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Cipactli is a primordial sea monster from Aztec mythology who was part crocodilian, part fish, and part toad or frog, with indefinite gender. The god Tezcatlipoca is said to lost a leg while luring him out of the primeval sea so its physical body could be destroyed. Its mind, however, still remains, and it requires annual blood sacrifice to soothe its blood lust.
Carl Black

Cipactli was an Aztec primordial sea monster from which would be played by the god Tezcatlipoca in the Aztec version of the Chaoskampf.



It is a crocodile creature with toad and fish features.


Powers and Abilities


In the beginning the universe was just a giant empty void hovering over primordial ocean that is home to Cipactli, and whenever the deities made anything, it would fall into the ocean and Cipactli would eat it.

So the gods come up with a plan that involves Tezcatlipoca luring Cipactli to the surface, incidentally losing its leg in the process, then the four gods kill Cipactli and then turn its body into the land.

However Cipactli isn't fully dead, so the gods promise it regular blood sacrifices to keep it from getting hungry. Its four legs became the four rain gods, Tlāloc, Chalchiuhtlicue, Huixtocihuatl, and Chicomecōātl.

Myths and Legends