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No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity, but I know none and therefore am no beast.
Calur to Michael.

Calur was the first being created by God and also the first Arcutha, God's first creations. He established himself as the supreme leader of the Arcuthas and the most powerful of his kind, he later met Arca, a fellow Arcutha and they had many children, including Barak and Tharo.

After being corrupted by Therion, he and his kind went to ravage creation before being stopped by God and locked into The Abyss.


I was locked away by my father because I was deemed too 'dangerous,' I will show all of you what dangerous truly is.

Calur was considered evil but in reality he is a tragic being as he wasn't inherently evil, similar to Satan. He is also a man of honor as he taught Pazuzu a lot of ancient spells in exchange for him releasing him, he loved his kind greatly and wasn't a tyrannical leader. He harbored a great hatred towards Therion for corrupting him and his kind. His true form is said to have white wings.



With his first crash with The Darkness, Calur was originally souless being who simply follow orders from his creator before he obstain soul and become a his current self. He being is known for being highly loyal to God and has a great degree of benevolence, courage, and fierce heroism and a warrior's honor (similar to Michael). Due to fighting many malevolent entities, Calur is an extremely cunning, wise, witty, and a cautious person, having not trusted the words of a demon or an evil god like Angra Mainyu. He is wise and smart enough to convince Angra Mainyu to think that the rogue god had successfully manipulated him, and just playing along from his games.

Being the first and leader of his kind, Calur possess a strong sense of morality, honor, and justice, being the leader of his kind he is always being very noble and he possess great wisdom in leading them, a trait that genuinely earns the respect of his kin and even from his enemies (mainly the Primordials and Old Ones). He have also possess a sense of responsibility, as he knows that their corruption will bring chaos and disorder upon creation, so he along with his kin willingly imprisoned themselves in the abyss, for the greater good of the younger beings, during that time.

Due to Therion's corruption, he and his fellow Arcuthas are cruel and quiet hostile from outsiders, specially if some space monsters or an Outer God accidentally enters their prison domain. Though he still retain his noble righteous, respectful personality in some degree if a mortal with no ill will were to accidentally enters their domain. Despite his hatred for demons, Calur seems to have a degree of understanding and tolerance for Lucifer since he and his daughter give a birth of Akiel.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the first beings in existence and the first being created by God, Calur is extremely powerful, rivaling the Primordials, Outer Gods and surpassing all Archangels with even the Michael and Lucifer along with Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Azrael, Tzadkiel, Merkabah and Metatron being easily defeated by him, even Satan (the most powerful angel created by God) was not strong enough to match Calur in a fight. He even defeated Nyx, arguably the most powerful Primordial after Khaos, using her energy to open a gateway to the Abyss, with Nyx needing the help of 2 other Primordials in order to capture him and throw him into Lucifer's Cage, however even Lucifer's Cage was not enough to hold Calur, as he broke out some time afterwards, heavily damaging the cage in the process. With his power, Calur was able to transform a sector of the Abyss to become a new kingdom for his kind. He also has an immense amount of knowledge, knowing about spells long forgotten, such as how to bind a Primordial, as he did with Nyx after he defeated her. He also scared away Nyarlathotep by merely projecting his wings. He even surpasses the other Arcuthas's, even Ordas, with him being said he will be even capable of killing entire groups of corrupted Arcuthas and Ordas himself.

Being one of the first existing entities during the time of creation, Calur is known for being the most powerful and fierce of his kin. Being able to fight countless Outer Gods or Primordial Entities during the War of the Creation. He is powerful enough to pick a fight and defeat Tartarus, the Primordial Deity of the Netherworld in his own domain. Calur is one of the only beings that Lucifer, Satan, Michael and Metatron don't anger what-so-ever. Lucifer states that Calur is one of the only entities that all of hell including Satan is afraid of, and the if Satan was to pick a fight with Calur, Satan would be reduced to a pile of ash within 10 seconds.

He is also one of the few beings capable of giving troubles and even putting a good fight with Ayin, which she stated that he is one of the few beings that managed to harm or annoyed her. He is also powerful enough to take on Amara and even the dangerous Cosmic Monsterous Dragon Therion, although he and his brethren successfully been corrupted by Therion, Calur never loose his divinity and power and so his final act of heroism is to seal away Ayin, Amara, and finally themselves.

