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The exterior of the shop (Art from Devil May Cry 5)

Killing demons. Huntin' monsters. Protecting people. And savin' the world. It's the family business.

Devil May Cry is an organization and shop that is owned by Dante and Vergil, the sons of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. It specializes in hunting demons and monsters.


It can be easily identified by a pink neon sign with "Devil May Cry" written in cursive above the door. While incorporating same elements, the shop's design changes slightly over the course of Dante's many missions. After Vergil's return from Hell with Dante, the shop is now co-owned by both him and Dante with their resources as well as the size of the interior within the building expanding. While originally not apart of the Hunter organization, it was forced to be apart due to Dante's atrocious handling of the store's money and wages.

The office's furniture always consists of an antique jukebox worth quite a bit of money, a billiard table with snooker cues, a sofa, and Dante's personal desk and chair. Instruments are also present, usually only a drum set although an electric guitar has accompanied it. Other pieces of clutter—such as boxes, a potted plant, a small refrigerator, a dart board, a trash can, and a coat tree—fill in the space, although their style and position are rarely preserved between appearances. The desk always has a framed picture of Dante's mother and an old-fashioned, rotary dial, black telephone on it.

While the location of the main branch isn't certain due to the continued attacks on the store, somewhere within either Los Angelos or Redgrave City in UK is where the main branch of Devil May Cry, in which it is owned by Dante, is presumably located. This branch has a number of devil hunters and other individuals affiliated with it. The devil hunters in this branch often go out onto jobs in which has the secret "password" to separate normal jobs from the more unique ones or may have a trusted booking agent arrange a job themselves. Some also even individually ask the devil hunters to take a job.


The name of the shop originated from when Dante lost his brother Vergil, and even shed tears at the loss of his brother. The tears signified that despite being a cambion, Dante is capable of feeling human emotion. Dante later renames the store to Devil Never Cry based on what he himself said to comfort Trish, although he later changes the name back per her request.

In the aftermath of the fall of the Sanctus and the Holy Knights in the Order of the Sword, former Holy Knight Nero opens a devil-hunting business and is named Devil May Cry when Dante supports him, sending him the same neon sign in which is the logo for the shop. Their base of operations is located in an apartment somewhere in Fortuna in which both him and Kyrie rented. At some point in time, Nero and Kyrie changed the format of their business and began operating mobile. However, they also kept the logo used for their former Fortuna branch and operate from a personal RV. During this point, they are also joined by a new inventor, Nico.



The shop is a large standalone building with an arched roof over the porch and double door. Inside is one square-shaped room resembling a studio, with wooden floor and plaster walls with wooden panels on bottom part. Looking from the entrance, there is a set of simple stairs on the left, leading to a narrow landing. The area where Dante's desk is located is slightly elevated on a wooden platform with two stairs and a carpet. Behind him is a wide, round column on which his father's sword is hanging. Staircase on the side has a different railing and the round, decorated landing it leads to now spans over the wall behind desk, with the round column holding it up. Underneath staircase are large speakers, plants and a bookshelf hidden behind. On the left from Dante is a nook with bar in the corner, another "Devil May Cry" neon sign above it, trophies on the wall and a door next to it.

Underneath the landing is a white fridge, couple of couches and large speakers. On the left side is also a pool table. On the right side of the room, in the corner is an antique jukebox, and next to it a set of drums and an electric guitar. In front is a large, antique desk with chair, on it a photo of Dante's mother and an old rotary phone. On each side of the desk are doors, left one are leading into the bathroom of bare design and with the recurring poster of a woman with an eye-patch on the door from inside, while the right one should lead into the bedroom. On the wall directly behind the desk is a huge trophy of unknown origin and lupine appearance. Sometimes, there are demons' skulls mounted on the wall along with Dante's many weapons.


The shop also has a massive library in the lower level, filled with an assortment of books that are both normal human read as well as mystical books like Grimoires. Many books also act as instruction manuals in the art of hunting, combat, and so forth. There are also books that possess information on many different types of monsters, demons, and angels as well. The information there can also span towards mythological means whenever the Devil May Cry team are faced with a threat that is not normally on their list. The library is under the watch and care by the sphinx Andromeda who spends a vast majority of her time there reading the books and providing the team with the information needed to combat a new threat.

