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...You do realize that lycanthropy is the entire reason the other moon deities sealed your so called 'god' away in a moon orbiting a different world, right?
Anamelech before killing an entire cult of Gleeth.

Gleeth, also known as The Blind God of the Moon, is a deadly and obscure Great Old One who takes the position of an ominous, eyeless and deaf lunar entity who is worshipped by the residents of the ancient continent of Theem'dra as well as in the Dreamlands.


Little is known of Gleeth's physical attributes save for the fact that it is a blind and deaf god of the Earth's moon. Gleeth is also said to maintain a cult of mortal worshippers in the Dreamlands of Earth.

Some speculate that Gleeth could be responsible for connecting the lycanthrope curse to the cycle of the moon and thus was attributed to all werewolves until today. Because of this, Gleeth could also be capable of taking away the curse, thus some Werewolves these days worship this fiend, in a fruitless plea to be freed from this curse. The purpose of this sort of power is unknown, however it is agreed upon among hunters that it is never good, and it will most likely be a way of sustaining nourishment for itself.


Gleeth is a rather intimidating and tall entity, standing and towering over other beings. It appears as a pale, grey-skinned figure, and as a cold, dry, and glowing monstrosity as a result of manifesting himself out of an altar used to summon it. Gleeth’s most defining feature however, is that it has eyeless sockets and no ears, thus being blind and deaf in the process

It has a somewhat disproportionate head, in which it has huge horns protruding out of it, Its slender arms are noticeably bizarre too, in which it has long and sharp claws like swords at the end of its fingers, and apparently its long legs make him look taller.  


Powers and Abilities

Like all kinds of lunar deities, it has complete mastery over the moon and its lunar energy, but what makes this one unique is that it has the ability to create Werebeasts, most notable Werewolves, but can also take away there supposed curse, thus some Werewolves these days worship this fiend, to hopefully be free from there curse. The purpose of this sort of power is unknown, however it is agreed upon by hunters that it isn’t good, and it'll most likely be a way of sustaining nourishment for itself.


It is said that in the 13 of March, 2027, the moon will turn green, signifying the return of their “God”, who will free them from their beastly forms, and turn everyone else into man-animal hybrids, the werebeasts. While unknown if it will truly happen, the other moons gods such as Artemis and Tsukuyomi are taking this very seriously and so took precautions to ensure that this never occurs by imprisoning him in another distant moon, away from the Milky Way Galaxy. At one point, the watcher Suriel acted as Gleeth's warden until his subsequent fall from grace.

Various other entities associated with the moon keep tabs on earth, quashing any religion to Gleeth that might appear.

Myths and Legends


Yeah, I've heard of this one before. That shitty sperm donner of mine once complained to us for an entire week about how a lycanthropic cult dedicated to him has been killing mundanes in France left and right to the point where the rest of the world begin to notice. Apparently, it almost got the entire werewolf community in France to be exiled, until Harry Potter led his group of aurors into the case and saved the day.
Diana Black.



  • He is very similar to another Great Old One Mnomquah, although the two are not known to be related.
  • It was first known to the general public by the noted mythos author Brian Lumley.