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Chalkydrai are angelic dragons, so to speak. They are hydra-like beings with copper scales and iridescent wings that live within the forest outside of the angel Uriel's castle. Not much is known about them, though they are rumored to be born from the rotten, water-soaked corpses of the Nephilim after the flood.
Matt Wright.

Chalkydri are mythical angelic creatures mentioned in the apocryphal Second Book of Enoch.


They are either classified as a sub-species of Seraphim or divine dragons and even regarded as the underlings of Uriel. It is said in the Second Book of Enoch that the chalkydri dwell near the Sun alongside other flying elements referred to as phoenixes. At the rising of the Sun, all the chalkydri break into song with their counterparts, alerting the birds of the world for a new day to rejoice.


Their appearance is mesmerizing, as they arise as creatures with the colors of the rainbow bearing the head of a crocodile and the feet and tail like that of a lion, each having twelve wings.