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The Council of Godheads is one of the most, if not, the most powerful associations within the mythological world, consisting of the chieftain deities of all pantheons in the world. Originally, they were formed to protect the Earth from dangerous forces beyond our comprehension, allowing their authority and religion to florish without being destroyed by literally alien monster. Nowadays, however, I only think they only gather around whenever Game of Thrones releases a new episode.
Matt Wright.

The Council of Godheads is a loose committee of the leaders of every pantheon designed to gather information and share consultation upon menaces or threats which no single pantheon could handle alone.


At first, many of the gods treated each other with animosity mostly because of their arrogance and boasting of their might; even though few others would act neutral pacifists. But through their shared knowledge and cunning strategies, they realized that together they can formulate plan of attacks the likes of which that not even the most tactical soldier can plan. These plans were specifically made to combat threats which not only threatened the Earth, but also them in general seeing as though that despite their power, a single pantheon would unable to combat this said threat alone. Although it is not just formulating plan of attacks, the council can also be summoned to discuss matters that concern the well being of Earth among other things, but this was a rare occasion.


While at first the council would only allow the leaders of their respective pantheons to attend, it was soon decided that all the gods who are associated with said leaders would also attend.

The Council was led by the God King, chosen by popular vote by the seven chief gods, each god hailing from a different region spread across the universe. This system of election was known to be flawed at times, as the gods would commonly vote for themselves, making a decision difficult, the title was non-gender specific though. The gods were required to each carry a divine piece, signifying their status as a member of the Council of Godheads. It was initially suggested that the gods carry coins associated with the country or land that they rule over. However, they soon opted for holding various items and trinkets that would be instantly recognizable and linked to the individual god.


Arrival of the Old Ones

The Council was first formed when the threat of the Great Old Ones, ancient alien beings of inconceivable power, was approaching and who had supposedly influenced the evolution of the Earth’s human race and intended to make the Earth their abode once more. Odin had contacted Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods, and they then met with the ruling gods of Earth’s other pantheons to set a course of action. This would be the first such gathering of the Council. Odin, Zeus, the Egyptian god Ra, and Indra the king of the Hindu gods then confronted the first host of Old Ones that arose from their respective regions on the Earth.

However, they threatened to seal off the inter-dimensional passages between the gods realms and Earth unless the gods did not interfere with the their activities for a millennium. If that were the case, then the gods would not be able to make any known form of contact with the humans and thus would be cut off from the material world for all eternity. But the gods did not waver and fought off the Great Old Ones, returning them to their dimensional prisons or tombs.

Even though they succeeded, albeit with much difficulty, they had more concerns about the coming of the Old One known as Cthulhu, who shall soon rise from his watery grave in the depths of the Pacific along with the rest of the Great Old Ones. They have received word that the Outer God known as Ghroth, who resembles a colossal planet with a single red eye in the center, will pass through the Earth's star system and its very presence will distort the alignment of the stars which will release vibrational waves that resemble a song. This song will in turn cause Cthulhu to awaken from his slumber and in turn awaken the second host of Old Ones. At first, Zeus opted to keep the stars from aligning in order to ensure that the Slumbering God and his brethren would not awaken, but he was quickly stopped by Ra, who informed him that should the stars be forcefully put in disarray it would upset the balance of the wheel of the cosmos and thus sparking chaos and mayhem. Not to mention that despite their enormous godly power they doubt they could keep an Outer God at bay. With no other alternatives, they decided to prepare themselves when Cthulhu rises.

Cthulhu's Awakening

After a millennium, the planet-like Ghroth, was able to reach the star system that held the Earth and when it passed by, its presence properly aligned the chart of the stars to create a song, causing R'lyeh to rise from the depths of the Pacific ocean, and finally release Cthulhu from his tomb. The mere appearance of the Great Dreamer plunged the Earth into chaos, with powerful maelstroms and hurricanes ravaging massive sections of the planet. The gods were quick to act, and with their preparation for the Old One's awakening, did battle with Cthulhu and the rest of the Great Old Ones.

