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The Dark Angels are, in accordance to your military rankings and operations, God's own "Black Ops" team of angels. Vengeful, wrathful, and hateful against all sin and evil.

A Dark Angel is a special type of angel who acts like soldiers or assassins for God. They are angels known for the brutality and inability to fall.


Dark angels, unlike normal angels, are more fierce, brutal, and cold in their actions. Whatever the action it may be that they are tasked with, they perform it with destructive tendencies and their results never cease to amaze other angels, even going so far as to install fear. Due to their attributes, they are sometimes regarded as spirits of vengeance and as such are overseen by Raguel, the true archangel of vengeance.

They instigate war, hatred, and mass destruction to eradicate the filth, which are the humans who have gone so far down into corruption, and destroy the world so that a new world can be established. In some passages, these angels are regarded as the avengers of God's justice without being evil spirits. However, some dark angels would also act as tempters to check if the tempted would leave God and if they do, the dark angels will bring them to Hell imminently.


The dark angels are more feared than respected by lesser angels. True Archangels, however, hold them in high regard rather than fear, and even go so far as to say that many of them possess the potential of being a true archangel or at least a Seraph

They would sometimes inhabit a mortal body which then use them as vessels in order to exact their vengeance against the sinful and the depraved of the human world while also defending the virtuous from malevolent forces. These vessels in turn can became a Ghost Rider, even without a contract by a demon.


The dark angels were originally a host of angels that had a seat within the Heavenly Council and oversaw the progress of Earth's humans. However, when humanity began using the knowledge given to them by the Grigori for corrupted and malevolent means, they slowly descended into sin and committed many great atrocities, which prompted these angelic hosts to grow extremely wrathful and hateful towards them.

Seeing their rage and willingness to exact wrathful justice and vengeance, God changed the positions of the angelic host to instead become His agents of divine vengeance. This in the process led to the formation and creation of the Dark Angels, whom were soon sent by God to inhabit a vessel of a human that abhors the violence and sin committed by their fellow man. This also, in turn, resulted in the birth of the legendary Ghost Riders.

Notable Dark Angels


They all share a name you know. Magael. In the angelic tongue, it means "Scourges of God". A perfect name for a bunch of bloodthirsty murderers in angel's skin. No denizen of Hell want to get on a Magael's bad side, 'cause unlike other angels, they don't fall. Regardless of how sinful the crimes they commit, since they do it "in the name of God", they will never fall.
Matt Wright



  • While been compared to them, they are much different than fallen angels despite the similarities in their characteristics or traits.
  • While being similar to them, Merkabah is not a Dark Angel.