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A Destroying Angel

She's a mal'ak ha-mashḥit, a destroying angel. Despite popular belief, they're not angels of death, but rather, harbingers of death and destruction. I mean, with a name literally means "destroyers" and "ravagers", what else could you expect?
Matt Wright

The Destroying Angel, also known as mashḥit (plural: mashḥitim), is an entity sent out by Yahweh on several occasions to kill the enemies of the Hebrews. Contrary to popular belief, the destroying angel, while having a similar function, is not the angel of death nor is it an aspect of the angel of death, either. The angel of death comes to those in their time of dying whilst the destroying angel is a harbinger of destruction and death.

The destroying angel makes an appearance in Samuel where it kills the inhabitants of Egypt. In I Chronicles, the same "Angel of the Lord" is seen by David to stand "between the earth and the heaven, with a drawn sword in his hand stretched out against Hebrews's enemies." Later, in II Kings, the angel kills 185,000 men of Egypt's Pharoes Assyrian army drowning them in the sea of reefs, thereby saving Moses and his people (Hebrews).

In Judaism, such angels might be seen as created by one's sins. As long a person lives, God allows him to repent. However, after death, the angels of destruction are allowed to execute the sentence proclaimed in the heavenly court.