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He was Gabriel of the Cherubim, Jibril of the El-Karrubiyan, those brought close to Allah. He sang praises to the Father during the dawn of creation. He covered the orphans and widows with his wings, warming them with his golden feathers. He announced the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Left Arm of God. And... He with his sword caused a carnage taking the lives of Egyptian babies during the Tenth Plague. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by him in a fiery Armageddon, all because a man could not date another man. He broke the main rule between Heaven and Earth and had a relationship with a woman who inhabited the human world, which resulted in a religious war to this day. Why did he do all this? He doesn't even know... He just did as God commanded. The Left Hand of God.
John Constantine.

Gabriel is a True Archangel. His name means "God is my strength" and is known to be the left hand of God and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, in contrast to Michael who is the right hand of God.


Gabriel is the angel who helps people who are in the fields of creative expression find their way. He protects children and helps parent assist their children. He is the Archangel of revelation, motherhood, creation, temperance, among others. Like other archangels and angels, Gabriel was created between day one and day two of creation. The Archangel is God's personal messenger, he is God's intercessor to mankind, always going on missions in Father's name.

Among these missions, it is believed that he was the one who destroyed the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, that he was the one who killed the mighty Nephilim in Enoch's time, and he is also believed to be the angel of death who killed all the firstborn in Egypt. However, his most notable feat was to appear to Mary and announce a coming Savior of mankind. Due to his effectiveness in complying with God's orders, Gabriel is nicknamed "Will of the God".


Like the other angels, Gabriel's true form cannot be seen by humans. They say that its light is so intense that it burns the eyes of those who see it and explodes the eardrums of those who hear its voice. As a True Archangel, Gabriel's appearance shifts to whatever the angel desires or needs at that very moment. However, Gabriel will always have at least 1 to 12 pairs of golden wings on his back though they can also be white wings with blue tips that glow brighter than the dawn.

In his first human form, Gabriel was described by the prophet Daniel as having a body of beryl, a face like lightning and his eyes like torches of fire, and his arms and feet shining like burnished bronze; and his voice of words was like the voice of a crowd.

In his second form, Gabriel appears as a man in his 20s, with silvery hair and amber yellow eyes. Gabriel usually appears wearing a white t-shirt and a dark sweatshirt over blue pants. On a few occasions, Gabriel appears with a detective's cap on his head, usually Gabriel wears when investigating the mysterious entities of creation.

In his female form, Gabriel appears as a woman in her early 20s, with thigh-length blond hair with red spikes and bright blue eyes. In this form, Gabriel has medium breasts, a fine waist and hips. When on Earth, she appears wearing a white T-shirt under a red sweatshirt, wearing a brown skirt that reaches to her feet. She also wears a pair of dark boots. On some occasions, she appears wearing a cross around her neck. Her three sizes are B88/W55/H85 cm.


Out of all the angels, Gabriel deeply loves the humans and spends the majority of his time living among them. He will, silently, protect the humans he walks amongst whenever they are threatened. In human form he is laid-back, jovial, humble, and an eccentric person. However, he shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it, and unlike his brothers, Gabriel is actually sarcastic and humorous when he needs to be, making him the most 'human' of the angels. Due to this traits, he is one of the few beings that can calmly withstand and even understand John Constantine's endless cynism, cunning behavior, sarcastic wits, con artist nature, and even his counter-culture beliefs, while remaining friendly and even wisecracking in his approach and making fun of his manipulative nature.

He is very calm, laid back, and level-headed both in his angel and human forms. Gabriel greatly understood honor and noble sacrifice, so much that God given him great wisdom in dealing things in a peaceful and wise manners. He is highly loyal and loving towards God and his siblings, even towards his Fallen brethren. So much that he (along with Michael) volunteers to guide and protect Jesus from behind the scenes to His journey and mission on Earth. He is also one of the few angels that greatly admired and respect the human spirit, the ability to dream, and the noble will of humanity, so much that he states to Lucifer that the very beings he despise and sought to corrupt the most are capable of doing impossible and unthinkable things.

