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In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. However, a war was unleashed by Lucifer, the Morning Star, and by Satan, the Red Dragon. Since then, a terrible war has been waged between the forces of light against the forces of darkness. The omnipotent Archangels against the Demon Lords. In the midst of this terrible war, it is generally expected that the Almighty will send a savior, a Messiah who will end the confrontation between light and darkness and bring peace to the Universe. Well, if that person really exists, it certainly isn't me. Hi, I'm Charles Johnson Black. But you can just call me Carl Black. A supernatural investigator, I work with demons, devils, creatures of the night, kill some vampires, exorcise some evil spirits, etc. If you're looking for a psychic with free time and you're having trouble with some devil under your bed pulling your foot at night. You can call me, feel free.
Carl Black in his biography on the Deep Web.

Charles Johnson Black, also known by his nickname Carl Black, is an paranormal investigator who is extremely adept in using Magic.




He has a vast knowledge of creation and supernatural beings, such as Demons, Angels, Gods and even Primordials and a little bit about Pre-existentials. Despite that, he sometimes says some things that are kind of obvious. Due to his knowledge and personality, he became John Constantine's companion on his explorations into the supernatural world.

Powers and Abilities


Carl was born in Sydney, Australia. His father was an farmer and his mother worked at a bar. As a child growing up, he was known to be already involved in the Occult, at age 15, he successfully exorcised a Demon out of a man, gaining the respect of many of the priests at the Church, many years later, he met John Constantine and the two became great friends, even having a friendly rivalry on who is more knowledgeable in Magic, one night however, things went terribly wrong, in an attempt to see who is more knowledgeable, the 2 tried to summon an Archangel, but not just an archangel, they summoned Satan, when the fallen angel possessed an old man, the 2 could do nothing but watch as he killed dozens of people, then the archangels descended down from Heaven, sent Satan back to Hell and resurrected all the people that perished. Despite that, Carl was done with using magic and left.

Black became a drifter for many years, collecting many forgotten items and even finding the lost cities of Babylon.

Many years later, Carl has received word of a mysterious being in Egypt, despite not wanting anything to do with Magic anymore, Carl didn't want people to die and traveled there, he met an old woman who claimed it was the Arcutha, ancient Primordial beings that were locked away by God billions of years ago, the woman knew because apparently an Angel told her, she said they needed the blood of a holy man and the feather of an Archangel, Carl had a fossilized feather from the Archangel Gabriel that he uncovered many years ago, using this and the blood of a priest, along with some other ingredients, the two summoned the being, it was quiet for a moment until a huge thunderstorm happened and the being's essence possessed the old woman, he then introduced himself as Ordas and told Black that he had to possess her or otherwise he'd accidentally kill Black, as an Arcuthas' true form's visage cannot be comprehended by humans, he then offered Black a deal, swearing his allegiance to him, or Egypt will face complete destruction, however Black then used a spell to bind Ordas to hell, he now influences Black's dreams, giving him memories about Satan killing those people all those years ago and whose was at fault for summoning him.

Months later, Ordas haunted Carl Black so much that Carl made a gateway to Hell and personally confronted the Arcutha, Ordas told him it was all part of his plan and then snapped his fingers and revealed his true form, upon seeing his true form, Carl felt as if he entered a higher plane and could even comprehend Outer Gods, Ordas then revealed that because he created a portal to Hell, it allowed Ordas to escape, Ordas then closed the portal, and left, trapping Black in Hell.

Myths and Legends

Carl Black is an original character created by Bruh5645242 for The Demonic Paradise before being moved here.


I remember when I thought saying "It is better to have ten friends than one enemy" was deep. No one thought to tell me "no shit captain obvious".
Carl Black