It was a mighty and terrible fight, the likes of which would quite easily reduce the entire Earth into shambles. The battle between Cthulhu, his army, against the Sky-Fathers lasted for roughly about a month or so. While the Great Dreamer would constantly take unthinkable damage from the gods, he would regenerate each time he suffers an injury like no other. It was not until that the gods would receive aid from an unlikely ally in the form of Kthanid, the leader of the Elder Gods. While they were wary of him at first, Kthanid's knowledge concerning the Old Ones proved more than advantageous to the gods resulting in the tides being turned in their favor over the Old Ones. Eventually, the gods were able to achieve victory when the stars became in disarray which greatly weakened Cthulhu and forced him to return to his grave whilst the several or more of the second host of Old Ones perished or were sealed off once more due to Kthanid's aid.

The Modern Age

As the centuries pass, the gods' recognition and significance in the world began to dwindle especially with the arrival of Abrahamic religion. Eventually, their religion and culture was overshadowed by Abrahamic faith and they faded into myth, however, this does not mean that they perished for instead of attempting to restore their former glory and power, they began to live amongst the mortals and would carry on with daily humanly tasks.

The Council was called in to discuss this dilemma although many arduous arguments were incited as a result. It was not until the archangel Gabriel arrived to intervene before informing the gods that his father would allow them to go about their own divine business so long as they do not breach the agreement between themselves and Him. The agreement in question involves the gods allowing the mortals to make their own choices on who they would worship and would not attempt to persuade them in returning to worshipping them by force. They universally agreed (though many did disagreed) and it would be best to let the mortals grow, adapt, and evolve on their own as they have played their part in the cosmic order for eons. They also agreed that should the threat of other malevolent forces, similar to the Great Old Ones, rise they would emerge from the shadows to defend the Earth and existence once more.

Despite their forgotten times of old, the gods did not lose their divine power or the impact they had upon the Earth as the mortals would acknowledge them through study and understanding from temples and tablets in ages long ago. In addition, a vast majority of the mortals even retained their faith in the gods that their ancestors worshiped in old times and choosing not to accept Abrahamic faith. Moreover, the old gods resided in their heavenly kingdoms that were established in the respective cities and countries that once worshipped them in ancient times while they would walk among the humans without them knowing of their true identities. While many gods were content with their current position in the world others were not and would actively seek out methods of trying to regain their power.

Myths and Legends


Head God

North America

  • Huītzilōpōchtli - Aztec God King (Main North America God)
  • Kukulkan - Maya God King
  • Tabaldak - Abenaki God King
  • Teotihuacan Spider Woman - Teotihuacan Goddess Queen
  • Yáahl - Haida God King
  • Angwusnasomtaka - Hopi Goddess Queen
  • Anguta - Inuit God King
  • Hahgwehdiyu - Iroquois God King
  • Wi - Lakota God King
  • O-let'-te - Miwok God King
  • Cautantowwit - Narragansett God King
  • Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé - Navajo Goddess Queen
  • Tirawa - Pawnee God King
  • Amotken - Salish God King
  • Dohkwibuhch - Snohomish God King
  • Yúcahu - Taíno God King

South America

  • Viracocha - Inca God King (Main South America God)
  • Tupã - Guarani God King
  • Antu - Mapuche God King
  • Chiminigagua - Muisca God King


  • Zeus - Greek God King (Main Europe God)
  • Jupiter - Roman God King
  • Odin - Norse God King
  • The Dagda - Celtic God King
  • Perun - Slavic God King
  • Ukko - Finnish God King
  • Tinia - Etruscan God King
  • Aramazd - Armenian God King
  • Dievas - Baltic God King
  • Sugaar - Basque God King
  • Theshxwe - Circassian God King
  • Sabazios - Davian / Thracian God King
  • Xucau - Ossetian God King
  • Radien-attje - Sami God King
  • Num-Torum - Ugrian God King


  • Ra - Egyptian God King (Main Africa God)
  • Nyame - Akan God King
  • Bondyé - Voodoo God King
  • Nana Buluku - Dahomean Goddess Queen
  • Abassi - Efik God King
  • Armazi - Georgian God King
  • Achamán - Guanches God King
  • Chukwu - Igbo God king
  • Adroa - Lugbara God King
  • Ajok - Lotuko God King
  • Khonvoum - Mbuti / Pygmy God King
  • Nyamurairi - Nyanga God King
  • Roog - Serer God King
  • Mwari - Shona God King
  • Chiuta - Tumbuka God King
  • Dal - Vainakh God King
  • Ọlọrun - Yoruba God King
  • Unkulunkulu - Zulu God King

