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Welcome to the Gods and Demons Wiki

Welcome to the Gods and Demons universe. An entire universe of the spiritual entities and the world they inhabit. Within the wars between these entities who are far beyond us, which side will you take?

Divine and Demonic

This wiki isn't exclusive to just Gods and Demons; as the GaD wiki houses all types of mythical creatures dreamt up by mankind. Whether or not it's considered mythical, fictional, or historical is irrelevant. The story woven between the texts of our articles tells of the constant battleground between the forces of Creation and those who wish to see it burn.


We at the Gods and Demons wiki took inspiration from countless universes to create our own world, and as such, they deserve their due credit:

  • Immortal Hulk (Marvel Comics): Some concepts served as inspiration for the creation of the profiles of God and Ayin.
  • Shin Megami Tensei and Persona (developed by Japanese publisher Atlus): Inspiration for Avatars (especially those of God) and their functions.
  • The Demonic Paradise: Our "sibling" wiki that served as a great initial inspiration for this wiki.


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