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Welcome to the Gods and Demons Wiki

Welcome to the Gods and Demons universe. A realm of the divine and the demonic. Where light is in an eternal struggle against the darkness. Which side are you on?

Divine and Demonic

While the site may appear as though it speaks of Angels and Demons, they are not the only beings to be utilized in this wiki. Other creatures of the night exist here as well. Whether it be from actual mythology, or fictional from the minds of the talented, it matters not. It basically describes, as well as act out, the struggle of the divine against the demonic. Not only are the creatures from Abrahamic lore are involved, but from others such as the Japanese, Chinese, Aztec, and so forth.


Rule 1: No vandalism, this shouldn't have to be said but considering how other wikis have been treated it has to be stated right now

Rule 2: If you use any artwork, try to credit the artist if you can

Rule 3: Do not add Memes or things similar to them in this wiki. If you got a meme you really wish to add, inform Viper and give a proper and good reason for it.


This wiki is currently cronked as the main editor is unable to get to this site reasonably.