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The Empyrean Guard is a large group of angels dedicated to protecting God's most sacred realm. They are led by Endufel, who is the one who defeated Satan in his rebellion and is said to only beneath Michael in terms of militaristic might. They are also, unsurprisingly, merciless toward anyone they deemed a potential threat to the Empyrean, regardless of how small that threat might be, or how much brutality it would required them to commit.
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The Empyrean Guard is a large group of powerful angels that is dedicated to the protection of God, the Heavenly Host, and the Empyrean which is the abode of the All-High. They are led by the Seraph Endufel, the greatest of the Empyrean Guard and the one who defeated Satan.


It is a special choir of angels that performs services for the Heavenly Host and are mainly comprised of the strongest Ophanim, Cherubim and Seraphim. It has a considerable amount of fighting, organizational, and executive power that is said to even rival the likes of the archangels themselves.

The Empyrean Guard, as obvious by their name, are tasked with defending the Empyrean from any threat that is foolish enough to attempt to raid the holy palace of God. Since serving God is the primary purpose of the Empyrean Guard, they do not interfere in other angels' affairs and the defense of Heaven, even against major threats like Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels. They are known to do whatever is required by order of God.

However, this does not mean that they care not of Heaven's status as it is being torn by an invasion or war, for they are well aware of the events that transpire outside of the Empyrean but are simply tasked with defending the highest circle of Heaven which is the latter itself and not leave their position to defend the lower classes.

The Empyrean Guard's authority is second to the authority of the true archangels, even the Seraphim, and supersedes all other authorities within Heaven. Each member of the Guard have a branding known as the "Print of God" imparted onto their wings by the Lord.

Powers and Abilities

They are extremely powerful in their own right, with many Archdemons admitting that even they would struggle against them should they ever face them in open combat. However, Lucifer was able to crush most of them with ease, even killing a couple, during the War in Heaven on his own.


It is unknown when they were properly formed, but it is more than likely after the creation of the archangels and the Empyrean itself, therefore, the Empyrean Guard are classed as one of the oldest angels next to the True Archangels themselves.

Notable Members

  • Endufel
  • Unnamed deceased members killed by Helel

Myths and Legends