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Hedgewitchery is nothing but hardship and drudgery. Unlike normal magic where things can be achieved through a few mumbles words and waving hands, the only craft I'm capable of doing is through pain and trials, and I like it. I love it even. It is special, it is unique. And despite how many people look down upon it, hedgewitchery is powerful in its own way, and more dangerous than what they imagine.
Diana Black

Meridiana Black, more commonly known as Diana Black, is a hedgewitch adopted by Matt Wright. She works as his assistant in his paranormal investigator office, as well as his apprentice in all forms of magic, witchcraft, and sorcery.


Diana is mentioned to be quite beautiful for her age, with pale and smooth skin and dark hair. Her eyes are striking and plaited with gray and silver. She is described to have perfect mannerism for a teenage girl and carried herself with such elegance and grace fit for royalty.


Diana is snarky, sarcastic, and rather blunt. Many visitors of Wright's office believed she is the greater authority there, as the employees seemed to have more respect of her than they do toward their actual boss.

She is mentioned to have no patience when dealing with idiots.


Meridiana was born a child from the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, one of the most prestigious pure-blooded house in the wizarding world. As a small child, her cousin pranked her with an enchanted clown mask, which caused her to develop severe coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

Ever since she was a little kid, she grew up believing that she would become a great and talented witch like her parents and siblings, and one day attend the American wizarding school Ilvermorny. That dream of her, however, was crushed when she turned 11 years old and found out she is a squib, a seemingly magic-less offspring of two wizards, and was quickly abandoned by her parents on the steps of a No-maj (mundane) homeless shelter when she was in a potion-induced sleep.

When she worked up, she found out her parents had abandoned her as they "don't want to be known as the Blacks who sired a squib for a daughter", which prompted her to grow a hatred toward the wizarding world since then on.

Several weeks later, when she was wrestling with a racoon for a half-eaten hot-dog in a community garden, she accidentally causing a small explosion that attracted the attention of Matt Wright, a paranormal investigator who also happened to be a warlock. When he arrived at the scene, he found an unconsious Diana - no hot-dog or racoon in sight - and took her back to his secret flat in Berverly Hills, where he nursed her back to full health. When she woke up, he explained her everything, thinking she was just a mundane homeless with powerful potential in hedgewitchery, which only earned a few annoyed scoffs from her, as she believed he was nothing more than another stuck-up wizard. However, through unknown means, he was able to convince her to become his adopted daughter and apprentice, and in exchange, he would help her gain revenge against her family, which she agreed.

Three years later, when she was 14 years old, she exacted her revenge against her pure-blooded family in an event that was later be called the "White Flash". Through a combination of ancient artifacts, sacred herbs, and powerful hedgewitchery, she managed to create what many people deemed a "magic bomb", that caused immense destruction and killed dozens of innocent people unrelated to her family. According to Wright, it cost him over 24,000,000,000-worth of dollars, countless of favors from his connections in the MACUSA, the ICW, several influential wizarding families, 9 different mundane news sources, 10 warlocks, and 2 gods just to make the tragedy disappeared from history and the people's mind.

After that incident, Diana was put under house arrest and is forbidden from going anywhere outside of any property owned by Wright. In addition to that, she was also forced to become his unpaid assistant in his paranormal investigator office.

Powers and Abilities

Diana is a hedgewitch, meaning that despite having beneath the required of magical energy within her to perform magic, she can still cast spells and rituals through the usage of herbs, crystals, and animals, most of which possess innate magical properties that allow her to bypass her natural disadvantage.

According to Wright, she is one of the greatest hedgewitches he had ever seen in his life, and possibly the greatest based on how fast she is developing her own magic style.


Yeah, I've heard about them. Doubt that I will ever come and meet them voluntarily though. England is still a bit prejudiced toward "Dark" family like the Blacks. Beside, they are Harry Potter's family, his godfather is one of the few war heroes this house ever produced, and I don't think I want to be connect with someone that popular just yet.
Diana Black
*Sigh* Yes Carl, I'm your daughter. Matt knocked you out and stole your seed before giving birth to me through Satanic magic. Googoo gaga. Now stop wasting my time and go waste Matt's instead. He's in the back. Bye-bye, dAdDy.
Diana Black to Carl Black
I only asked if we were related, you didn't have to be a dick.
Carl Black to Diana Black


  • Like all members of the House of Black, she is named after a star. In her case, it is the Alpha Coronae Australis, officially known as Meridiana, the brightest star of the Corona Australis.
    • Despite her name, she has no relation to Carl Black.
  • Her birthday is on December 5th, 2004.
  • According to her, modern technology is the greatest thing she gained from being disowned.
  • She is a fan of quodpot, a type of wizarding game involving exploding leather balls that is extremely famous in the United States.