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Me and Khaos is one and the same. A picture seen in two different ways, two sides of the same coin. He is mine. My light, my order, my father and husband and child.

Caligo is the Greek Primordial Goddess of the Void, the Abyss and Darkness who has some relation with Khaos.


Even among the Protogenoi, Caligo is an unknown figure with almost no information about her. Some believe that Caligo is the mother of Khaos. She mated with her own child Khaos, and is the mother of Nyx.

This is perhaps the most mysterious entity in creation, more mysterious than Ayin or the Shadow. Evidence about this entity is almost nil, there is only one record among human beings about it. Even among the angels and the Greek gods her existence was a mystery, or at least it was until Gabriel claimed to have met her in a dream. After that, the Messenger started to investigate with his brothers about her.


The information that one has about its appearance is largely unknown, however, because it is probably an Primordial (or even Pre-existential) related to darkness, this means that it is beyond all creation, beyond space, time, non-time, dualism, non-dualism, being and non-being, existence and non-existence, being just a concept, a force in the Universe, the very embodiment of the primordial darkness that existed before Creation.

Although her true appearance is unknown, in Gabriel's dream she appeared as a beautiful woman with dark hair and orange eyes wearing a long blue dress. Even though she had a beautiful appearance, her presence was said to be a cold and sinister presence like The Darkness.


Like her name states, she is "chaotic". She has no kind or neutral nature whatsoever, and she regrets nothing with her existence and actions. According to Khaos, Caligo is a stubborn being. Alongside this, many pre-existential entities have stated that Caligo is seen to be the feminine aspect of Khaos, much like Barbelo is to God and Ycnágnnisssz is to Azathoth. Her stubborn attitude is what cause's her to be in troublesome situation's which is why Khaos is often annoyed with her since he is the one that get's her out of them.

Powers & Abilities

As a Primordial, Caligo is an extremely powerful entity, equaling that of Ycnágnnisssz. She is so powerful that Ycnágnnisssz stated that fighting her is far more easier said than done, due to the fact that only a couple of entities are capable of even fighting her. However due to her secrecy, only the bare basics of Caligo's powers and capabilities are known.

  • Primordial Physiology: As the believed Primeval Abyss, Caligo is a primordial being, an entity that has existed since, even prior to the beginning of time itself.
  • Questionable Omnipotence: As an entity on par with that of Ycnágnnisssz, Caligo is an immeasurably powerful being that possesses unlimited levels of power far surpassing that of all primordials excluding a selective few. Due to her immeasurable power, God in very cautious in her presence and alongside Khaos tried to keep her existence unknown, until Gabriel's dream of her.
  • Ultipotence: As an entity equal to Ycnágnnisssz, Caligo truly possesses ultimate/endless power and potential dwarfing everyone else. Caligo therefore has limitless means at her disposal, but usually must have a clear enough idea of what she want to achieve and how she will do it.
  • Nothingness Manipulation: As the Primeval Abyss, Caligo can create, shape and manipulate nothingness, the absence of entities or substance; with this she can remove energy and matter from existence, by simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or via varied other means. She can control the essence of oblivion, allowing her to delete an eternity, removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension, alter, reverse, or negate energy; etc. This could also lead to an ultimate goal of "destroying matter," as in bringing it out of existence.
  • Void Manipulation: Caligo is the Primordial Being of the Void. She can remove any concept, such as light, darkness, time, space, life, death, energy or anything that is existence. She aswell as Khaos calls this the "Delete button".
  • Null Energy manipulation: Being the primordial entity of the void, gives her access to null energy a unique power which allows Caligo to bypass all natural and conceptual defenses, allowing her to erase anything other than pre-existentials, although it still has the ability to seriuosly harm them as it bypasses all natural defenses, with Ycnágnnisssz stating that it is one of the reasons she is vary of Caligo.


Myths and Legends

According to some sources, Caligo is the mother of Nyx, the primordial embodiment of night, with some saying that Nyx got her bad nature from Caligo. Other sources, like the Roman mythographer Hyginus, says Aether was the son of Caligo from Khaos.

Hyginus, in his short cosmogony, carries us back to a period before the starting point of Hesiod. Chaos itself has a parent, the female Caligo: "From Caligo was born chaos, Ex. Caligine Chaos". (Fabulae, Praef. 1.). White, in his dictionary, defines Caligo as: [perhaps akin to Celo (to hide, conceal)]. A thick atmosphere, a mist, vapour, fog .. Darkness, obscurity". In Greek the equivalent of Caligo is Achlys, Mist or Darkness", also personified as a female being in Hesiod (Sc. 264).


After much research with my siblings, I realized that it was not supposed to be possible for such an entity to exist, there is nothing about it in the entire universe. It's just not right. It's as if all the evidence we've found is increasingly a mystery. I don't think we should know, someone doesn't want us to know.
Gabriel's Notes.
Hyginus ... started his Fabulae with a strange hodgepodge of Greek and Roman cosmogonies and early genealogies. It begins as follows: Ex Caligine Chaos. Ex Chao et Caligine Nox Dies Erebus Aether (Praefatio 1). His genealogy looks like a derivation from Hesiod, but it starts with the un-Hesiodic and un-Roman Caligo, ‘Darkness’. Darkness probably did occur in a cosmogonic poem of Alcman, but it seems only fair to say that it was not prominent in Greek cosmogonies.
Jan N. Bremmer.



  • Some mistake Caligo with the primordial goddess Achlys.
  • The Caligo butterfly was named after her.