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Eisheth Zenunim, or just Eisheth, is a prince of the Qliphoth whom rules Sathariel, the order of the Qliphoth of Binah and of the four Demons of Prostitution.


She is found in the Zohar 1:5a-b as Isheth Zennanim or Qodeshah. She is known generally as one of the four angels of prostitution, who are the mates of the demon Samael. Her fellow succubi are Lilith, Naamah, and Agrat Bat Mahlat, she is part of of the group known as "angels of prostitution" in Zoharistic texts. She is a seductive devil and is in a eternal journey for the fall of the man into the sins of the flesh. She feeds on the souls of the fallen. She is sometimes treated as an Angel.

She is the youngest of Samael's wives and the ruler of the southern quarter, generally seen as being the lands of Egypt. The southern quarter is controversial, since it is assigned to a country instead of to a city, like the other quarters, (Salamanca, Rome and Damascus), the name of the ruler is unclear, identified as Mahalat or Rahab instead of Eisheth as the true ruler. She is a seductive devil and eternally strives to draw the unwary into the sins of the flesh. She then feeds on the souls of the fallen.

It is also claimed that Eisheth is responsible for the creation of the Shedim. Eisheth feeds upon the souls of man, specifically those that have fallen from the virtuous ways of God. Upon devouring them, she would regurgitate these souls back out, distorting and warping them into hideous monstrosities that mirror the sins and darkness these souls once committed in the world of the living. Eisheth mostly does this to parade the imperfections of man to God and Heaven.


As a grand succubus, Eisheth is unsurprisingly a very attractive and seductive entity no matter what form she takes who can even seduce even the mightiest of men and women. Her true appearance is of a tall woman with long black hair and fived horns growing out of her head and two horns growing out of her head going down to the sides to form slight points, the horns slightly touching her face. Her skin is unnaturally pale with yellow eyes that shine in the night. She has two pairs of succubi wings coming from her back.


As a succubus, Eisheth unsurprisingly possesses a lustful and seductive personality that can make any being fall for her. Similarly to Lilith, Eisheth desires to gain power from powerful entities, though any attempts of this has always ended in failure.

Befitting her class as an Grand Succubi, Eisheth has a very licentious personality, reveling in the lustful passion of herself and others around her.

Powers and Abilities

Her powers of seduction are supreme, and she strives in perpetuity to draw incautious men into sins of lust and lechery. She is said to feast on the souls of the fallen, the spirits of those whom she has led astray. Eisheth is also seen to be one of the Succubi that can turn humans into Succubi with her blood. Eisheth's seductive strength is strong enough to the point that she can even seduce angels.

  • Sex Demon Physiology: Eisheth is a Sex Demon of the highest caliber. She possess incredible supernatural power, unchallenged dominion over demons of lust and corruption, and tremendous supernatural abilities in both domains. Like all other sex demons, Eisheth wields dark and various sexual type powers from the most corrupted forms of sexuality that can drive people into the most malevolent and perverse acts of sexual corruption, evil and sin.
  • Succubus Physiology: Eisheth is a succubus, a female demon or supernatural entity, in female form, who in known traditions that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. In traditional legends succubi are known to repeatedly would drain men of their life-force through lustful activities to the point of causing poor physical or mental health, even death, while also known to take children to feast open due to some envy or hatred mostly to mock the gift of life. Like all other Succubi, Eisheth possesses physical changes that include fangs, claws, pointed tail and wings.
    • Ascended Succubus Physiology: As an ascended Grand Succubi, Eisheth is now a ascended succubus, giving her greater strength, speed, supernatural level of beauty and some magical/divine abilities who love to take sexual activity, but are also gifted with a more purified form of sexuality that grants them a more loving and intimate pleasure that don’t involve rape or any kind of sinful/vile lust, but a more virtuous nature that involves benevolent lust, love and sexuality that brings joy to all.
  • Dream Walking: Like all Succubi, Eisheth can enter the dreams of others. Due to being one of the Grand Succubi, Eisheth is able to enter daydreams.
    • Oneiric Slaying: Like all Succubi, Eisheth can kill targets in her own victim's dreams with the ending resulting in the target's death in reality as well.


In the beginning Eisheth was a human female created by God created for Adam alongside Agrat and Naamah to be potential mates for him. When Adam proposed to all of them, they rejected Adam's advances aside from Lilith. Eisheth and her sisters then left Adam and Lilith to their endeavors and were likely escorted out of the Garden by Uriel. It is said that Eisheth felt the most amount of sympathy for Lilith and eventually Eve to the point of even attempting to communicate with them above the walls of the Garden.

Nevertheless, the damage was done, and after the War in Heaven and the Fall of Man, Eisheth became a consort to Samael and a queen of demons. She also was said to have consorted with Belphegor at one point and it is implied that this occurred likely around when Belphegor was still in Heaven. According to Eisheth herself, she helped "relieve" Belphegor of his troubles from Heaven's insufferable work.

Myths and Legends

Kushiel's Legacy

During the Kushiel's Legacy saga, Eisheth is one of eight angels who follow Elua. She was noted for being gentle. In the series, she is noted as the patron angel of music, medicine, and art, and associated with the sea. Her province is Eisande.


... Samael's wife? That is all mortals remember me as? THAT IS ALL THEY REMEMBER ME AS?! HOW-HOW DARE THEY!? H-How dare they. I was once their teacher. I taught them how to heal, how to sing, how to dance, and how to play instruments to offer their prayers to God. I was once offered countless sacrifices by seafarers, all of which I refused yet still protect them by my own goodwill. And THIS? THIS IS HOW YOU REMEMBER ME? AS A MERE WHORE BETWEEN SAMAEL'S LEGS?!
Eisheth Zenunim.



  • In Jewish mythology, she is said to eat the souls of the damned.
  • This entity is also part of the trinity infernal beast with the Goat and Samael.
  • Eve and Lilith, created directly by God and Agrat Bat Mahlat, was originated from the side of them, according to the Sepher ha-Zohar.