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Ein Sof Ohr is the personification of the unlimited light of God. Like Ein Sof, Ohr is impersonal, yet still immersed in all of Creation, illuminating all existence and bringing the resplendent glory of God to soothe afflicted souls even in the coldest and darkest places in the universe.
Carl Black.

Ein Sof Ohr is an emanation of God who personifies the unlimited light of the Creator that was used to separate light from The Darkness, giving rise to Night. Ein Sof Ohr is the embodiment of the Megaverse, also being all primordial entities united into one, with Ohr existing as one in all, but Ohr existing separate from all. Ohr is the light of God embodied in an entity of limitless power, being the source of light and order that is in constant balance with The Darkness.


When God said "let there be light" a mighty light manifested in the Hand of the Creator and through that light all creation came into being. Ein Sof is the Kabbalistic term for God, in the Kabbalistic concept, simple Ohr Elion (Upper Light, too. Ein Sof Ohr) is used to represent all reality filled only by Ein Sof. Kabbalists metaphorically differentiated the manifestations of God as being lights. This difference outweighed the criticism, "introducing plurality into the monotheism of Judaism," of the rabbinate.

The primary texts; they take great care in emphasizing this difference, and caution against anthropomorphizing the subtle descriptions of Kabbalah in human terms. To avoid such heresies, the historical transmission of Kabbalah was traditionally restricted to direct teaching in closed circles. The Light was used by Yahweh to separate light and darkness, resulting indirectly in the birth of Night, the "sister" of Ohr.

Ohr exists eternally as the nemesis and archenemy of The Darkness, being also its weakness, with every light existing in the Multiverse being a spark of its essence, including but not limited to starlight, fire, lamps, fireflies, as well as light reflected from the Earth, moon, other planets and celestial bodies, and including even human beings who are emanating light, albeit at indescribably small levels compared to sunlight. Human souls also have their light, which is a light that is closer to Ohr than any material light source, this same light being the light that forms the bodies of angels, a spiritual and unfathomable light. This light is the weakness of darkness, as described in John 1:5, And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. Light is the weakness of darkness.


Much like Ein Sof, Ein Sof Ohr doesn't have any definite true form, however, it has been described to appear as a endless amount of light. Due to being an infinite amount of light, Ein Sof Ohr's true form is incomprehensible and unending with it spreading throughout all of existence.


Powers and Abilities


In the beginning there was nothing, the universe was without form, and void. And the Spirit of God moved over the face of an ocean of chaotic waters, the darkness covered the Abyss. God didn't like that unproductive, disordered state of the universe, so the Lord breathed into the depths of the Abyss and said "let there be light" and there was light. This light was emanated by God, called Ein Sof Ohr, which was cast over Darkness and illuminated the dense darkness, causing it terrible pain. God then separated darkness from light, giving way to Day and Night, and God saw that it was good.

Myths and Legends

The Ein Sof (literally: "Without End"/Limitless/Infinite) is the Kabbalistic term for the Divine essence. Kabbalah describes 10 Sephirot (The 10 Divine emanations or attributes), that reveal the unknowable Godhead to the creations and channel the creative life-force to all levels of existence. However, these 10 attributes of God do not represent the Divine essence. The Kabbalists differentiated between the manifestations of God (forms of "light"), and their origin in the Divine essence (the "Luminary"). This difference overcame the criticism that they were introducing plurality into the pure Monotheism of Judaism. Kabbalistic texts take great care to emphasise this difference, and warn against anthropomorphising the subtle descriptions of Kabbalah in human terms. To avoid such heresies, the historical transmission of Kabbalah was traditionally restricted to direct teaching in close circles.

As well as the 10 "lights" of God encapsulated in the Sephirot, Kabbalah also describes a more primordial light that shines from the Ein Sof (Infinite) itself. This light, the origin of all Creation, and all lower lights, is called the "Ohr Ein Sof" ("The light of the Infinite", or alternatively, itself "The Infinite Light"). The Kabbalistic and Hasidic masters ask the question of how there can be a revelation of God, in the Ohr Ein Sof, before Creation. Surely, there can be "no king without a people". Before Creation, there could be no being to behold a revelation of Divine light. The Ohr Ein Sof is a form of Divine self-knowledge, and through God knowing Himself, He created everything, with its subsequent historical unfolding, and its ultimate purpose in the innermost Divine Will.


And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Genesis 1:3.
Behold, before the emanations were emanated and the created creatures, Superior Simple Light had filled all existence.
And there was no emptiness, such as an empty atmosphere, a void or a ditch, for everything was filled with simple and unlimited light.
And there was no such part as head, or end, For all was One, Simple Light, balanced evenly and evenly And it was called Endless Light.
And when under His simple will came the desire to create the world and emanate the emanations, To bring to light the perfection of His actions, His names, His appellations, which were the cause of the creation of the worlds, He then restricted Himself to himself, in the middle, Precisely in the center, He restricted the light.
And the light went away to what surrounds that central point.
And there remained an empty space, a vacuum Circling the central point.
And the restriction was uniform Around the empty point, So that space would circulate evenly around it.
There, after the restriction, Having formed a vacuum and a space Precisely in the midst of the endless light, A place was formed, Where the emanating and the created may reside.
Then from the Endless Light a single line descended, Down into that space.
And through that line, He emanated, created, formed and Made all the worlds.
Before these four worlds came into being There was an infinite, a name, in wonderful, hidden union, And even in the angels closest to Him There was no strength or fulfillment in the Endless And there is no mind that can perceive Him, For he has no place, boundary or name.
Rabbi Isaac Luria