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Erlik Khan is an evil god from Turkic mythology, often equated with the Hungarian Ördög, and is represented by a totemic bear. He is said to be the first creation of the Turkic creator god Bai-Ülge, but soon grew prideful and envious of his master and rebelled, only to be banished to the underworld. Since then, he has been teaching humans to sin and making evil spirits that bring misfortune, diseases, and death to mankind. Apparently, he has some connection with the Abrahamic demons, a past deal or some sort, which led to him being mistaken as a demon in the Dictionnaire Infernal, not that the god particularly mind. I think he's actually liked it.
Matt Wright

Erlik was the Turkic god of the death and the underworld.


Erlik was the deity of evil, darkness, lord of the lower world and judge of the dead. He is known as the first of mankind, created by Ülgen. He wanted to be equal to Ülgen, but is in a position inferior to him. Then he wanted to make his own land and was sent to the prison at the 9th layer of the earth and became opposed to the upper world, the realm of light.

The evil spirits created by Erlik cause misfortune, sickness and death to mankind. These spirits are imagined as Erlik's assistants. Besides these, his nine sons and daughters help their father in the way of evil. Erlik's daughters especially try to change a shaman's mind while he is attempting to reach Ülgen with their beauties. Erlik gives all kinds of sickness and wants sacrifices from the people. If they do not sacrifice to him, he catches the dead bodies of the people that he killed and takes them away to this lower world and then makes them his slaves. So, especially in the Altays, when sickness appears, people become scared of Erlik and make many animal sacrifices to him.


Erlik is described as a monster, having the face and teeth of a pig combined with a human body. Besides his face, he is an old man with a well-built body, black eyes, eyebrows and mustache.


Powers and Abilities


Erlik was the first creation of Ülgen, the creator god, but Erlik's pride led to friction between the two, and he was banished to the underworld.

Erlik was involved in the creation of humanity. He slew the messenger-god, Maidere, and is a teacher of sin. He is sometimes represented by a totemic bear.

Myths and Legends