Gabriel is known to be a trickster among his brothers, however, he does not lie. He has immense knowledge and understanding of the flow, application, and consistency of magical energy. Among his brothers, he is the most proficient in using spells and attacks, and can even use multiple ones in conjunction for various combination and diversion tactics. So well-versed that he is the one that help Sparda imprison and temporary cut off Satan's connection on Earth. Lucifer even admitted that Gabriel is unpredictable.

It is rare for Gabriel to become serious or grim, for most of the time he appears as a humble, optimistic, calm, and friendly angel. But when provoke and angered enough, he can be frighteningly calm and silent while showing his more sinister, cold, and ruthless side, more frightening than Lucifer himself. This shows that he can be scary, much like his brother Michael. He shows this, when he coldly and mercilessly slaughtered a group of angels and demons that killed innocent people in their battle against the other, and nearly killed the Archdemon empress Lilith if Amitiel and Jophiel didn't interfere.

Also, despite Gabriel's good natured to protect and love humanity, he still has a limits. Where he countlessly witness the mortals' inherited evil, like witnessing them doing sinful things, their cruelty, greed, lust for power, pride over their status, etc. Whenever Gabriel witnesses this kind of behaviors from humanity, Gabriel becomes grim, sadistically sarcastic, and indifferent to them. Where he let's the Ghost Riders (along with the Dark Angels inside them) and Hellspawns punish the guilty, wicked, and sinners while looking at them with a cold and emotionless expression, and claim that humans with no remorse and embrace their inner wickedness deserves to be punish and sent to the eternal suffering and torment, none other than the Hell. He claims that it is for the greater good of those who are innocent and righteous in soul and nature.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the first angels created as well the left hand of God, Gabriel is one of the most powerful angels and was the one who led the purge of the monstrous Nephilim. According to Azrael, Gabriel is one of the few angels who can stand up to Michael in physical combat and hold him own against him as well as Lucifer. Like Michael, Gabriel can also combat and destroy the lesser Old Ones. Gabriel has proven himself to be an all powerful angel in his own right that he is more powerful than the demon kings themselves, he also more superior than even most demon gods, and is also powerful enough to battled and even defeat the archdemon empress Lilith, a superior being in power.