  • Nigh Omnipotence: Calur has an infinite power coming close to that of his father God, and uncle's Khaos and Azathoth, and he is powerful enough to rival his aunt and uncle like Amara and Therion. Even ancient cosmic Deities began to fear him after learning of his existence. The only reason Calur is listed as almost omnipotent is that he is unable to destroy his father, God, making him only almost near omnipotent to the highest degree possible, and the only one is capable of truly or can definitely defeating him, are Vitriol and Death.
  • Nigh Omniscience: As an Arcutha, Calur possesses an immensely wast level of knowledge and wisdom that can allow him to outwit even being's such as Angra Mainyu and Satan. Calur is seen to possess immense knowledge on how to even defeat being's as powerful as Ayin and Amara. Having been living for countless billions of millennia, Calur knows almost everything in existence, being capable of possibly seeing multiple timelines and universes, or have just small patches of information that are missing or blocked out. Thus allowing him to keep his sense of free will and uncertainty.
  • Absolute Condition: As the leader of the Arcuthas, Calur has a supreme mental and physical condition. His strength, speed, mind and other qualities are vastly superior to that of all other beings in the universe, even those with Supernatural Condition. His other abilities, if applicable, are often at Absolute levels. Calur is seen to possess the strength to even injure entities such as The Darkness and Therion and can even hold up 10 whole universe's on a single finger and also possesses strength comparable to that of Ayin herself.
  • Smiting: Calur can strike his targets with a far superior force/blow, usually resulting in a One Hit Kill against almost anything. When used by Calur, this ability has an Arcutha aspect imbued into it, dealing even more damage to unholy or evil enemies. The amount of power Calur can use with this ability is absolutely unlimited, merely preparing it can cause fear in his opponents.
  • Conversion: As an Arcutha, Calur can cause things to change in form, character, or function, processing something to change from one form to another, permanently transform other beings into other kinds of creatures, typically the kind they are; for example, Calur can turn any existing entity into an Arcutha, however, he doesn't unless under God's orders. Calur can also turn something dangerous, that can kill someone into something far less harmful such as flowers, a gentle breeze, etc. Calur even turned a mountain into a flowers by snapping his fingers.
  • Nonexistence: Calur possesses the ability to erase entire universe's and can even erase all Seven Archangels with ease. Calur's ability to erase thing's isn't as powerful as God, Khaos and Azathoth, who can erase thing to the point that they aren't even remembered.
  • Transcendent Arcutha Physiology: Calur is a Transcendent Arcutha, existing in a state of being free from the constraints of the material world, as in the case of a deity or other beings that can/have overcome the limitations of physical existence and also be/become independent of it. Calur is physically and mentally beyond essentially all forms of harm or other ways to influence them (outside of other beings of similar status, superior beings or some specific concepts), and gain powers that are of absolute level to outside viewers. While he can enter into the material universe, becoming immanent, his true being is outside existence and thus both independent and outside of everything that happens to their manifested/avatar form.
  • Supreme Divinity: Calur supreme divinity and all/almost all divine powers granting them an extremely immense amounts of supreme power beyond the mundane, making users the highest divine being by nature, a status can surpass many of forms of divinities in the existence making Calur a supremely powerful divine entities who is practically nigh-omnipotent forever above all other divine beings in their respective universes and beyond. This level and form of divinity is slightly variable and very unique by Calur's nature and character of being, thus is one of the strongest divinities and is ultimately reliant on Calur alone, having all the divine powers in the known existence that could only be wielded by the strongest of divine and holiest of entities in the universe. This kind of divinity can never be lost or found for the supremacy of such divinity is forever bound.
  • Divine Form: Calur can channel his own divinity through his body and soul to gain his true inner form empowered by his own divine powers. The divine form usually manifests as massive amounts of power and intense white waves of light/flashing lights/electricity through the body/appearance of Calur and grants improved versions of their original abilities as well as gaining new abilities that reflect his true inner form.
  • Absolute Light: Calur can create a field of absolute light that blinds the targets either temporarily or permanently and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses. He might even be able to generate light so intense it can completely obliterate objects in its path without heat.
  • Pure Light Manipulation: Calur can create, shape and manipulate light of beneficial nature; that which strengthens, enhances and causes anything/everything it comes across to flourish, representing the sustaining and preserving side of light, which in turn ignores most of the common limitations and weaknesses of its normal elemental variety. In essence, this is about solely controlling the pure positive powers of light.
  • Esoteric Light Manipulation: Calur can manipulate the esoteric side of light with special properties and a mystical nature to it. Calur has absolute mastery, as such he can use the esoteric element for a variety of magical effects.
  • Conceptual Light Manipulation: Calur can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of light. This can have many feats, such as light that can prevent darkness from existing, generate light that sheds cold instead of warmth, light that makes things dimmer instead of brighter, produce light that can exist without darkness/shadow, generate light that drains/reduces energy rather the charging it, make light negate other forms of illumination, harm things that can absorb or are immune to photons/light, and much more.
  • Omni-Manipulation: Calur can manipulate anything, absolutely everything -- be it physical (matter, energy, the space-time fabric, etc.); or metaphysical (soul, mind, life, death, logic, aspects of reality, and even concepts). With the stipulation of kinetic powers being wide-ranged, Calur would be extremely powerful with mastery over this power.
  • Biological Manipulation: Calur can manipulate life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. He can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity.
  • Nature Manipulation: Calur can manipulate nature itself and is connected directly to the natural world and thus can communicate, influence, manipulate and control nature: all living beings and plants and natural phenomena, such as the weather and geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed. He can survive in any natural environment on earth. Calur can manipulate, tap into, blend and/or become elements of nature, including air, weather, lightning, earth, stone, metal, water, ice, light, darkness, clouds/mist, magma, fire etc.. They can control animals and plants and mimic their abilities and forms. Because Calur can communicate with nature, they become instantly familiar with their surroundings, the connection is so deep that the earth can respond to one's emotions and desires (blossoming with flowers and calming weather when happy, making skies stormy or cause earthquakes when angry, shifting the landscape to gain the advantage in a fight, etc.) Calur can purify, heal and generally influence the health of nature, and considering the fact that they're helping the environment, plants and animals act favorably towards Caur. He has access to every living species of animal on Earth and can also draw strength from them and acquire their abilities. Nature obeys Calur's every command and operate on a "hive mind", meaning users can control an entire army of animals.
  • Meta Teleportation: Calur can teleport absolutely anything to literally anywhere: any place and time they desire, including physical locations such as: in a locked room, in Space, in Heaven, or in Hell, as well as metaphysical places such as: inside a dream, inside a heart, inside thoughts, and even inside people or himself. This power also allows Calur to teleport concepts into the physical world, like memories and thoughts, and bring anything into reality.
  • Nigh-Absolute Invulnerability: As the leader of the Arcuthas, Calur's durability is so immense to point that it borders in a near absolute/transcendent invulnerability. He is strong enough to take on full blown attacks from his opponents without taking any damage or minor scratch. Michael is one of the very few powerful angels that are immune to almost all kinds of damage, be it physical (internal or external), mental, spiritual, and even conceptual. He can be immune to all damages except for one or more exceptions (mainly his Arcutha siblings, as well as Ayin, God, Azathoth, Khaos, Death, Life, Yog-Sothoth, and Chronos). And the only beings who is capable of hurting or killing him are his equals.
  • Absolute Immortality: As the strongest of the Arcuthas, Calur is absolutely immortal, and cannot die, age, get sick, be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained and, as his mind and soul are as immortal as his biological body, he is immune to mental/spiritual damage. Any injuries Calur suffers will immediately heal, even if Calur's body is disintegrated or blown up or completely erased and even if Calur is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, they will still return to life. Alternately, some users are absolutely immune to all harm, and can never die from any natural causes. Either way, he is inerasable and are unaffected by time manipulation of any level. However, the only beings that are able to kill him are God, Death, Life, Khaos and Azathoth.


