and eyebrows the color of blood, jet-black skin, and long, loose hair.

She has four arms and each hand wields a sword. The only thing she wears is a necklace of human skulls and a belt made of severed arms. Cali, whose name means "black." became a blood drinker only out of necessity. She was fighting a demon named Raktavija, and each time a drop of his blood was shed, a thousand new demons came into being and added themselves to the confrontation against the goddess.

Finally, in order to defeat Raktavija and his ever increasing horde of minions, she had to drain him dry of his blood. Cali is a destroyer of ignorance and only kills in order to maintain the cosmic balance to things. Whenever she acts in violence, changes come in her wake. It is said that her image can be seen on a battlefield after a particularly long and bloody engagement. As recently as the 1880's a tribe called Thugee worshiped Cali with human sacrifice. It was estimated that they were responsible for some 30,000 deaths each year that were offered in honor to the goddess.


I am ill able, O lesser demon, to suppress my anger. I shall possess Nala, deprive him of his kingdom, and he shall no more sport with Bhima's daughter. Entering the dice, it behoveth thee to help me.
Cali to a demon.