  • Transcendent Archangel Physiology: Being God's messenger and sits at his Left Hand on top of being one of the first true Archangels, Gabriel is considered as an angelic being of godly power being a primordial angel himself along with Lucifer & Michael. His power is considered to be utterly fearsome as it's that which even Michael are wary of him when he gets angry.
  • Immense Power: As one of the first Archangels in existence, Gabriel have proven himself to be an all powerful Angel in his own right. Capable of even rivalling his older siblings and far superior than his younger brothers and sisters. He is powerful enough to fight and defeat a higher ranking Archdemon or even a demon king respectively, and he is considered one of the strongest beings in the multiverse, who embodies God's power. He is also as powerful or possibly superior than any chief deities of every pantheons, being far more older and experience being than them. He is so strong that he assist the dark knight, Sparda, into sealing the imperial demon king Satan from his connection on Earth.
    • Limitless Power: Gabriel possess immeasurable supernatural strength and power, capable of even rivalling a cosmic entity or even a Great Old One. He stated that his power came from God Himself, and so he is invincible in his own right. His strength is so much that he is more superior than the demon gods, archdemons, and even the fallen empress queen Lilith that he nearly killed her. He is also more powerful and stronger than even the chief deities of every pantheon, that only the second-generation primordial gods are greater.
      • Supernatural Condition: As one one of the Seven Archangels and high ranking messenger of God, Gabriel is physically and mentally vastly superior to almost every being in the multiverse, with certain beings that can truly rival or surpassed him, such as his elder siblings Michael and Lucifer. He possess a supernatural condition, capabilities/attributes/aspects drastically beyond what is naturally possible. This mainly includes a supernatural physical and mental condition. Gabriel's mental and physical condition is blatantly more powerful than other people of the universe, reaching into the high superhuman territory.
        • Immeasurable Supernatural Strength: Gabriel possess unfathomable and terrifying raw and physical might, capable of rivalling cosmic entities and surpasses the Deities themselves. He is far stronger than Athena the Goddess of War and Wisdom, and the lesser demon queen Barbelo, with the latter nearly killing her if Gabriel give the killing blow. He is very strong that he can also put a good fight with the chief gods of every pantheon, that even the Titans are afraid of him.
        • Supernatural Endurance & Stamina: He possesses an exceedingly superhuman endurance and stamina, beyond even supernatural beings. He can endure and keep up a prolong battles, from equal to superior opponents he faces. Gabriel's endurance can endure even the harshest environments, withstand a vicious attack without any strain, or keep with any changing life and death situations without tiring.
  • Nigh-Absolute Invulnerability: Gabriel virtually invulnerable, to the point that it is impossible for him to be hurt by conventional or normal means. He is so durable that he claims he can survive the extreme heat of the magma of Tartarus, and the deadly cold of Cocytus. The only beings who can somehow hurt him visibly are beings with equal power or superior than him. His nigh absolute invulnerability allow him to withstand physical blunt, magical, supernatural, mental, spiritual, and even metaphysical attacks, without any visible strain or pain on him, save for strong attacks powerful enough to hurt him.
    • Transcendent Immortality: As one of the first angels and archangels, Gabriel is an immortal entity, he far predates the gods and even the younger beings that followed him. He is also as old (or maybe more) as the universe itself. He an immortal being, and killing him is nearly impossible.
  • Holy Presence: As one of the True Archangels, Gabriel's presence give a holy, sacred, and unfathomable light. Whenever he transforms into his angelic form, Gabriel can cause massive weather changes like thunder storms, tidal waves, and even shake a large continent. Being empowered by God's holy light, his mere presence can give an extreme uneasiness towards the demons and fallen angels, to the point that they will reluctantly attacks him or flee in terror.
  • Unlimited intelligence: As both the messenger and soldier of God that exist since the dawn of creation, Gabriel's knowledge, intellectual faculty, wits, and wisdom gives him great advantage in dealing things. His nigh-omniscient mind makes more wiser than any of the angels of heaven. He knows things, that very few beings or angels knows of, and so he has deep and cosmic understanding on the entirety of the multiverse. Being known as the trickster, Gabriel is very witty and wiser that he far surpasses Michael, Lucifer, and even Azazel. He cannot be deceived or outsmart by anyone, and manipulating him is nearly impossible to do, Gabriel said that being the "trickster" he cannot be trick by anyone. He is by far the only angel who is superior than Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, that he always outsmarting her when they were debating.
    • Cosmic Awareness: He is aware of many things that occurring on the cosmos. He knows and aware of anything that will about to come or to happen, and that he is always a few steps of things when dealing it. Gabriel is even aware that the Old Ones are plotting to return and threatened to destroy the creation once again and so warns the Council of Godheads of the upcoming threat.
