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The Army of God

The God's Army, also called the Manifestation of God or Descent of God, is a legion of countless angels sent directly by God to manifest on Earth or elsewhere in the universe in the name of the Lord.


Although countless of them are sent, there is an ulterior motive behind this limitless amount of winged beings. The real reason for this unfathomable amount of angels is, in fact, to create a body for God on the physical plane, that is, a Vessel. When millions upon millions of angels merge into a single entity, a singular and extraordinarily potent angel, they are able to create a physical vessel tough enough for God to be able to possess and manifest on the earthly sphere.

However, the Seven Archangels are also able to merge and create a body for God that is as powerful as the fusion of millions of angels, showing the vast difference in power between Celestial Princes and Princesses to average angels. In the past God's body was made up of about 13 angels, Michael the Right Hand of God; Gabriel the Left Hand of God; Uriel the Fire of God; Raphael the Healing of God; Jophiel the beauty of God; Metatron the Voice of God; Samael the Poison of God; Camael the Wrath of God; Lucifer the Star of God; Zaphkiel the Beholder of God; Sariel the Will of God; Anael the Grace of God; Azrael God's help and Remiel the Compassion of God.

All together they form the God Body, which often manifests as a gigantic humanoid figure possessing white hair, glowing skin with flaming eyes, and the most notable of its body being thousands of wings made of light on His back. However, as Lucifer and Samael were rejected from Heaven, other archangels were God's body now, these being Raguel the Friend of God and Merkabah the Throne of God.


When countless angels come together, they form a body for God, with that body being an amalgamation of luminous and glowing bodies of pure energy, with several wings coming out of the body. Due to the fact that these fusions include numerous winged beings, it happens that the vessels of God have more than one gender, being most of the time hemaphrodites, having an extraordinarily beautiful figure, joining the masculine and the feminine in a single body of light and glory, with countless wings protruding from its back.

However, sometimes this manifestation can be not corporeal, but incorporeal, with God manifesting as a gigantic bright light over 10,000 km in diameter. Sometimes, because these vessels are made of thousands or millions of angels, God is able to divide himself into multiple "self" and can thus interact in several places at the same time.


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