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Well, I mean global warming is totally a real thing. But the main point is that, the less people care about it, the more of those corporate folks will end up here in hell. And that's a good thing. For us, not for them.

Fleurety is the Lieutenant-General of the armies of Hell and the Royal Scientist of Hell. He is also a member of the Six Great Officers.


He is listed as the fourth of the Six Great Officers, the others being Lucifuge, Satanachia, Agaliarept, Sargatanas, and Nebiros. Fleurety, unlike the officers, personally serves Beelzebub instead of Lucifer. Fleurety himself has authority over the Goetic nobles Bathin, Purson, and Eligos.

Fleurety is the Royal Scientist of Hell who is known for his dangerous and morally bad experiments which includes body transportation, mind changing and life creation. He is also a medical officer, though not nearly as good as Sitri and especially Uphir.



Powers & Abilities

When commanded by a conjurer, he can summon hailstorms and allow all manner of deeds to be performed under the cover of night and is in charge of a fairly significant force of demons. He specializes in poisonous plants and herbs, and can control the world's weather. He also has the ability to absorb other's powers.


Myths and Legends

One of Lucifer's six high-ranking minions. Countless demons serve him and he can carry out the wishes of his summoner in one night. He specializes in poisonous plants and herbs, and can control the world's weather.
The Demonic Compendium.


You are a cruel, disgusting, twisted, abomination of a scientist who deserve to be in torturous pain eternally for all the horrific deeds you've done in the name of, so-called, "science"... I love you so freakin' much. Please marry me.
Belphegor to Fleurety
Fleurèty, Lieutenant General, has the power has the power to do whatever thing one could want at night-time. He makes hail fall wherever he deigns and commands a considerably body of spirits and has Bathim, Hursan and Eligor etc.. beneath him.
Grand Grimoire, Dark Lodge edition.



  • His symbol, illustrated in the Red Dragon alongside his image, is the hoof of a horse.