    • Master Leadership: Gabriel has proven himself to be a great and highly charismatic leader and field commander of the Heavenly Host. Though his leadership is below only to Michael, Gabriel is a great tactical and strategic leader. Whenever Michael is absent, he leads God's army with great proficiency, and Lucifer even considered that his leadership is quiet great, clever, and tricky as ever. He also acts as the co-leader of the Seven Archangels, and the one that oversees the duties of many angels in Heaven, including all other angels. His leadership is so great, that he successfully lures the demonic legion out of their domain and led them into a trap set by Heaven and Earth's forces.
    • Expert Advisor: Gabriel is a very skillful advisor and councilor. He is the voice of the innocents and other beings that has no courage to defend themselves. He can give advise to others while implanting some wisdom in it. He is the one that always gives Michael some wise and good decisions, when dealing with either serious or small matters. Gabriel is also a good mentor, as he leads his fellow messenger Angels and students with good confidence. He is the one that teach Tyrael the Archangel of Justice and Auriel the Archangel of Hope everything he knows, on what a true angel's duties and responsibilities.
    • Supernatural Wits: Gabriel have proven himself to be very unpredictable, cunning, clever, and witty in his approach, with a wisecracking and reasonable intellect, while remaining on the sidelines. He can deduce and even form up a good and effective countermeasures in any changing situations in a matter of seconds, just by witnessing it a few moments earlier. Something that even Lucifer, Satan, or Nyarlathotep didn't manage to do, whenever they'll caught with an unexpected changing situations. His wits are so great that he can remain calm, witty, and sarcastically wisecracking towards Constantine's sarcastic cynism and golden-tongue con artist nature.
    • Extrasensory Perception (ESP): Being a supernatural being, Gabriel has an incredible amount of ESP. It is an ability that allows him to sense, see, and detect's things that are hidden or invisible in human eyes. His sensory is so great that it transcendence the boundaries of life and death, that he can sense things that are beyond the material plane.
      • Clairvoyance: Gabriel can gain direct visual information about an object, person, location, or physical event through means other than the user's physical sight and allows him to act when he is unable to use his eyes and may be able to 'see' spiritual/psychic beings. In addition, being an all-powerful angel, Gabriel could psychically perceive sights and visual sensations from other dimensions and from past events, future events, or locations that are currently outside the range of normal human vision. He could also receive optical/visual sensations (i.e. itchy eyes, crying/watery eyes, rolling eyes, sharper vision, rapid blinking, blurry vision, blindness), with the presence of psychic energy. He can basically observe events from far-away distances.
      • Spiritual Awareness: As one of the Archangels that watch over the universe since the dawn of creation, Gabriel has vast awareness over supernatural, paranormal, and even beyond comprehension things, and nothing is not hidden to him. The limitation he has is, his awareness and knowledge doesn't reach the Outerverse, the dark space universe.
  • Dream Manipulation: Being the Guardian Angel of humanity he manipulate any dreams and desires of any person (even supernatural beings). Despite being inferior than Great Red the Primordial Dragon of Dreams, his skills are still strong that he can make the most terrible nightmare, into a blissful dream. He can projects himself inside the person's dream and guide the said person to his/her destiny and path.
  • Energy Manipulation & Projection: He is well-versed in manipulating his own energy, and can cause mass destruction just by causing some explosion. It is stated that his energy is very powerful and hot, that no one can withstand being in his presence. Gabriel's energy force and presence is very thick and powerful, that his energy can generate strong gravity force that can immobilize his opponents until they go flat to death, and find their selves vaporize.
  • Quintekinesis: He can manipulate the life-force every sentient beings that has life. He can project and generate life-force energy, in a destructive force, and by adding his divine powers, it is powerful enough to obliterated an demon's soul.
  • Master Magician & Sorcerer: Gabriel possess innate, deep, and high level mastery of using magics, ancient spells, rituals, and even forbidden & legendary arcane sorcery. He can cast spells on his opponents without them knowing, and chant incantations in a silent manner until it was already too late to notice. His mastery over ancient and legendary magics is soo great that he is the one that helped Sparda sealed Satan back to Hell, that consists of powerful and advance spells that are highly complex to lift. Lucifer even admitted that his skills on magic is so great, that it is very unpredictable. He is also one of the few beings capable of casting spells, many gods considered as lost magic formula.
    • Magical & Mystic Arts Mastery: Gabriel is highly adept, proficient, and possess high mastery of magical and mystic arts. He can perform mysterious arts, forbidden spells, can cause space-time destructive force, can cast deadly curse, and even warp reality with a snap of his fingers. He is also one of the few angels powerful enough, to perform supernatural effects and phenomena, just by performing it in a simple gestures. It has hard to predict how Gabriel performed such feats, as he rarely shown doing it, in the sights of many. Only performing it hidden.