Training Room

When walking through a hallway at the far end of the library, there also lies a training room. The training room is seen as a large circular chamber with a white interior, and houses various training dummies, an assortment of weapons that ranges from swords to staffs or Sais, and weight-lifts that were designed specifically for superhuman individuals. Although Dante rarely ever uses the training room, his brother Vergil uses it regularly along with his other partners. The training room also has a shooting range that is designed for hunters that would test firearms such as guns or other forms of demonic weaponry.


During the events revolving Mallet Island, the building has a lower, square shaped porch roof and wooden blinds on windows. Above the door is a pink neon sign with "Devil May Cry" written in cursive and a silhouette of a woman with guns. From the inside wooden boards and panels are covering all the walls. The ceiling seems to be lower, the room generally look smaller and there are no stairs, making the room look less like a studio and more like an office. The furniture is the same, sans the huge trophy which is now missing, but its position is different. There is a summoning circle drawn on the floor with yellow paint. This logo on the Devil May Cry shop is just a "cool girl", and is not meant to represent Trish who Dante didn't know existed yet.

During the events involving the Lowell family, the shop appears similar to when Devil May Cry was just created, including the unknown huge trophy on the wall behind the desk. This time however, it is right door that lead to bathroom, whereas behind left door is a set of stairs leading up to the bedroom. There isn't much of the bedroom seen, just a corner of a simple bed, a tall arched window with green curtains and a couple of smaller wardrobes, one of which has a bookshelf. The neon sign outside features silhouette of Dante pointing a gun to the left, with Rebellion extending behind his back and through word "May". It is the only time the huge trophy is put into function as a group of horned Sargasso demons appear on it, one above the other.

A couple of years later, the store reuses the same design as before, although the jukebox is not visible here and Dante instead uses a more modern stereo system. There are also some wardrobes added to furniture, with bookshelf.

Before leaving for Fortuna, the store featured yet another revamp. There is no porch or any roof above the door, once out they step directly on the small staircase with railing. There are no figures as part of neon sign, just name of the shop in cursive. Walls are covered in plaster and everything is in obvious bad shape and full of trash. The area where Dante's desk is located is now slightly elevated on a wooden platform with two stairs and a carpet. If one looks from Dante's position to front left, one would notice another door and what seems like a small room. The contents of that room were not revealed.


Dante's Awakening

By the time Arkham arrives to lure Dante to the Temen-ni-gru, Dante has purchased his shop in the Residential Area, but has not decided on a name for it. Seeing as Dante has not named his business yet, there is no sign above the door.

After putting an end to Arkham's plot, he decides to name his shop after the words Lady used to comfort Dante over Vergil's loss.

Dante's Resident Evil

After the events on Mallet Island, Dante renames his shop "Devil Never Cry" based on what he told Trish to relieve her of her guilt for betraying him. The name, however, did not last and was later reverted to "Devil May Cry."

Lowell Situation

During the events of his devil-hunting business, the shop was occupied by Dante, Morrison and Patty who frequently visits the shop after demons tried to kill her. Throughout the series, Patty served as the maid who usually pestered Dante about his messes and often made bets with him at his pool table.

Also during this times, it was frequently visited by Trish and Lady who most of the time came to collect money from Dante or to help him with a job. At the end of his current business, Patty moved back in with her mother while Dante, Morrison, Trish and Lady all left the shop for a job outside the city and after Dante left, Patty returned to continue cleaning for Dante while he was out.


After the defeat of Argosax and Arius, Lucia is seen at the shop, flipping the coin Dante gave her before he entered into the demon world to defeat Argosax. She sadly wonders if Dante will come back from his journey to Hell as Sparda once did. She then hears the sound of a motorcycle outside, and runs out to see who it is.

Evils of Fortuna

When Lady visits the shop, she mentions to Dante and Trish who were eating pizza that a group in Fortuna, called the Order of the Sword, worships Sparda as a God. This intrigues the duo, and Trish goes as far as steal the Devil Sword Sparda, and writes a message on the wall: "See you there". It's later revealed that Trish brought the Sparda to Sanctus in order to gain the Order's trust, while pretending to be "Gloria" all the way through.

