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Let me tell you a secret... the triangle is a lie. I made that thing up. I made everything up. The truths I told, the visions I gave, the stories I woven... All of them just lies.

Flauros is a strong Great Duke of Hell, having thirty-six (twenty according to Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) legions of demons under his rule.


He gives true answers of all things past, present and future, but he must be first commanded to enter a magic triangle for if not he will lie, deceive the conjurer, and beguile him in other business. But if he enters the triangle he will answer truly, and gladly speak about divinity, the creation of the world, himself, and other fallen angels. He can also destroy all the conjurer's enemies by burning them up. If the magician requests it, he will not suffer temptations from any spirit or in any form.

Flauros can also supposedly be called upon when a mortal wishes to take vengeance on other demons. This is likely included in his capability to destroy the conjurer's enemies.


Commonly people represent him as a humanoid leopard with big claws. Flauros is depicted as a terrible and strong leopard that under request of the conjurer changes into a man with fiery eyes and an awful expression.


Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Manipulation: Flauros is the fire demon par excellence, he can summon and create normal and infernal flames, fires explosions of both types and creates fire constructs.
  • Time Manipulation: he can travel through time and change parts of the story or simply change it but cannot use it many times because it makes him exhaust all energy.
  • Magic: Flauros is able to use healing spells for himself and has elemental summoner blood magic.


Myths and Legends