      • Spell Casting & Incantation: Being an Angel how possess vast knowledge over many ancient, modern, and even advance types of mystical arts and formulas, Gabriel can cast spells, which are formulae for producing specific magic effects with high destructive and mystical abilities. Such formulae are often a series of magic words and incantations, but he can also take the form of specific thoughts, gestures, rituals, etc. Due to having mastered it, Gabriel can achieve almost anything through incantations: a series of words and magical formulae that were originally used to perform spells, enchantments and even trigger a magical effect on a person or objects as long as long as he have knowledge of the magic language he cast. His knowledge over incantations can also be use for enhancements, charms or spells that can be created using words, spoken, sung or chanted and be performed during ceremonial rituals, either a hymn or prayer, and may invoke or praise a Deity (God in his case) or even as prayers in the world of magic. He is also has some knowledge over dark magic, occultism, and witchcraft, mainly using it against Fallen Angels.
      • Light Enchantments: His Archangel status allow him to use light enchantment to a high a degree. His enchantments are also may even be able to transform others into virtually almost anything and is able to succeed in casting powerful spells or curses. Usually he uses this to cast some enhancements on certain people or objects. He possess high level mastery of various type enchantments, to the point that not even high level wizard, sorcerer, mage, or warlock masters could do.
    • Reality Warping: Using his knowledge over the fabric of the world, he can alter or rewrite realities on a certain degree. Usually by recreating certain errors, destruction, or by tricking his opponents using diversion and illusions. Whenever he uses his archangel form, he can manipulate reality on a beyond godlike comprehension.
      • Portal Creation: By manipulating reality and space, he can distort the space-time boundaries, and make it a portal that can transport people to various places throughout the Multiverse.
        • Afterlife Transport (Reality Gate): Being an Archangel, Gabriel has the authority to transport deceased people and spirits towards their final destination, their destine afterlives.
      • Hallucikinesis: He can cast high level illusions, and has the power to make it into reality. Usually he exhibit this by projecting certain point's of events, people, or objects. Gabriel can even bend illusions into a real thing, just by the snap of his fingers, on a whim.
      • Formula Manipulation: By altering reality into his own image, Gabriel can manipulate the fabric of reality by constructing a formula(s) and materialize it into reality to have effect ideally to what the formula says. For example, he create a formula that gives a person or a population of their free will through an equation that makes life, hope and freedom irrefutably worthy or even construct a formula that provides the user control over gravity, motion or etc.
    • Angelic Magic: Being an archangel Gabriel has complete mastery, dominion, and control over magic skills use by the angels and fallen angels. He is a great practitioner and possess great understanding on how to perfectly use an angelic magic, without any flaws, that not even the demon kings can break.
      • Enochian Magic: Being a True Archangel, Gabriel has the skill and mastery over a unique type of angelic magic that very few angels are aware of, and only the True Archangels, Archangels, and Seraphs have the power and skills to perform it. He is very well-versed of using it to the point of rivalling Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Uriel, and Azazel in it.
        • Enochian Wards: He can perform powerful enochian wards that can be use as a protective barrier and spells against malevolent creatures even from the gods themselves. Gabriel's wards are highly complex magic formula, and it can blast any demonic entities away, just by touching his wards.
      • Teleportation: He can teleport to anywhere, anything, anyone, and even any place he desires to. Whenever he teleports, Gabriel projects a glimmering glow of light that can blind his peers, and can instantly arrives in any place he desired, he can even teleport anything or any person he desires to.
      • Sealing: He is one of the first archangels that can perform a very powerful, advance, and even an ancient type of sealing technique. He is one of the Angels that imprison Ayin to the darkness of the abyss far away at end of Creation, along with his Archangel and Arcutha brethrens.
  • Communication Manipulation: As God's messenger, Gabriel can influence and manipulate any and all forms of communication.
  • Divine & Pure Elements Manipulation: Being a True Archangel, Gabriel can create, shape and manipulate holy elements that are highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons, fallen angels and/or even her angelic brethren. He would be able to do all kinds of holy things with their unique type of element, which in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, his divine elements may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane. His pure and divine elemental powers are is that of a beneficial and pure in nature; that which strengthens, enhances and causes anything he come across to flourish, representing the sustaining and preserving side of nature, which in turn ignores most of the common limitations and weaknesses of his normal elemental varieties. In essence, his elemental powers is also about solely controlling the positive powers of nature itself.
    • Pure & Spiritual Sancti-Photokinesis: Being an high ranking Angel of the Lord, Gabriel possesses four of the categories of light element like the normal light which projects normal light to blind enemies, pure light a light that nourish living things, spiritual light made of spiritual energy, and the sacred light that are highly deadly and powerful for even an archdemon lord could endure. He is highly well-versed, and possess high mastery over using light elements while dealing with demonic entities. He can project light energies with a highly deadly and destructive effects, that can kill even a demon god. Gabriel possess an ancient understanding of light properties, that he is one of the few beings that can truly use it without adverse effects
