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A Emperor of Hell (Art by Tombkick Illustration)

The supreme monarch of hell and the absolute unholy ruler of all demons. The most well-known emperors are Lucifer the Morning Star and Satan the Adversary, two legendary figures who both hold the title of The Devil.
Carl Black.

The Emperor of Hell is the supreme monarch, usually the sovereign ruler of the Inferno.


Emperors are generally recognized to be of a higher honor and rank than kings of Hell. While there was always an emperor of the Inferno, there has never been an empress, however, Lilith nearly reached the rank of empress after Lucifer's imprisonment in Heaven instead of Hell this time. Thus, this makes the chance of an Empress of Hell being possible. Both kings and emperors are monarchs, but emperor and empress are considered the higher monarchical titles.

In as much as there is a strict definition of emperor, it is that an emperor has no relations implying the superiority of any other ruler, and typically rules over more than one region, or the entirety of the realm itself. Therefore, Lucifer rules over the entire Inferno itself with Satan being King-Emperor and has true authority and power. A king might be obliged to pay tribute to another ruler, or be restrained in his actions in some unequal fashion, but an emperor of Hell is completely free of such restraints.


When it comes to arranging a system of power, the same applies in Hell as it does in the human world. This means that for purposes of protocol, emperors are given precedence over kings in regional diplomatic relations. When the emperor of Hell is present, all other kings, princes, and dukes are to follow his command and listen to his wording even if they were in the midst of a speech themselves. This is evident in where Lucifer merely raises his head when Asmodeus spoke of the current condition of the human race, and immediately silences himself when Lucifer orders said silence, clearly demonstrating the power that the emperor wields.

However, gaining the title of emperor in Hell is considered to be a nigh-impossible task as no demon has ever achieved the power and authority that Lucifer possesses. Many demons claimed that they could be emperor if they desired after displaying their power, but each time a ruler of Hell would say that even if they were to gain a power greater than the princes of Hell or power that nearly surpasses the Devil himself, they would still not be fit for the throne of emperor. As such, the rank of emperor would only apply to one that has authority and power that would make the entire demon world tremble and never question their command no matter what.

Notable Emperors of Hell




  • Various grimoires have named different demons with the rank of emperor. Typically when this is done, there are four emperors, one for each of the cardinal points.
    • The ten demons that have been assigned the rank of emperor are Amenadiel of the West, Bairiron, Barma, Carnesiel of the East, Caspiel of the South, Demoriel of the North, Lucifer, Padiel, Samael, and Symiel.