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An Outer God born from Azathoth with an imaginable appetite. Unable to stand its cannibalistic desires, most of its family had fled the planet while it was away, fearing the possibiity that they might be the next thing on its menu.
Carl Black

Cxaxukluth is an Outer God and is the offspring or "son" of Azathoth by spontaneous fission.


He is the grandfather of Tsathoggua, and his progeny are Hziulquoigmnzhah and Ghisguth. Cxaxukluth is said to be superior to every other Outer God including Nyarlathotep, The Ultimate Gods, and the Nameless Mist which is the creator of Yog-Sothoth.

Cxaxukluth dwells on Yuggoth. His immediate family lived with him for a while, but soon left because of his cannibalistic appetites.


While there are no physical depictions of Cxaxukluth, as an Outer God it can be assumed that his true form is something completely unimaginable to the mortal mind. In its weaker physical form, it can take an insectoid form, but is usually in a unnameable, amorphous form.


Powers and Abilities


The offspring of Azathoth through the process of spontaneous fission, Cxaxukluth came to our solar system with his family from the green binary star system of Xoth. Once here, these horrors settled on the planet Yuggoth; however, Cxaxukluth's cannibalistic tendencies soon scared off the rest of his clan, who proceeded to scatter to the cosmic winds. Mercifully, their patriarch elected to remain on Yuggoth, where he resides to this day, periodically causing a mass exodus of the Mi-go from their colony on the planet whenever he makes his vile presence known above the surface.

Myths and Legends

The creature was first known, in the letters by Clark Ashton Smith to Robert H. Barlow, and published in the article "The Family Tree of the Gods" in The Acolyte fanzine.

The Second Epistle of Eibon unto his Disciples, or The Apocalypse of Eibon reports that Cxaxukluth divided itself into a masculine and feminine aspects, the masculine was called Nug, the feminine being called Yeb, and then produced their various offspring together.

There is additional speculation that Ptmâk and Cxaxukluth may have only been the Hyperborean names for Nug and Yeb. There is speculation that Cxaxukluth split into the twin entities of Nug and Yeb in order to produce offspring with itself, but speculation is all that this is.