      • Light Generation & Projection: He can project and generate intense and powerful energy blast made up of light. It is powerful enough to make a regular archdemon in a dying state, due to Gabriel being a True Archangel, and far more powerful than regular Archangels.
      • Light Constructs: He can generate and construct's light-based attacks and weapons with high mastery. Gabriel can create a very large spear of light that can destroy a large city, with just a snap of his fingers, and without putting much power or effort on it. Show casting his power on it.
    • Pure & Spiritual Aerokinesis: Described as being swift as the wind, Gabriel can control and manipulate the purest form of air that is formed from one's soul, divine and pure. Due to being comprised of spiritual and sacred power and his status as an Archangel, his light aren't only stronger than that of other angels, but also have the power to affect one's soul in varying ways, causing lethal damage against malevolent entities (specially devils), and can blind his opponents to attack them from their blind spot.
      • Air Constructs: He can projects blade-like air through the atmosphere, capable of slicing through tough and strong metals and irons.
      • Healing: Being an angel Gabriel can heal wounds both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even metaphysically. He can heal wounded people by just saying the word or by direct act, though not as potent as Raphael the Archangel of Healing.
      • Purification: He is one of the few angels capable of purifying any thing or people that were cursed by sin or by the demons themselves. His purification is so strong that being God's messenger, he can deliver the purification process just by saying it.
  • Flight: Gabriel can fly using his 12 pure white wings. He can also fly at super sonic-speed that he can travel through space or dimensions within seconds to minutes.
    • Steel Wings: As an Archangel, Gabriel's wings are extremely durable, deadly, and sharp, he can also use this as a weapon to slash through weapons and opponents alike, to stun his enemies, and use his feathers and rain it down like flaming arrows. He can also use them as a shield against blunt and magical attacks without taking any minor or serious damage.
  • Hope Inducement: As the Archangel that was well known among humanity along with Michael, Raphael, and Uriel he can give hope to the hopeless and despaired people. It is he along with Jophiel that taught Auriel the Archangel of Hope everything he knows when it comes to spreading the hope upon Creation.
  • Resurrection: Gabriel is known as the Angel of Resurrection and thus can resurrect others. He can only resurrect the deceased if God commands him, but sometimes (if not often) tends to do it out of respect and care for the humans.
  • Advanced Combat Skills & Master Combatant: On top of being skilled as Michael, Gabriel like his brother is a patron to the military and thus possesses natural and supernatural fighting skills and infinite strength and stamina. He also has immense defensive abilities that is unsurpassed by any other fighters in the Heavens with the exception of Michael; he also possess a high level of intellect which he use to plan his attacks with a more cautious, careful, and intelligent ways. His skills are so great that he can best and even superior than Athena, the Goddess of War & Wisdom, that he stated that her skills in warfare and battles are great even gaining an advantage to her brother Ares, the God of War, but flawed and needs to be polish all the time.
    • Powerful Martial Artist: Being an angel that protected humanity for countless millennia, Gabriel have proven himself to be a powerful and dangerous martial artist. Capable of demonstrating all kinds of martial arts that exists with extreme versatile and proficiency, that he possesses complete mastery over armed and unarmed combats. He has proven himself with going toe-to-toe with his older brother Lucifer, despite having superior skills than him. He, however, fights his opponents with extreme cautious and careful, that he is able to catch his opponents off guard, even in the tiniest flaws. His combat skills are refine, discipline, and mastered through the years of training and experience that he had mastered tranquil and divine combat abilities.
    • Master Tactician & Strategist: One of his most dangerous and famous natures are his unpredictable tricks and cunning tactical strategies. Lucifer has stated many times that Gabriel is very unpredictable, that it is hard to tell if Gabriel is tricking his opponents or it's just a way to divert their attentions. He possess high mastery of making plans, battle, tactics, counter measures, and counter attacks when it comes to dealing unpredictable things that he is always a few steps ahead to his enemies. The only person, however, who can best him are Michael and Azazel in sheer knowledge. He is also far more cunning, experience, and knowledgeable than Athena the warrior goddess of wisdom.
    • Master Deceiver & Manipulator: As the trickster Gabriel possess unpredictably mind and cunningness, he can manipulate both allies and enemies alike due to his tendency to joke and fun around, not even Lucifer can determine his way of thinking. Though he never tell lies (as it is forbidden to Angels to spread lies), his words are full of metamorphic and unpredictable parables to test people, that very few beings could determine and answer. He is able to deceive the demons that the Angels had abandoned Earth from them, but in reality it is only a trick to lure the demonic legion in a trap, set by the combine forces of Heaven and Earth and nearly eradicates the the demonic legion if the legion didn't retreat earlier than expected.


