Gods and Demons Wiki

For a complete list of the Gods and Demons wiki rules click here. Here we will only make an initial statement and clear some doubts.

"Is the wiki about mythology?"

Short answer: no. Long answer: While the wiki is clearly based on mythologies, legends and folklore, it is not limited to that, with content from other types of fiction, including - but not limited to - original characters. Although our wiki contains information from mythologies and legends, it does not focus on that and has information and ideas that are not present in many myths and religions, and even adding information.

Another difference between our wiki and a wiki specifically about myths is that we mix the gods in a single universe, being a wiki that works with polytheism or henotheism. For example, here in this universe there is God, commonly known as Yesh, who is the Abrahamic God. However, there is also Khaos, the primeval god of the void in Greek and Roman mythology, who in this universe is older than God. Both entities coexist and are equal in power, with God's omnipotence being in relation to his universe, and his position of "older than all" is only originated from human belief, as there are in the lore of Gods and Demons up to 6 beings that predate God, or more.

In summary: we do not intend to create a wiki to give information about myths, but to create a great story with the gods and mystical beings of humanity. As written in our self-insertion profile: we are a bunch of internet fanfic writers. Nothing more. Nothing less. The rest is just detail.

"Is Gods and Demons from some fictional universe?"

A recurring question that we receive frequently. Gods and Demons is an original universe of this wiki, created by the bureaucrat New Nayerb, with several quotes, texts and the like having been written by other administrators or members of the wiki.

"Where can I read your fanfic?"

Another frequently asked question. At the moment, we don't have a real story for the wiki, that is, something like a web story, manga or anything like that. The story is written and decided with time between administrators' conversations.