Billions of years later, when the Primordial Deity Angra Mainyu was sent to the Abyss for trying to destroy Creation, he somehow escaped, the evil energy released by his escape damaged the lock separating the Arcuthas and the Universe, he was then able to telepathically reach out to the outside Universe, he then saw Lucifer rebelling against God in the War in Heaven which indirectly caused even more damage to the lock enabling Calur to reach out more, he appeared to Pazuzu, offering the Demon his knowledge in exchange for him to find and capture a Primordial who would know how to open a gateway to the Abyss, this proved to be very difficult as Primordials are far stronger than any demon and angel, and thus far more powerful than Pazuzu, this caused Pazuzu to recruit more Demons but it still wasn't enough to capture one of them. Pazuzu had then gained a artifact and personally fought the Protogenoi Eros, this battle was very short as Eros easily crushed Pazuzu but when Eros was close enough, Pazuzu used the artifact to removed a piece of him which made him escaped before almost killing Pazuzu.

Calur, after being released from the Abyss (Art by George Marley)

After healing all his wounds, he was able to open a gateway but only for Calur himself as the other Arcuthas were not able to come with him as the portal closed, Calur taught him a lot of ancient and forgotten spells and then roamed space afterwards, searching for a Primordial, he eventually found Nyx and they fought, the battle could be heard even on Earth, eventually Calur defeated Nyx and used her energy to open a gateway to the Abyss, the Arcuthas were finally free. As revenge, Nyx along with Chronos and Ouranos captured Calur and threw him into Lucifer's Cage, hoping it would seal him away forever, Calur however, was not a simple angel, he is an Arcuthas, and thus far more powerful than his archangel brethren, and broke out of the cage after some time, his release could be heard all over Hell, with even Lucifer and Satan hearing, Calur then found Nyx and defeated her again, then used an ancient spell to bind her to a dimension near the Outer-Verse, Calur then captured Chronos and sliced him across the face with the sword, giving him a scar he would bear for the rest of his life, he then captured Ouranos and made him a slave of the Arcuthas.

Calur, having grown to appreciate the human race and other creations, told his race to not cause any more harm, the corruption of Therion eventually wore off and the Arcuthas settled themselves somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy and were known as peaceful but dangerous when provoked, Tharo, however, chose not to follow his fathers orders and entered Hell, seeking to claim the throne, he and Satan fought with Tharo eventually winning, even though it was close fight, Tharo won and then became the supreme Emperor of Hell until Tartarus appeared right behind him and easily defeated the unprepared Arcuthas and seal him away, sometime later, Calur received word of Tharo's imprisonment and personally confronted Tartarus, the Arcuthas and Primordial fought with Calur winning, Calur then freed Tharo, berated the Arcuthas for his actions and then left Hell with him.

Myths and Legends