Middle East

  • Enlil - Sumerian God King (Main Middle East God)
  • Ashur - Assyrian God King
  • Marduk - Babylonian God King
  • Teshub - Hurrian God King
  • Tarḫunz - Luwian God King
  • Baal - Canaanite God King
  • Hammon - Carthaginian God King
  • Ahura Mazda - Persian God King
  • Al-Lat - Arabian Goddess Queen


  • Indra - Hindu God King (Main Asia God)
  • Amaterasu - Japanese Goddess Queen
  • Jade Emperor - Chinese God King
  • Dangun - Korean God King
  • Kayra - Turko-Mongol God King
  • Hainuwele - Austronesian Goddess Queen
  • Barong - Indonesian God King
  • Seyyon - Dravidian God King
  • Rishabhanatha - Jain God King
  • Bathala - Filipino God King
  • Lainingthou Sanamahi - Manipuri God King
  • Lạc Long Quân - Vietnamese God King


  • Baiame - Australian Aboriginal God King (Main Oceania God)
  • Kāne - Hawaiian God King
  • Degei - Fijan God King
  • Tāne - Māori God King
  • Makemake - Rapa Nui God King
  • Tagaloa - Samoan God King
  • Ta'aroa - Tahiti God King
  • Tamapo'uli'alamafoa - Tongan God King


  • Kthanid - Lovecraftian God King (Main Elder God)
  • Corellon Larethian - Elven God King
  • Highfather - New Genesis God King
  • Trag'Oul - Rathma God King
  • Torm - Netheril God King
  • Demogorgon - Ghoul Realm God King
  • The Radiance - Hallownest Goddess Queen
  • Invisible Pink Unicorn - IPU Goddess Queen
  • Godzilla - Kaiju God King
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster - Pastafarian God King
  • Kib - Pegāna God King
  • Polokus - Glade of Dreams God King
  • Xenu - Scientology God King
  • Pangloss - Old God King

Extra Members

  • Athena/Apollo - if Zeus is unable to join
  • Minerva - if Jupiter is unable to join
  • Thor/Víðarr - if Odin is unable to join
  • Horus - if Ra is unable to join
  • Svarog - if Perun is unable to join
  • Old Man of the South Pole - if Jade Emperor is unable to join
  • Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva - if Indra is unable to join
  • Quetzalcoatl - if Huitzilopotchli is unable to join
  • Marduk/Ishtar - if Teshub is unable to join
  • Dagon - if Hadad is unable to join
  • Altjira - if Baiame is unable to join
  • Atar/Mithra - if Ahura Mazda is unable to join
  • Tomazooma - if Tabaldak is unable to join
  • Nodens - if Kthanid is unable to join
  • Liễu Hạnh/Chử Đồng Tử - if Lạc Long Quân is unable to join

Former members

  • Tsukuyomi - The Shinto God King before being banished by Amaterasu
  • Amun - The Egyptian Lord of the Gods before fully giving his council membership to Ra
  • Osiris - The 1st Egyptian God Pharaoh before being killed by Set and becoming the ruler of Duat
  • Set - The 2nd Egyptian God Pharaoh before being slain by Horus
  • Anu - The Mesopotamian God King before having his testicles bit off and swallowed by Enlil
  • Enlil - The Mesopotamian God King before being overthrown by Teshub
  • Izanagi - The Shinto God Shogun before giving his council membership to Amaterasu
  • Itzamna - The Mayan God Emperor before retiring and giving his council membership to Kukulkan
  • Nyarlathotep - Had pretended to be Huītzilōpōchtli before being found by Quetzalcoatl
  • Astaroth - Had pretended to be Ishtar before being found by Ereshkigal


As much as Jesus hated to admit it, Hestia was right. The unity within the Council was bound because of him, his charisma, alcohol, and a dangerous, mutual threat that none of their pantheon could fight alone (Shut it Hestia, he thought, my abdominal muscles had nothing to do with them). Any month now, an argument may appear and the council would wage war on each other. Again.