After the events of the game, Lady comes back to the shop again, this time bringing the payment. However, the money is quite lacking, and the two girls start arguing. Dante settles the deal by saying they take what they can get. As Lady is about to leave the shop, the phone rings and a new job opportunity has arrived, the trio then leave in their own stylish way; "Let's rock!".

The Qliphoth Tree

When Morrison comes up to visit Dante at the shop, he mentions that he's got a new job for him, and one that will pay him, too. Before Dante is introduced to his new client, the phone rings and it's revealed that Patty is the one calling him, asking Dante to be present at her 18-year old birthday party, to which Dante abruptly hangs the phone, without replying to her invitation.

His new client then appears - V, a wicked man covered in tattoos, hires Dante to take care of a new demon, he also states that this demon is Dante's reason for fighting. Dante accepts his new job, and starts making his way to the Qliphoth in Redgrave City to face Urizen, the demon V mentioned.

At the end of the game, after Dante and Vergil return to hell willingly, Lady and Trish are back at the shop, noting that Dante hasn't come back yet, and wondering if he will ever do so. Morrison appears, and brings the ladies a new job.

Myths and Legends


Main Branch

  • Dante - Founder and head of Devil May Cry, Younger son of the Dark Knight Sparda (Cambion)
  • Vergill - Co-Head of Devil May Cry, Older son of the Dark Knight Sparda (Cambion) (Sometimes Absent)
  • Trish - Hunter of Devil May Cry (Demon)
  • Lady - Solo Hunter of Devil May Cry (Human)
  • Lucia - Solo Member of Devil May Cry, Former Member of Protectors (Demon)
  • J.D. Morrison - Current Booking Agent, Temporary owner of Devil May Cry (Human)
  • Patty Lowell - Sworn cleaner, Occasional minor residence (Human)
  • Andromeda - Librarian of Devil May Cry (Sphinx)
  • Maggie - Minor residence of Devil May Cry (Fairy)

Mobile/Fortuna Branch

  • Nero - Head of a mobile Devil May Cry branch, Son of Vergil (Cambion)
  • Kyrie - Maintainer of the now-defunct Fortuna Branch
  • Nico - Weapons Manufacturer and Craftswoman

On-and-Off Members

  • Sparda - Father of the heads of Devil May Cry, assists them if needed but is more busy in helping his wife Eva in dealing with her personal troubles (Demon)
  • Eva - Mother of the heads of Devil May Cry, assists them if needed but is currently dealing with issues revolving her soul being imprisoned by Lucifer (Human (Umbra Witch/Witch))
  • Enzo Ferino - former Booking Agent that worked with Dante for some time before resigning to run a Devil Arm pawn shop (Human)
  • Matier - Elder of the Protectors, Adoptive mother of Lucia (Immortal Human)
  • Beryl - Solo Hunter that works with Devil May Cry (Human) (Usually "Retired")
  • Melissa Pezzini - Solo hunter that works with Devil May Cry, Current Wielder of the Witchblade (Human)
  • Dionysus - Greek God of Alcohol, Occasional bartender of Devil May Cry (Deity)
  • Zariel - Occasional member of Devil May Cry (Angel)
  • Elaine Belloc - Occasional residence of Devil May Cry (Nephilim)


Maybe somewhere out there, even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one, don't you think?
Lady to Dante, giving the inspiration for the store's name.
Trish...devils never cry...These tears, tears are a gift only humans have.
Dante to Trish.
Devil May Cry... Sounds like the fitting name for a dental hospital.
Carl Black



  • In the magazine that Dante was reading before leaving to Fortuna, it is revealed that the name of the woman in the poster is Dominique Tereshkova.
    • While the rest of the design is the same, poster girl Dominique's top changes constantly. Originally, she has a string bikini top with cups that cover her breasts completely, then she has two large black stars covering her breasts, after that is changed to a strapless bra and finally is, again, a string bikini top, but with smaller cups.