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No, no. Your dad isn't just a "shit", he's the greatest angel I and all seven heavens have ever heard, he may have his mistakes and failures, but he still does good and what's fair, I'm sure he loves you. I admire him...a lot.
Gael to Cal Belloc about Michael.

Gael was the Angel of Animals and Healing, had a pure heart and was part of Michael's legion. Along with Camael, he took Jack Kline to heaven for him to discover his powers without harming the earth.


Gael is the guardian prince who narrates a series of events of an era where humanity prospered from Adam and Eve without contact.


Gael is an angel. He has blue eyes and black hair. Like all angels he has a pair of wings that are white.


As an angel, Gael is kind, gentle, honest and had a pure heart. Even during his lack of memory Gael kept to his kind personality. Shown when he welcomes Cal and Elaine.

Powers and Abilities


The Creator had great love for humanity, and this aroused the disagreement and opposition of Helel, an angel of intelligence who was close to the Creator. By disagreeing, Helel convinced and gathered a third of the heavenly militias to "dethrone" the creator, and thus, take his place.

But Michael, faithful squire and right-hand man of the Creator, would not allow this to happen. Michael also had his faithful squire, the Angel Gael. Gael was the Angel of the Animals and Healing, had a pure heart and was part of Michael's legion.

One day the Angel Gael and his friend the Angel Babel (angel of union) went to visit a friend, the Angel Beliel. On this visit, they were surprised to witness and discover Helel's betrayal. The angel Beliel, whom they believed to be a friend, was part of the militia of Helel (Lucifer) and were in training to attack the other Angels who were followers of the Creator.

Gael was fighting the traitor Beliel, and realizing that Gael would win the fight, Helel opened a Dimensional Portal, The Portal of Oblivion, where wounded, Gael and Babel were released.

He had over a thousand faces, over a thousand names, and because of his misunderstanding of his gifts, and his forgetfulness, he, who was an angel of healing, believed even to be a devil. Soon he, who was a loyal angel, who helped Michael in the Battle of the Angels, warning him in time not to be taken by surprise... soon he was more than an angel for Michael, he was a friend.

Gael ended up on Earth and year after year he was slightly regaining his memory. Miguel watched him from afar, sure of his safety and his destiny. In the land Gael used the name of Matthew Belloc and came across a child and a baby, Gael calls the boy Cal and the girl Elaine. Gael takes care of both of them as his wards.

After regaining his memory, Gael decides his place is not on earth, so he entrusts Cal and Elaine to Dante and sets off towards his old home, heaven.

Myths and Legends

Gael is an original character created by Akinori Júnior originally created for the Demonic Paradise but has been moved here.


I trusted you and you betrayed our brothers, you betrayed our father and you betrayed me...
Gael to Beliel.