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Look, this... "deviants", they are practically mutants, you know, the kind from comics like X-Men? None of us really know where they come from, though Matt did say something about latent supernatural heritage and biological evolution or something. They are a pain in the ass to deal with though. Last time we have to deal with a case associating with them, the entire office had to overwork. The sheer amount of coffee and energy drinks we consumed in that week alone, terrifying.
Female Politician.

Deviants are humanoid or superhuman beings who possess abnormal abilities afforded to them by an unknown gene.


They are humans with powers that were not granted to them through means of magical or cosmic forces, but instead were born with such abilities. Deviants can be present in both humans and animals, and their abilities can range from manipulation of a certain forms of energy or matter, to flight, enhanced senses and strength, or other physical and mental enhancements. Basically, they can possess a wide array of powerful abilities that puts them on par with and even surpass other supernatural creatures


Deviants, despite their human origins, have many distinctive traits in regards to biology, physiology, and genetics from their evolutionary predecessors. Deviants can have wildly varying biological appearances depending on the nature of their mutation. Deviants can also come in categories and that is evident in an Omega Deviant. An Omega Deviant is one with the most powerful genetic potential of their mutant abilities. Some abilities depicted by deviants described as Omega-level include immortality, extreme manipulation of matter and energy, high psionic ability, strong telekinesis, and the potential to exist beyond the boundaries of the known physical universe.

Mutation, in question, is caused by an unknown in the Deviants' DNA. Mutations normally manifest themselves during puberty, often as a result of a traumatic event. Some Deviants exhibit their mutations at birth, however, while others do not manifest their powers until adulthood. Deviants can also develop a secondary mutation, whereby their anomalous physiology is capable of responding to the need for survival. Thus in rare occasions a deviant's powers change or become even greater, and in rare cases they can develop a new, often unrelated ability.

Normal humans, either out of fear, jealousy, or prejudice often detest and reject Deviants, calling them "freaks", "mutates", or "abominations" and, on many accounts, physically abusing them or those suspected to be one. This in turn caused many Deviants to live out in the streets, be on the run from authorities, learning how to survive on their own, and even willing to kill others either for their own gain or other personal reasons. Many Deviants have stated that their own families shunned them for their abilities, which has lead to verbal and even physical abuse to where they even have been kicked out of their own homes.


It is revealed that Deviants were the end result of the Elder Things' machinations upon how to successfully create superior life-forms. The Elder Things intended to use the Deviants as either a form of replacement for the Shoggoths or for the Deviants to lord over the Shoggoths in their stead. However, the Elder Things did not anticipate the Deviants awakening latent power within them as they only intended to have their genes transformed into a way where they are only physically more capable than most. How they acquired the DNA necessary to make these humanoids is unknown although some theorize that Adam and Eve came across one of the last surviving Elder Things who acquired the physical components that make up Adam and Eve's beings as a whole.

For thousands of years, the Deviants were treated with hostility and animosity for their strange and frightening capabilities by normal humans. Even the angels themselves treated them with contempt as they were not creations of the Lord. As a result they would conceal themselves from human eyes and would isolate themselves from the populace. Some of the old gods, however, were either indifferent to the existence of the Deviants or pitied them for their abnormal capabilities and would shelter them. The only one who did accept them into human society was Jesus who showed them kindness and hospitality and would shield them from the people's wrath and disgust. Jesus would help the Deviants learn how to properly harness their gifts and use them to aid themselves and people.

However, with the rise of the Roman Empire, the Deviants saw that they were no longer safe. A mass exodus occurred where Jesus lead the Deviant race out of the Roman Empire's reach. Despite managing to escape the Romans for several years, they were nonetheless hunted down by them once they eventually caught wind of their existences. The hunt and persecution of the Deviants scattered them across the world.

Myths and Legends


Aahhh, look! This deviant actually thinks it can try and hit me! How adorable!? I just want to take you back to my place and fuck and gobble you all up!! But alas, duty calls, and you tiny lil' fuckers are a part of daddy's plans so I can't do anything to you guys... yet.
They will appear in the guise of a human. But they are far from human. They are instead...more. They succeeded where the Shoggoths failed. They can perform feats of power that would constantly surpass even our expectations. They are our Magnum Opus. And now they roam free and live amongst you. But be warned...do not provoke their ire. They only wish to live in peace. Do not give them a reason to see that they are the dominant life-forms.
An Elder Thing.



  • While Deviants are seen as 'monsters' by many, they are nonetheless capable of showing emotion and acting like any other human