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He's the head of the prophet department. Y'know, being the angel of divination and all. His main job is to whisper prophetic dreams and visions into the mind of God's mouthpieces. When he isn't doing any of that, he mainly works as the assistance of either Gabriel or Metatron.
Matt Wright

Eistibus is the angel of divination that brings upon prophecies onto God's chosen.


As Eistibus is one of the Seraphim, he is very powerful angel with the power of clairvoyance. Eistibus is also attributed with bows and other such range weapons.



Powers and Abilities

As an angel of divination, Eistibus has the power to acquire information using sight outside the normal range of detection by clairvoyance. He is also able to read the future, the present and the past, provide help to a problem at hand and gain insight into a question or situation.



We ground leaves from the white vine
with flowers from the cliff
and slipped it into our blood,
asking of the skies
if the rains would come.
Fires move at sea.
It was ordained
Each footfall pressed into its place
Every word spoken to its rhythm
We dance and he sees us dancing
If you wish to know, just ask
Eistibus will tell you.
Carl Black.



  • It is said that Eistibus would meet up with every single prophet of God with certainty.