Gabriel was created by God during or even before the creation of the Universe, created from the light and glory of the Creator.

During the time the sons of God bore children with the daughters of men, giving rise to the mighty Nephilim, Gabriel and his siblings, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, were selected to end the threat of the Nephilim and the rebellious angels, with Gabriel getting the mission to end the abominations born of the result of the union of angel and human.

During the year 2,067 BCE, he went on a mission alongside his brother Raphael and an avatar of God, El Shaddai when they visited the patriarch Abraham and his wife, Sarah. Raphael's mission was to cure the mother of faith of her infertility, while Gabriel's was to infiltrate with Raphael in the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gabriel and Raphael assumed female forms to enter the city with the intention of seeing if the town was indeed a town full of lust. Unfortunately, the people of that city were even worse than the the reports the two had received. Raphael then took Lot and his family from Sodom while Gabriel destroyed the two twons and others shrouded in flames.

In 7-2 BCE, Gabriel was chosen to appear to the Virgin Mary to announce the birth of Jesus, the Messiah promised by the God of Israel in the Old Testament. Before that, Gabriel had already appeared to Priest Zechariah and announced the birth of John the Baptist, who, in addition to being Jesus' cousin, would be the one who would prepare the way for the true and unique light of the world. However, because Zechariah doubted his words, Gabriel was annoyed by the Priest's disbelief and left him speechless until the day John the Baptist was born.

Myths and Legends

One of the four major archangels. She is also the only female angel at this rank. Her name comes from the Sumerian word for "governor." She is the angel who told Mary of her pregnancy.
The Demonic Compendium.

To Christians, his primary task is that of a messenger who told Elizabeth that he would bear John the Baptist and Mary that she would bear Jesus, meaning he is remembered each Christmas/Advent as the messenger of the Annunciation or Immaculate Conception, it was also Gabriel who asked Mary to name her son Jesus, meaning "savior".

He is also mentioned as announcing the prophecy of seventy weeks to Daniel and is also recognized as St. Gabriel, the patron saint of communications workers. By Muslims, he is especially noted for revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad and for being the messenger that tells prophets of their obligations. In Islam, Gabriel is the highest-ranking angel, while Raphael is the second. He is also called the Holy Spirit in Islam.

Gabriel is sometimes known as the Mother of all Mothers; next to Virgin Mary.


I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings. And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season.
Gabriel to Zechariah, Luke 1:19-20.
The faithful messenger of God. He descends from the Heavens under the command of God to bring about news of fortune or ill news. He commands us to heed his warnings of dire happenings. It is he that spreads the truth. And it is he that is tasked with appearing before the prophets of God.
One of the 4 heralds, the seraph of water. She is known as the angel who told the Virgin Mary about her Annunciation. Though angels are said to be of neither sex, Gabriel is commonly thought to be female. She is said to be the supervisor of the Garden of Eden and the cherubs. Some say Gabriel is also the one who dictated the Quran to the prophet Mohammed.
A Note about Gabriel.
I... I am Gabriel... my duty is to build the millennial Kingdom according to God's will... May God bless us all..
Shut your cakehole. You don't know anything about my family. I love my father, my brothers. Love them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each other's throats? I couldn't bear it! Okay? So I ignored it. I stepped back to the sidelines and put myself out of the narratives. And now it's happening all over again.
Whoo! It's everyone's angelic idol, Gabriel-chan! Let's begin the live! Get ready for a surprise, kyun-kyun~
How satisfying! Everyone's cheering for me. Onto the next live. Thanks~!
Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to climb this far. This is a secret from the others~ I love you!
Using my heart as a singing voice... The last encore is only for you, right?
It's sweet, but it's not sad... New lyrics are about to emerge, so I'll have to leave early!



  • Unlike other angels, Gabriel is sometimes interpreted as neither male nor gender-neutral, but as being female.
  • In the Qur'an, it was Gabriel who invented coffee.