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Fear not, Norsemen! You may not have heard of me, but be at ease. While your contemporaries have stripped your culture to the bone, I am here to let it be free.

Fimbultyr is the Norse Avatar of God, although his very null information, he is often mistaken for Odin.


Fimbultyr is an avatar used by God that was created with the purpose of watching over the Norse pantheon. While there have been plenty of religions threatened by Christian colonialism, the ancient Norse religion was one of the most as risk. And so they could practice their religion further without ridicule, Fimbultyr became apart of the Norse pantheon so that they seemed just as Christian as any practitionor. He was named "Fimbultyr" or "Mighty God," an alias that has been used by Odin in the past.



Powers and Abilities


Fimbultyr was created by God near the beginning of the Christian colonization efforts of the Norse. When the legends of the Norse gods had almost faded, a man by the name of Snorri Sturluson decided to compose the Prose Edda to help unite Norsemen against a greater evil. Fimbultyr helped Snorri composed the book, telling the man of the history of the Æsir and their destiny in Ragnarök.

After Ragnarök, Fimbultyr will come down from the Heavens in order to greet Baldr and the new humans.

Myths and Legends