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He used to be Gabriel's personal assistance until he was put under house-arrest. Apparently, he and several other angels decided to play some sort of twisted irl Civilization and pit all of their nations against each other to fight for power. Unsurprisingly, God was not amused.
Matt Wright.

Dobiel was the second-in-command to the True Archangel Gabriel and was the guardian angel of Ancient Persia and Babylonia.


According to the Talmud, Dobiel was one of the special accusers of Israel, and once officiated in Heaven for 21 days as a proxy for Gabriel when he was in temporary disgrace for taking pity on the Israelites when God was angry with them, and convincing the Babylonians to drive them from Babylon rather than kill them.



Powers and Abilities


After coming to power in Heaven, Dobiel set about helping the Persian people at the expense of every other nation. It is believed that Dobiel did this to show that under is leadership, he could grow an empire greater than all others.

He like many of the other tutelary angels of nations (except Michael, protector of Israel) became corrupted through their bias for their own people, and soon began warring with the other nations to accrue more power. During this time, it is believed Dobiel also came into conflict with Dumah, who had chosen the Egyptians as his favored people.

Myths and Legends


I am an angel with a great capacity for understanding that can help you with your woes. Even in a time of crisis and confused emotions, I shall assist in abandoning all negative messages from your life and lean on the gift of the word to seek help when you need it.