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You think it is nice to be the first angel? Ha! Don't make me laugh, little boy. Most angels don't even know I exist, and neither do our followers and allies, and to be honest, I prefer it that way. Let Michael and Helel take the title of First Angel, let them feel how pressured it is to be the first son of God. Besides, the lack of paperwork is a much loved bonus!

Empra is the first angel created by God, created differently from the others. He was the first angel to willingly leave Heaven and become the leader of the terrorist organization, the Black Order.



Empra looks like a fair-skinned man with silver eyes and short golden hair. He wore luxurious golden and grey knight-like armor that covers his body with a green cape. He also sported two glorious snow-white angel wings.


Empra shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it, and unlike his brothers, Empra is actually sarcastic and humorous when he needs to be.

He is also bitter and uncaring towards Heaven and God, not showing interest in the rumors of Lucifer being welcomed back to Heaven.

Powers and Abilities



When the battle ended between God and the other Pre-existential primordials, God's creations during the war, the Arcuthas, had to be locked away due to Therion corrupting them. God then felt lonely so he created his first angel named Empra, they lived together as he started to create Heaven. Unlike the others, Empra was created far differently than other angels as shown with him only have a one pair of golden angel wings and his inability to get any stronger. With this and Empra's similarities to Calur, God was distant with Empra, only using him as a soldier.

Some time later, God would had created two more angels which he had perfected unlike Empra. These two angels would be named Helel and Michael with one coming right before the other but neither knowing who is the first. While Empra was with them, only God had raised to the angels and was the one who gave these two the title of Archangel. Many years later, both had asked God to create new siblings for them which he complied and created Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel which both had raised. During this time, Empra became more distant from God and his younger siblings from being mostly ignored.

War in Heaven

Unlike the other angels, Empra didn't even participated in the War in Heaven and when it was eventually over, Empra had decided to leave the Heavenly Host and abandon God and started roaming space in the Human Realm. He was considered when the Seven Archangels were forming due to being the first, but since no one knew where he was, he was ultimately left out of the group.


After leaving the realm of God, Empra took the alias of Elder Emperor and observed the other pagan pantheons along with Hell. As the Elder Emperor, he founded the Khaos Brigade, a terrorist organization filled with supernatural beings whose main purpose is to bring a new age to both the supernatural and mundane worlds.

Myths and Legends


To anyone who believes so, I will declare that I never said "Praise be to the almighty God on high! You rock!!" as my first words. Never.
Empra's reply to his supposed first words.
I grew up admiring him. I learned everything I possibly could from him. He was my idol, my teacher, my best friend. And perhaps, it was because of that blind worship of mine that I didn't realize he had already sunk his fangs into me from a long, long time ago.
God's first angel, the most cunning and dangerous of all. One of His many regrets.



  • Despite being the Beta Angel, Empra's title of "First Angel" is often used by Satan, Lucifer, and even sometimes Michael and Remph.