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Never forget: After the long night, the dawn will always come.

Erebiel is one of the Chief Angels of the third sphere, Principalities, along with being the Archangel of light, beauty and the dawn.


She is a beautiful angelic principality, whose name means "The Dawning of God", and is daughter of the light. As she is representing the light coming together to illuminate the area in which she reigns.

Erebiel was on of the Angelic Hosts, who were present in these moments of there being light brought to the beings within Earth. Because of her hand in this, and the others with her at the time of course, it is said that she delivers with that light and hope. She is described as being "Immortal" and "Undecaying". They also state that she is the leader of all living creatures.

Erebiel is a ruler over dispelling darkness to bring light to mankind. She is a part of the Elohim under God who was described in Genesis. In the original scripts, the word "GOD", was "Elohim". The word Elohim means, Many Gods.



Powers and Abilities


Myths and Legends


In Hinduism, she can be likened to, the Goddess Usha. Usha is described in Vedic teachings as being the Goddess of the dawn. In Hinduism, she is known as the goddess of light and beauty. Usha, has been described in the Rig Veda, as having been sprung from darkness and the first self-effulgent, white-complected, Mother of the Gods of the Sun.

She is also compared to the Greek Titan Goddess Eos.